4 simple steps to a “Smoky Eye” Glamour look


A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a professional Makeup Artist (Samala Robinson), and she was raving about her experiences with the Savvy Minerals “Multitasker”….I was sure you’d want to know why she loves it so much! You’ll find 4 wonderful tips from Samala below, to help you create your own glamorous “smoky eyes”.

What is the Savvy Minerals Multitasker?

This product is part of the new “Savvy Minerals by Young Living” makeup line. It’s called a “Multitasker” because it’s a three-in-one product. This is a fabulous way of steam-lining the size of your makeup collection, and saving money through having one product instead of three.

1. It can be used on the eyebrows to darken and define them

2. It can be used as eye shadow on the upper lid

3. And best of all, it can be used as an eye liner!

I love its versatility! It’s actually one of my favourite products out of the Savvy Minerals range.

It can be applied as a powder eyeshadow, or the brush can be moistened to allow you to apply it as a liquid eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

Why Professional Makeup Artists LOVE this product!

Samala Robinson worked for many years as a professional makeup artist, doing the makeup and styling for fashion shows and high fashion magazines, as well as 10 years of managing the makeup and wardrobe department for New Zealand’s TV3.

Now Samala coaches talented young makeup artists through the Samala Robinson Academy of Fashion Makeup.


Samala says , “The Multitasker is such an amazing product. You can apply it softly, which is great for people who are new to makeup.

“It can be used to give you that gorgeous smoky eye look, which I call the “Celebrity Soft-eye Look”. Everyday women are after that look, and here’s how you can create it. Alternatively you can moisten it and use it as a liquid eyeliner, which will give you a more dramatic look.

“The Multitasker stays on all day , doesn’t feel like it’s on the eyes (ie. it’s not heavy ), and the colour tone is absolutely PERFECT (which is so important for professional makeup artists).

“I’ve never seen a product work that well on someone’s eye. Other companies have tried, but they just never seem to get the pigment and colour tones right, or it doesn’t blend well onto the eyes.”

So here’s how you use it….

Step 1: Under the eye

Draw an imaginary line from the centre of the pupil down to the lower eyelid. That’s your starting point on the lower eyelid for your Multitasker. Apply it under the lashes, working out towards the outer eye…but here’s the secret:

To make your eye look larger and therefore more dramatic, apply the Multitasker in a horizontal

line out from the centre of the eye, instead of following the shape of the eye.

Then slowly smudge the line, starting in the centre, and working your way to the corner of the eye. You’ll end up with this beautiful faded line under the eye.

Step 2: Above the eye

With the top lid, you’re going to start at the outer eye and work your way in. Instead of stopping at the half-way point above the pupil, work the line all the way over the eye to the inside eye where the tear duct lies.

Close your eyelid, and start with a thicker line at the outer edge of the eye. Blend it in to a narrower line once it reaches the inner edge of the eye.

It looks really great if you do this twice over the upper lid, ie. apply a little bit, look at it, then apply again so you are layering it.

If you want a more dramatic look, spray your makeup brush with the Savvy Minerals Misting Spray.

Dip your brush into the Multitasker Powder, and apply another line of the Multitasker (wet) over the top of the smoky eye.

This will now work like a liquid eyeliner, and will create a beautiful depth in your eye artwork!

Step 3: On the eyelid

The Multitasker powder is amazing! Simply dab your finger in it, and brush it lightly across the top of your eyelid, then add some mascara.

Depending on the shape of the eye, you can smudge it all over the lid and into the eye crease (don’t go above the crease). That is quick and beautiful.

Samala Beauty Tip: I like to layer and layer, because it stays on all day that way.

Step 4: Define your Eyebrows

Why define your eyebrows with Multitasker?

It’s because your brows frame your eyes, so having a beautiful eyebrow line will lift your whole face. It gives both shape and character to your eyes.

To apply the Multitasker to the eyebrows, start with an angled brush, and softly layer it on. You can wet it and use it wet, which is more of an art form.

Why Savvy Minerals outperforms all other Brands

Mineral makeups have received bad press due to the use of nanoparticles in some brands. Some people say that mineral makeup aggravates their skin, and this is because other brands will sometimes use bismuth (a metal mineral), which aggravates the pores and can cause blemishes.

The irritation can also be from the use of synthetic dyes. Eg. Red colour can only be achieved with dyes. Even “natural” brands like Bare Minerals choose to use dyes in their products. And some of the dyes used in regular mineral makeup brands contain lead!

Savvy Minerals is superior to all other brands. It contains NO nanoparticles. It’s cruelty-free, and it’s Vegan (with the exception of the lipsticks and lipgloss which are vegetarian due to the presence of beeswax). It contains Arrowroot powder and kaolin clay instead of bismuth. This is much more nourishing for your skin, and helps absorb excess oil.

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