Cats & Oils – Feline Tales


Have you ever wondered if cats really like essential oils? A few years ago, I canvassed my team for their favourite feline tales, and wanted to re-share them in today’s bulletin.

After reading these stories, you will be left in no doubt that cats can and do fall in love with essential oils, just like their owners. Each cat has its own very strong opinions on what it does and doesn’t like in the way of oils, and some cats will like them more than others. But the results speak for themselves….

Cats and oils do mix…providing you are using unadulterated and therapeutic-grade essential oils like those from Young Living, and only using small amounts…

Follow the cautions provided in our previous 2 posts, and you and your feline family will have a lifetime love-affair with the Young Living oils and oil-infused products. So let’s now take a look at how cats tell us that they love essential oils!…

Cat Fights

Sarah writes:

I diffuse Lavender, Peace & Calming or Stress Away oil, as my cats are brothers and still like to fight….cats being cats! It seems to calm them all down, as well as their two humans.

And if ever they get too brutal with each other, I apply a small amount of Frankincense to their fur. It’s so calming and gentle on their skin.

Scharryn writes:

Our long-haired black cat “Peppie” had been in a cat fight, and I noticed afterwards that he was quite agitated and continued to scratch at himself. I mixed Lavender and Frankincense with some coconut oil, and put little dobs of it onto his body, several times a day.

Within 24 hours I noticed a difference. After about 4 days, he began to lick the oils on his paw. I applied the oils for about 5 days in total. That was 4 years ago, and he’s still a very healthy cat and still active at the age of 13 years.

Mischief and Mayhem

Mary writes:

I have a cat named Charlie who always likes to sleep on my Young Living oil kit. Every day when I go into my office, I find him there, right on top of it all. He smells like my oil kit!

And I had a cat that was very sick about 10 years ago. He would come and sit under my diffuser and put his paw on my foot to ask me to turn it on. I think he really loved the calming effect on him. I think pure oils will not poison cats – and my cats sure want to be around them!

Lies writes: 

I have my very first pet! He’s a holy Burmese cat called “Astor” – a very special cat, who came into our lives in a very special way – to teach me, step by step, to overcome my fear of animals. One of his favourite oils is Valerian. I actually bought it especially for him (as I don’t like the aroma myself).

Oh what a pleasure it was when I applied a drop to his toy! The way he played with his toy was pure gratitude and thankfulness. Cats can’t talk and say ‘thank you’, but for sure that’s the message he gave me. Look at the picture on the right above – he almost kisses the bottle of Valerian!!!

Jenni writes:

My sibling cats Bonnie and Clyde are both pretty relaxed around the Young Living oils.

Bonnie routinely blisses out on the bathroom mat during my full morning procedure of face/legs/oils and will only leave the relatively enclosed space when it is obvious my routine is completed. I’ve also found her wrapped around a soft purple travel case of oils on my bed!

In the left pic, she’s enjoying being close to my bathroom collection of oils, supplements and Savvy mineral makeup. In the right pic, she’s lounging next to my bedside oils stash in a drawer she found open!!


Sarah writes:

Peace & Calming oil blend works really well with all 3 of my fur babies, especially when we have thunder, which all of them hate. I diffuse it, however, they also love massage with this blend too. See the pics below of “Gismo”. The mix of touch and aroma makes them feel safe and loved.

I started using these oils before they were needed, so that my cats associate the smell of oils with love and pampering, and not with a stressful situation. 

I’ve always left the door open, so they can move away from the smell if they want. They always smell so great!!!

Diffuser favourites…

Artemis writes:

When I moved interstate in 2014, my three cats managed the relocation remarkably well, however they just weren’t settling into our new home. Six months went by, and they still didn’t seem themselves. In the previous home, they would race around chasing each other in play…but in the new home, they were subdued and never played.

I started diffusing 20 drops of Transformation oil in the open-plan lounge/dining/kitchen area, and within a week they were streaking through the new house at top speed, back to their playful antics. It was so great to watch.

I now diffuse Transformation oil at least once every few weeks, to keep them on their toes!

Nikki writes:

I’m studying for my Raindrop Technique Level 2 course. I’m diffusing Rosemary and Pine oils….not getting much achieved! (See pic on the left…this is the culprit!)

Maureen writes:

I have a small cat-hotel, where people bring their cats when they go on vacation. Last summer I had a new cat who came for the first time.

When the cat arrived, she was shaking and drooling from stress because of the car ride to get here. I diffused StressAway, and after a couple of hours she was so relaxed she lay flat on her back!

Madelon writes:

Last year in May my Siamese cat had 4 kittens. They were just one week old, and I really wanted to make sure they all stayed really healthy. I began diffusing Thieves and Myrrh. I also stroked my adult cats when I had a drop of Myrrh oil on my hands, and I put a couple of drops of Myrrh oil in places where they were all sleeping. They remained a very healthy bunch of cats!

Catherine writes:

I love my cat “Josie”, and she is very smart, funny and affectionate. I am not sure what her favourite oil is, but I suspect it might be Thieves. One time a friend was diffusing Thieves around the home, and to my surprise, Josie curled up in front of the diffuser!!!

Kylie writes:

Our 6 year old cat “Sparky” (pictured right) loves Young Living’s Peace & Calming oil blend so much, she curls herself up around the diffuser!

Susan writes:

For years my two cats have slept in the bedroom with me each night. I always have my diffuser going and I like to choose a different oil depending on how my day has been.

When visitors come over and cuddle my cats, they remark that their fur smells of the oils! What a gentle and effective way for cats to benefit from essential oils!

Topical Oils on cats

Sarah writes:

Two of my three cats are old fellows at 14 yrs, so I am very careful using essential oils around them.

Gizmo (who is very fussy) loves Lavender and StressAway, and so does Chewie. I put a drop on my palm, rub my hands together, and stroke it along their spine. They immediately uncurl for me to do the length of their spine, and massage their shoulder blades.

This pic shows Chewie in Lavender Dreamland after a Lavender massage!!!

Grace writes:

In 2015 my cat Tipsy (pictured below left) started losing some hair/fur from her hind leg and side. I was not overly concerned as there was no sign of irritation or visually anything to be worried about. As the weeks went by it was not clearing up and had possibly got slightly worse. We were travelling overseas and I had a house sitter coming in so I thought I’d best get her checked out by the vet just to be safe. The trip to the vet revealed nothing more than over-preening, possibly because of something going on in her environment which was causing her some stress – possibly my other cat Bella (pictured below right), other cats living locally, who knows!?? Cats can be a mystery sometimes!

On returning from overseas I decided to get my oils out! In an empty 15ml Lavender bottle I added 25 drops each of Lavender and Geranium oil and topped it up with carrier oil with a roller fitment on top. I applied this to the furless areas one to two times daily, usually when she was being fed. I would gently hold her collar so she didn’t scarper!

Within weeks she had stopped her over-preening, and this allowed her hair to naturally regrow over the next 5 to 6 weeks. I was thrilled!!!

Usually once or twice a year this starts to reoccur, and I get my trusted blend out and get onto it quickly. She responds beautifully – I’m sure the oils help her emotionally, and that stops the urge to over-preen.

Artemis writes:

On several occasions, my previous cat (a gorgeous Himalayan called “Isis”) would end up with a weepy eye from the irritation of a bit of grass seed or pollen when she was on her outdoor adventures.

Trying to flush her eye with some saline wasn’t an easy option, so instead, I would calm her down by putting a drop of Lavender oil on the tip of my index finger, rub my two index fingers together, then apply that one drop of Lavender oil to the inside of each of her ears.

By the next day, her eyes were always perfect again.

Nowadays, whilst my two male cats prefer not to have oils used on them and will vacate the room if I approach them with oils on my hands, my female Oriental cat “Sufi” loves it when I stroke her fur if I’ve been handling oils.

A couple of days ago I had a small amount of Inspiration and Awaken on my palms, and she was in heaven as I stroked her fur!!!

She’ll even lick the outside of my Peppermint oil bottle! That’s really unusual for a cat (because Peppermint has such a powerful aroma).

Susan writes:

One of my cats can be a little sensitive and on occasions. I like to work with the emotions in order to help her. I place a drop of DiGize oil into my palm and rub my palms together. Then I pet her stomach area. By later that day she is back to her normal self.

It’s a Cat’s Business…

Andrea writes:

My “Charlie” (pictured left) is an indoor cat, so I like to keep her litter tray smelling fresh and clean.

I use Thieves Household Cleaner once a week to wash the litter tray. This is excellent at eliminating the smell and keeps it fresh until the next cleanout.

I also add 2 drops of Purification oil to her kitty litter. I find this helps to neutralise the smell, instead of having to buy the scented litter which seems to make her sneeze a lot.

Artemis writes:

One of my cats poops in his litter tray, but insists on peeing in the laundry tubs. I’m sure he sees the logic in this, even if I don’t! The smell seeps through the entire house….

I keep a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Foaming Hand Soap on hand, and use a small amount of either of these neat on a sponge to wipe out the laundry tubs – to purify them, and to rid the house of the smell of cat pee.

I do the same to clean up the occasional fur-balls – just a small amount of Thieves Household Cleaner or Thieves Foaming Hand Soap on a sponge, to disinfect the area.

Kylie writes:

Our cat Sparky has a furry bottom, so we use the Seedlings Baby Wipes to clean her, if ever poop gets stuck on her fur.

“Daisy” our aging Tortoiseshell was becoming unsteady on her feet, and we were quite concerned that she wouldn’t be with us for much longer.

We started using Frankincense in her litter tray – 8 drops of Frankincense to half a cup of Bicarb of Soda (baking soda). We’d sprinkle half of this mix over her kitty litter tray.

It really seemed to balance and revitalize her, and she lived to a healthy old age.

Kitty Raindrop & the Raindrop Technique oils

Jenni writes: 

Lately I’ve been giving Kitty Raindrop to both of my sibling cats, by mixing 2 drops of each of the Raindrop Technique oils into 1 tablespoon of V6 massage oil, then taking a small amount of this mix and massaging it up their spine.

When I first start on her, “Bonnie” is not so keen on receiving Kitty Raindrop, but she is always purring by the end.

Her brother “Clyde” doesn’t mind the Kitty Raindrop at all, and happily stays put. He also loves Frankincense, and is purring shortly after I use it anywhere near him.

Nikki writes:

I love doing Raindrop Technique, and have two cats. 

One is a very spoilt rag doll, who always joins in on the Raindrop sessions, placing herself beside the table and frequently on the client to take in that which she needs…then she happily leaves. 

My other cat is a massive feral ginger cat who’s become completely domesticated. He walks himself through my hands when I have the Raindrop Technique oils on my fingertips.

Catherine writes:

I use a number of oils around the home, and after completing my Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique training with Artemis some time ago, I give sessions to my family and friends. During a session, my cat Josie will often come and sit nearby. She also has a definite ‘I am getting out of here’ time, and this will vary according to her mood.

I had heard about Kitty Raindrop, and wondered how Josie would go with it, as she’s super sensitive with touch. I was surprised that she stayed with the process and definitely enjoyed herself….and the attention!

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