Create your own ethical business with young living

When money goes into the hand of good people, they do amazing things!

We all have dreams, yet so often we don’t give ourselves permission to really “go for it” with our bigger visions, because we feel constrained – by time, by money, by family or other commitments.

So what if you could design your life to be exactly as you want it?

It’s not a magic wand that makes it happen instantly – that would be a miracle or a fairy tale. Yes, I do believe in both, but they are exceptions to the rule. And what I’m talking about here is something you create…you use intention and clarity. You create a vision. Then you let your feet follow with the action steps in order to turn that vision into a reality.

Young Living is not only an amazing product company – it also gives you the opportunity to create an ethical business on the side.

This can give you extra cashflow so you get your products for free, or it can be a wealth-creation vehicle, allowing you to create phenomenal abundance.

And let’s face it, abundance gives us choices. With abundance, we can choose how we live and where we live. We can choose when we work, and when we play. And perhaps most importantly, it gives us the ability to make an enormous difference in not only our own life, but the lives of those we love and care about.

How does Young Living do this? The answer is simple – they use a business model that rewards us, the people using, loving and sharing their products. That model is network marketing.


What is Network Marketing?

Also called MLM (multi-level marketing), network marketing is a brilliant model for distributing products. It’s often used by high quality wellness companies, because it allows the people who use and love the products to promote them, and by doing so, to earn commissions. There is usually a nominal fee to get started (the cost of setting up an account), which is a huge advantage over other types of businesses, including franchises, which require a much greater financial input.

With a network marketing model, you are gifted with abundance for doing what you’d do anyway – which is to tell people you love about products that you believe in!
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Network Marketing in a Nutshell

If you’ve had painful past experiences with network marketing, you wouldn’t be alone. Although network marketing is one of the most ethical business structures for our modern world, to the point that it’s even taught at Harvard Business School, it’s also had both the good and the bad in it.

A large network marketing company led the charge, and even though they are now one of the major players in the network marketing industry, the methodology that their representatives used to bring people to meetings did untold damage to the credibility of network marketing. People felt deceived when their friends invited them to hear about a “great opportunity”, only to find that they were in fact attending a recruiting meeting.

But network marketing doesn’t have to be like this. As with any business, we can operate in a state of absolute integrity, and be exceptionally successful.

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Why Choose Young Living as a Business

We often joke in Young Living, because most of our successful leaders had no intention of creating a business with Young Living when they first started – they were just wanting to use the products to help themselves and their family, and the business created itself.

That’s why we love to call it The Accidental Paycheque!

And for me, it’s the “best decision I never made” (because I definitely wasn’t going to be doing any more network marketing, having been burned with it in the past).

If you do make this step into helping others, whether that’s to create an empire or to simply create enough extra cash flow that you can get your own product purchases covered, I would hope that you are doing it for all the best reasons – because you love the products, and you want to make a difference in your life, and in the lives of people like you.

I’ve seen people come to Young Living with greed in their eyes, and it’s backfired. Funny that! This is a company with heart and soul, and it provides a welcome home for people like itself, who have a huge heart, and a strong sense of ethics.

But let’s just take a step back for a moment. When choosing which network marketing company to be involved with, there are 8 key things you definitely want to ask.

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  • Ethics beyond Question

    Previous to joining Young Living we were members for many years of another network marketing company. I can only say that such an experience could easily have put us off looking at another opportunity. Fortunately we still had a shred of optimism. What we very quickly found in Young Living was transparency, honesty, ethics beyond question, and an opportunity to improve every facet of our lives.

    Vivien Dockerty, QLD

  • It’s an honour to be involved with Young Living

    Young Living has taken me to a whole new dimension in how I experience my life! It’s not just the amazing oils (and the hundreds of other products) that support me and my family to live a healthy, abundant, enriched, chemical-free life. It’s also the people I have connected with!

    They are the most inspirational and generous people I’ve ever met! The leaders of the organisation are so humble and down to earth, and so driven to operate with best practices and bring market leading products & innovations to their customers. It’s an honour to be involved with such as company as Young Living!

    Michael Keogh, NSW

  • The opportunity to give back

    Because I now work from home, Young Living has given my girls and I the freedom to be with each other more, and to grow together. As a single mum, that’s really important to me. I love having the opportunity to give back, to positively contribute in many ways (at the same time working in a field I’m passionate about). And it has blessed us with financial security, while we help others with their wellness needs. It’s an amazing lifestyle and business to be aligned with!

    Amy Joyous, QLD

Live, Laugh, PHLAIR!

If you would love more adventure in your life, the chance to travel to far-away places and to form heart-felt friendships with amazing like-minded people…or if you have a dream, and that extra cashflow each month will help you bring these dreams to life for you and your loved ones…then PHLAIR is for you!

PHLAIR is a special subset of members within The Infinity Team – the ones who are actively sharing Young Living with others, and/or growing a Young Living business.

Some members are doing this in a small way, by helping their family and friends. Some are therapists helping their clients with the Young Living products. And others have a bigger vision, so that Young Living has become a part time or full time adventure for them, and a much better alternative to a “JOB”.

What we all share is that we are mission-driven, not $$$ driven. We share from the heart, we are authentic, and we genuinely care about people.

What PHLAIR stands for

Getting Started

  • 1. Place an Order

    If you’ve not yet placed your first order with Young Living, or it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve ordered, then your first step is to set up (or reactivate) your wholesale account with Young Living. Click on the button below for details of how to do this.

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    If you are already a member of The Infinity Team, please join our private facebook group. It’s a fun-filled forum where we share great product tips, recipes and exciting information, run competitions and giveaways, and inspire you to learn more about essential oils.

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  • 3. Join us on PHLAIR

    If you are on 100+ PV Essential Rewards each month, and you’ve signed up at least one person, join our PHLAIR fb group where we share tips and ideas, host regular webinars, and help you gain skills for success as you grow a wonderful team and income.

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