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Have you ever wondered why the rates of cancer, autism, obesity and infertility are on the rise, to name just a few? Many of these serious health conditions are directly linked to the chemicals we are using in our food, on our bodies and on our Planet.

In fact, one major global company that produces personal care and baby products has had claims made against them by almost 4,800 women and families around America, who are claiming that their ovarian cancer is allegedly the result of long term use of this company’s talc-based baby powder.

Methyl Paraben

Let’s look at one chemical (Methyl Paraben) as an example. Methyl Paraben is commonly used as a preservative and antibacterial agent in personal care products, and is found in over 13,000 products.

A study was conducted where methyl paraben was applied to the skin, and the skin was exposed to an average amount of UV light, similar to what you would experience if you went into the sun. 19% of the exposed skin died, compared with only 6% of the skin that hadn’t been exposed to methyl paraben.

This means it more than tripled the rate of skin death. It also tripled the amount of lipid peroxide in the skin, a chemical responsible for wrinkling and skin aging.

So this is what’s being put into expensive face creams that are meant to protect the skin from aging!


Studies have shown that various environmental chemical pollutants affect the onset of puberty. This includes phthalates, heavy metals and dioxins, which easily penetrate the human body and cause havoc with hormones and cognitive function.

  • 31 Puerto Rican girls with early breast development were tested and found to have significantly higher levels of phthalate esters than the control group. – Environmental Health Perspectives. 2000; 108:895-900 by I. Colón, D. Caro, CJ. Bourdony and O. Rosario.
  • Prenatal exposure to phthalates is associated with adverse cognitive and behavioral outcomes in children, including lower IQ, and problems with attention, hyperactivity, and poorer social communication. – Environmental Research. 2015 Jun 19;142:51-60 by M. Ejaredar, E.C. Nyanza, K. Ten Eycke and D. Dewey.
  • Phthalates are one of the “gender bender” chemicals, causing males of all species to become more female. They have also been linked to testicular cancer, genital deformations, low sperm counts and infertility in native wildlife (including polar bears, deer, whales and otters).
  • In 2000, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered high levels of phthalates in all 289 adult Americans tested. The levels of some phthalates (including DEHP, aka di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate) in women of childbearing age exceeded the safe levels needed to protect against birth defects.

Phthalates are everywhere, and they enter our body through our lungs, and through simple skin contact with plastics containing DEHP.  They are found in fragrances (including room deodorisers). They are used as plastic softeners, so they have been found in children’s toys and teething rings. They are used as a preservative in some cosmetic products, finding their way into hair sprays, deodorants, shampoo, nail polish and perfumes. They are even found in hospital medical equipment, such as IV tubes (because they keep the plastic flexible).

They are still being used in many western countries, even though they have been banned in many European countries. In 2010, the Australian Government banned the use of DEHP in toys and baby products if it comprised more than 1% of the plastic.

But do you really trust it, even at less than 1%???

Whilst it may be unrealistic to completely eliminate harmful chemicals from our lives, we are making a positive stand for our own vibrant health and longevity, and the health of our family, when we choose nature over chemicals.

Here are some simple ideas to make the switch:

  • Instead of using synthetic air fresheners and perfume sticks, add 10 to 15 drops of your favourite essential oil to an ultrasonic diffuser;
  • Instead of using perfumes, anoint yourself with your favourite essential oil combo or blend. One of my favourite combos is 1 drop of Ylang Ylang, 3 drops of Nutmeg and 6 drops of Tangerine oil.
  • Instead of using antiperspirant sprays (which contain aluminium and parabens, both of which have been linked to breast cancer), switch to Dentarome Plus toothpaste as a deodorant. That’s right! Even though Young Living sells all-natural underarm deodorants, it’s their Dentarome Plus toothpaste that I find the best underarm deodorant I’ve ever used!
  • Mineral makeup has been touted as one of the best makeups for your skin – yet even most mineral makeup contains heavy metals like bismuth, as well as dyes and nanoparticles. “Savvy Minerals by Young Living” is completely natural with no nasties – make the switch today.
  • Instead of using a commercial stain remover, switch to Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner mixed 50:50 with water as your stain remover. Why? Because it’s an all-natural plant-based biodegradable cleaner, whereas a typical safety data sheet from any commercial cleaner will say things like: “Acute toxicity – oral – category 4, Skin corrosion/irritation – category 2, Serious eye damage/eye irritation – category 1, and Specific target organ toxicity (respiratory tract irritation) – category 3 for single exposure”.
  • Instead of using a commercial brand of talcum powder or baby powder, make your own by adding 3 drops each of Lavender, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile oil into a cup of arrowroot powder or corn flour.

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