Animal Antics and Essential Oils


A wonderful oily friend of mine sent me this newsletter, sharing how she loves to use the Young Living oils and oil-infused products in her own life, and the lives of her menagerie of furry creatures.

I’ve known Elaine for many years, ever since she learned Raindrop Technique in one of my classes. What most strikes me about this beautiful woman is how her glass is always overflowing with gratitude. Elaine is 76 years young and as you read her words, you’ll see that you are never too old or too young to fall in love with essential oils.

Like me, Elaine is an animal lover through and through, so of course she doesn’t want her beloved animals to miss out on the blessing of having essential oils in their lives too.

I’m sure you will love the read, and hearing about her animals’ antics with essential oils. Enjoy!

Animal Antics and Essential Oils

Elaine writes: I am a Nature/Animal soul and thus, anything to do with the natural world resonates strongly with my Being. This includes our beautiful gift of Young Living’s essential oils and holistic, oil infused products. They have changed my health and well-being in what can only be described as wondrous ways….

It never fails to amaze me how quickly my whole Being responds to our beautiful essential oils. I do believe they are a sacred gift from our Creator, brought to us through Gary Young.

One thing I’ve come to realise is that our past does not dictate our future, unless we allow it to. We are the product of our own choices, and we can always choose something different – anytime, any place, any situation, any condition, any circumstance. We can choose! How cool is that? This is the Gift of Life.

My hubby, Mike, has had numerous major health challenges. He had a quadruple open heart bypass in December 2019, then a recent clot and more stents in December 2021. He is now a 9 stent Superman of Steel.

He has recovered miraculously thanks to his incredibly strong constitution and lots of TLC, and we are extremely thankful and in awe. He is back to doing all those things he loves the most (sailing, riding, guitar, radio show, 6-8 km walks) and has just this week moved 6.5 ton of gravel from the back of the 4WD ute onto the front area of our driveway. Astounding! He has also done the pruning and trimming of trees and bushes and cleaned out the carport and back of sheds. Wow!  

“What is this man on!”, you might ask? Well, let me tell you his secret to great health and vitality….it’s Young Living’s Sulfurzyme, Mega Cal and Alkalime, plus his oily massages (with another one coming up today).

Some of our family’s favourite 
Young Living products are: Sulfurzyme, NingXia Red, Alkalime and Mega Cal. And then we have our favourite oils, which include the Raindrop Technique oils, Frankincense, Valor, Sacred Mountain, Joy, Di-Gize, Lavender, Helichrysum, PanAway and Thieves – just to name a few!

Our animals often ‘ask’ for me to share the oils with them, in their own special way . This can either be with a gentle massage, or with our horses it’s often just hanging out together and inhaling the oils. Blissing out together is one of my favourite energy rejuvenations.

Our border collie/kelpie cross “Jess” (pictured here) is 15 years young, and like any old gal she’s starting to feel it in her body. However, she maintains a joyful, playful ‘puppy spirit’. If she has been dashing around at 100 mph (as she loves to do) and is feeling a bit stiff, she will let me know by coming close, presenting her body, and asking for Mum to please put some Kitty Raindrop mix, Di-Gize, or other oils on.  

Kitty Raindrop is so simple to do. All you need is a Raindrop Technique Kit. It contains everything you need to make this mix up, including your V6 carrier oil. All you need is a glass or ceramic container in which to store your mixture. Here’s how you make it: In a tablespoon of V6 oil, just put 2 drops of each of the Raindrop Technique oils. Then use a teaspoon of this mix and massage it up kitty’s (or elderly doggy’s) spine every 1 to 2 days. Watch them feel like a kitten or a puppy again!

After Jess’s little massage session, which often is only a couple of minutes long as I apply and gently massage the oils onto her body, she heads off with a sloppy grin and has a good shake, obviously feeling very pleased with herself. She knows when I have completed the process as I gently pull her tail 3 times as our agreed signal we have finished.  

You would laugh if you could see all 3 of our dogs lining up for their oily fix!!!

Our horses also love smelling the oils. My beautiful Arabian gelding “Prince” found that by blowing across the top of an oil bottle (with the cap taken off at the time), he could make a whistling noise occur. Well, his eyes, whiskers and whole body twinkle with delight, as he continues to astound himself and me by breathing out and making this little glass bottle whistle. Clever boy, Prince, you truly are a delight.

Living above the wellness line in body, mind, spirit and emotions is a priceless gift, and the Young Living oils and oil-infused products are foundational products for my human and animal family to achieve this state of joy and wellness.

I know in these difficult times that not everyone feels so blessed, and some people are living in very difficult circumstances. If that is you, I trust you will have all the support and help you need for yourself and your loved ones.

And remember to “oil up” as part of your everyday routine. I know that like me, you will see and feel such a difference!!!

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