I have a passion for life, for helping others (both human and animal), and for my spiritual journey….and Young Living is an integral part of my life. I began my career as a Zoologist, working for the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. In my spare time, I hand-reared orphaned koalas.

Yet there was always a sense of emptiness inside, and a curiosity for the “things I couldn’t explain”. I’d had my first psychic experience at age 18, when I was driving a little too fast up a blind hill. Suddenly, “something” told me to stop, and I didn’t question it. I jumped on the brakes, just in time to see a small dog over the crest of the hill in the middle of the road.

Had I not stopped so suddenly, I would have hit it.

This was a turning point in my life, as I sought to make sense of what had just happened to me. It opened my eyes and my fascination to the unseen world, to our true potential as limitless spiritual beings. Even though I had always been spiritual, this was the catalyst to turn my interest into a passion. I wanted to learn more, and immersed myself in personal development, psychic development and healing.

I travelled to Indonesia with my first husband, and established a spiritual centre, where I offered private sessions and classes, and had teachers presenting on yoga, meditation and healing. During that time I wrote my first book, Dreams: Signs of Things to Come (co-authored with Quentin Watts).

On returning to Australia in late 1994, my spiritual path continued to call me. By this stage I was well known for my work as a clairvoyant and psychic, and was offering private sessions, psychic development courses and spirit guide art to clients around Australia. Out of the wisdom I was gaining through my sessions and classes, I wrote my second book, Earth Song, then went on to create four guided meditation CDs. I became a columnist for Nature & Health magazine, had my own radio show, and appeared as a special guest on various other radio programs.

I have always been on the lookout for the best products to help myself and my clients to transform. In 1998, I was at a women’s networking meeting, and a woman was offering free cassettes on essential oils. On it, Gary Young (the founder of Young Living) was talking about the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils. I still remember how inspired I was by his message. I’d had no idea essential oils could do so much, or that there was so much “hard science” around their many benefits. Naturally, I wanted to try them.

And this is where a magic door opened in my life. I’d used many top brands of essential oil in the past, but I’d never experienced anything like the Young Living oils. From the very first time I used them, I was blown away by their potency, their effectiveness and their transformative power. They were light years ahead of other brands of essential oil, and I soon realised I’d found the missing link in my life.

The scientist in me was fascinated. How could these oils be so different to other brands?

I wanted to understand, so I began traveling the world to learn from Gary Young, the founder of Young Living. I visited his farms, I got to know him as a person, and I sat in awe and admiration in his classes as he demonstrated and taught about essential oils.

I began implementing what I learned into my own classes in Australia, and as I shared my passion with others, more and more people wanted to experience the Young Living oils for themselves. They partnered beautifully with my spiritual work, and also with my work with animals.

I particularly loved witnessing their effects on people and animals who had been through emotional trauma.


Because Young Living uses network marketing as its method of distribution, I found myself with a blossoming “team” of customers and distributors world-wide.

I’ve often said that Young Living (as a business) is the best decision I never made!

I’m here to change lives, and my journey with Young Living gives me that opportunity every day.

I am blessed to receive an abundant income from Young Living, and my team has grown to all corners of the earth. I’m able to walk my spiritual path without the need for another “job”, and I have the time flexibility to assist with local wildlife rescue and care projects.

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