Important Safety Tips when using essential oils

1. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

2. If you get essential oil in your eyes or onto sensitive skin and it starts to burn, liberally apply vegetable oil like olive or coconut oil over the top. Essential oils don’t mix with water, so washing with water only drives them in deeper, and makes them burn more – much like trying to drink water when you’ve had too much chilli!

Tip: Young Living have a great organic vegetable oil blend called V6 – I keep this in my fridge so it’s always easy to find in the case of an emergency! 

3. Be attentive to where you place photosensitive oils – these are oils that make your skin more sensitive to UV light, and it applies to all citrus oils, such as Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Tangerine and Bergamot, and also to blends containing citrus oils. It also applies to a couple of additional oils, like Angelica and Ginger.

These oils need to be applied to skin that won’t be exposed to direct sunlight or UV light for at least 24 hours (eg. on parts of the body that will be covered with clothing. Otherwise you can end up with a dark mark on your skin that looks like a birth mark….and it has to grow out (which can take months)!!! It can even damage your skin permanently…..so be careful!

Tip: The Young Living catalogue will show you which oils are photosensitive

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