A touch of Abundance


Gary Young formulated this blend based on a range of essential oils that the Egyptian Pharaohs used to attract prosperity.

You see, some oils have a natural state of “attraction”, just like some people do. These oils draw things into us, where other oils and blends (like Purification, Thieves, Release and Palo Santo) can help to draw things out of us when we need to let something go.

I was so in need of Abundance oil in 1998, that it took pride of place in my second ever order with Young Living. I remember the very first time I used it, and that day three astounding things happened….

I was organising my next course (in those days I taught people how to develop their intuition and natural psychic abilities), and that day after applying Abundance oil, I had an extra person book in. That extra booking was pure profit for me, as I had already covered the course costs from the other participants. That one booking paid for my mortgage for the month!

A few hours later, I went to check the letterbox and there was a letter in there. When I opened it, it contained a cheque!

There was a lady who had owed me money from almost a year earlier, and in the end I’d written it off, and never expected her to pay me. But here, in my hands, was a cheque for the full amount she owed me. Wow!

Then I went to buy something I needed (a rather costly item), and it was on sale that day, so I saved myself quite a lot of money.

Of course I joined the dots…how could I not? The only thing I’d done differently was to apply Abundance oil to my wrists! It was then that I realised I had never expected the oil to work. I’d bought it from Young Living and was planning to use it with my vision boarding and to make me feel good. I wanted to feel like Abundance was “going to” come my way.

I never expected abundance to arrive that very day on my doorstep!

Since that time, I’ve had so many amazing experiences with Abundance oil. I’ve come to understand how it works, and I want to share that with you as an analogy….

Abundance Oil takes us out of fear and into trust

When we are in a state of lack or fear, it’s like our natural energy field (our aura) begins to spiral in the wrong direction. When that happens, nothing goes right in our life. So many things start to fall apart. The more fear we are in, the more “apart” they fall.

When we’re the most worried about money, that’s when things around us can start to break down and need to be repaired. And that takes…more money, of course.

When we’re the most worried about love, that’s when there appears to be no one around us to see into our hearts and offer us the connection we’re seeking.

So when that magical drop of oil lands on our wrist for the first time, the aroma is the first thing that captivates us. It’s very spicy, with hints of clove, cinnamon, frankincense and orange….and over the next half hour it will soften into the most gorgeous, musky scent – perfect for both women and men.

But another thing happens. Our fear just starts to dissipate, until it’s completely gone! So that essential oil has just impacted our energy field, and turned its negative cycle into a positive one.

Once the fear disappears, we’re no longer operating like a negative magnet that’s repelling everything good from our life….and this state of lack begins to reverse….and over the coming hours, we start to feel “neutral” again. Money and love and all things good can then naturally flow towards us.

It will never override our life’s lessons, or give us something we’re not meant to have. Always, these precious essential oils will work in harmony with our hearts to bring us the things we are meant to have….ie. a state of heightened health, joy and happiness.

And that’s why, after so many years of using Young Living’s essential oils, I can’t imagine a day without them.

It would be like a day without seeing the sky and the tree and the birds, or a day without Love’s presence in my life.


Here’s how to order….

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