4 powerful essential oils for ecstatic love-making


In our crazy world today, where life moves at the speed of light, how often do the sensual pleasures of life take a back seat, or end up slotted between other errands?

If lovemaking is not a topic you wish to read about, please don’t read any further!!! This bulletin talks openly about sex, and offers essential oil tips to help bring deeper joy and intimacy to your relationships (including your relationship with yourself), and to take your love-making to a whole new level!

3 simple ways to access ECSTATIC lovemaking

Step 1 – Shutran and Progessence Phyto Plus

If you are ready to dive straight in, there’s no time like the present, and you can go straight to step 2….but remember to come back to step 1 tomorrow! Step 1 is designed to be done on an ongoing basis. These 2 oils will put a spring in your step, and a twinkle in your eyes, when used on a regular basis.

Progessence (Phyto) Plus is a women-only oil blend, so this is NOT to be used by men!!!

Put 4 drops on your belly, wrists or throat each day. Do this for a few weeks, then review how you feel. If desired, you can increase to 4 drops twice a day (or more). When I use this blend daily, I sleep better, and feel more balanced throughout the month. If you live in the US, it is called Progessence Plus, and contains wild yam extract. In other regions, it’s Progessence Phyto Plus, and is a different formula based on Vitex essential oil. 

Shutran is a great oil blend for both men and women.

Apply 2 to 4 drops (women) and 4 to 8 drops (men) to the forearms or feet and ankles.

For women, Shutran really helps energy levels and focus. For men, it does these same things, but it also helps everything go upwards! It’s a great oil for enhancing the feelings of masculinity, and it smells fantastic!

Step 2 – Harmony oil foot massage and sacred ritual

Sound luscious? It sure is! Begin by creating a beautiful romantic ritual. Light candles around the room to set the mood, add 5 to 15 drops of Harmony oil to your diffuser, and make sure you slip into something sexy.

Create your own Harmony oil massage blend, by mixing 5 to 6 drops of Harmony oil into a tablespoon of carrier oil. I personally love Young Living’s V6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex as a carrier oil – it contains 7 different organic vegetable oils, including fractionated coconut oil (that’s coconut oil which won’t solidify at cooler temperatures).

Take turns to give each other a slow, sensual foot massage, being sure to give special attention to inner and outer ankles. Why?

The ankles correspond to the reproductive area in reflexology, so massaging the ankles is a wonderful way to bring extra attention and energy to this area, without direct contact.






So why are we using Harmony oil for this step?

Harmony oil has a unique frequency that balances the chakras (the energy centres of the body). Whilst it can be applied to each of the chakras in turn, the simple act of inhaling its beautiful fragrance will also bring balance not only to the body, but to any situation.

I’ve had many a parent tell me that diffusing Harmony oil in the home has led to fewer upsets and arguments between their children.

In fact, one mum said that on the first day she diffused it, her children came home and all fell asleep on the couch!

At our wedding, Noel and I anointed each of our guests with Harmony oil before the ceremony began. Reflecting back on that beautiful day, I believe the Harmony oil was one of the key ingredients that made our wedding so beautiful. Our guests had such a great time, and everyone felt so connected. We had to just about kick them out the door at the end!

WARNING: Harmony oil is photosensitive, so if using it directly on the skin, make sure it’s applied on areas that will not be exposed to sunlight or UV light for 24 hours (eg. under clothing). Harmony oil is not recommended for people with epilepsy (because of the high proportion of hyssop). Use Joy oil as a safe substitute. Joy is also photosensitive, so apply under clothing.

Step 3: Anoint with Sensation oil blend

I call this the Ecstatic Orgasm Blend….because it helps us tap into mind-blowing orgasms, and a peak level of sexual ecstasy!

My very first awareness of this blend was with a student in my psychic development course. I’d just been teaching how to see auras, and she was in the “hot seat” with all the other students observing the colours in her aura. Following my intuition, I put a drop of Sensation on oil her heart so the other students could see the changes in her aura when the oil went on.

The next morning, I asked the students how they were feeling….this was at least 15 years ago, and her response has stuck firmly in my mind. She gave us all a very cheeky smile, and said “I feel wooooonnnnnndeeerfuuuul.” She’d not slept much! I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

So Sensation oil relaxes us into ourselves, and allows us to feel more connected with our innate sensuality and sexuality, heightening our awareness and pleasure during love-making.

Apply a drop of Sensation oil to your beloved’s chest, and another drop to the sexual/sacral chakra, which is located about 5 cm below the navel. 

Rub the oil in with clockwise circles, as this increases the oil’s frequency and mimics the clockwise rotation of our DNA (so it affirms health and wellbeing on all levels). Invite your beloved to reciprocate with you. Now you are ready for the most amazing experience! Take your time, and enjoy!


How can an essential oil affect orgasmic pleasure?

The aroma of essential oils goes straight to the limbic region of the brain, which is the centre of our emotions. This makes essential oils a very powerful tool for stimulating all different emotions, including delight, pleasure and ecstasy. And always remember….

“You are the principle source of your pleasure. Instead of looking outside for the right partner, you give to yourself first everything that you would give to your beloved”. – Margo Annand (Psychologist)

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