Cleanse your Home of Negative Energies – which oil would you use?


Have you ever had an experience where all your hairs stood on end, and a sixth sense was telling you that something wasn’t quite right?

We all have senses beyond our 5 physical senses, and the more we learn to listen to them, the more they guide us in our daily life….just as our eyes and our ears and our touch and our taste will guide us.

But how would you clear a room or a home, if you felt something was “not quite right” there energetically? Traditionally this has been done by Indigenous Shamans by burning White Sage and other herbs, or even wood like Palo Santo. The smoke cleanses and purifies the space, and thus deters negative energies.

But could you use an essential oil for this same purpose? The answer is…YES! In Ancient Egypt, essential oils were used for everything from the physical to the spiritual, including the casting out of negative energies and troublesome Spirits.

Star Sarasvati loves running women’s circles and other spiritual events, so I asked her to share of her wisdom in today’s bulletin. Enjoy!

The Best Oil for Cleansing your Home of Negative Energies by Star Sarasvati

Have you ever lived in a house where there is just one room that you never want to enter?

Well I had one of those dark rooms in my beautiful beach apartment, and every person that lived in that room while I was there would have nightmares and cry frequently. At times they would even feel suicidal. I would do my best to support them but after the 4th person went through the same thing, I knew it wasn’t just a coincidence.

So I decided to not look for another flatmate until I had cleared out the energy from this dark room for good!!!

I was a woman on a mission! I started with smudging the room with a Sage stick, which has been used by the Native Americans for centuries to help cleanse and remove negative energies from a place, person or object.

I smudged the room every day for a week but when I opened the door to the room, I still had a strong resistance to stepping inside. I needed to do something different!

So I put my diffuser in the centre of the room and started diffusing different Young Living essential oils all day and night 24/7 to lift the vibrations of the room. I tried White Angelica, Orange, Sage, Frankincense and many more until I found the one essential oil that made the biggest difference!!!

Northern Lights Black Spruce!

As with all the other oils I’d tried, I added Northern Lights Black Spruce to the diffuser, and let it run. But this time, when I opened the door to the room, my experience was completely different. The room felt SO much lighter!!!

I could finally step into the room without feeling nausea or darkness! I knew that I needed to keep diffusing this powerful oil into the room each day, and to find out what made this essential oil so special for cleansing my home of this negative frequency.

Gary Young wrote:

“As the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) plays across the sky with its incredible electrical energy, the needles of the Black Spruce tree draws this energy into the tree. When we distill the tree for its oil, that electrical quality makes its way into our bottle of oil.”

And Artemis writes about her own experience when she visited Young Living’s Northern Lights Farm in Canada:

“I felt the Northern Lights of the Black Spruce connect me to the Earth and the Sky, and I floated around for the rest of the day, feeling that something had blown me open from my solar plexus chakra to my crown chakra. It was a beautiful, ecstatic, expansive feeling.”

How incredible! This is an oil of pure electrical energy!!!

After a week of diffusing Northern Lights Black Spruce and Artemis’ wise and wonderful friend Russell Smith giving the room a big energy clearing, I felt it was finally ready for a new person to live in.

A beautiful Spanish girl moved in 2 days later and we have lived happily together in our beachfront apartment for a year now, and it is our peaceful haven of light!

Here are some more ways to use
Northern Lights Black Spruce:


Spiritual Work – Communication with the Divine

Black Spruce is a narrow conifer, with a cluster of branches at its top forming a club or “crow’s nest”. This tells us that it gives extra energy “at the top” – so Black Spruce oil is a perfect oil to use on our higher chakras (throat, third eye and crown), and for helping to bring energy to our mind (both physically and spiritually).

In fact, The Lakota Indians used Black Spruce to strengthen their ability to communicate with Great Spirit, which makes perfect sense when you understand that our throat chakra is the energy centre of communication, the third eye is the energy centre of intuition, and the crown chakra connects us with the Divine.

Rub Over your Legs and Arms
Black Spruce thrives in poorer drained areas….so rub it over your legs and arms and other extremities, to bring more energy and electricity to these parts of your body!

Find your Perfect Niche – Clarify your Life’s Purpose
And because it’s found its niche in the post-fire and swampy environment and it thrives in this niche, it is also a great oil to help us clarify our own life’s purpose and niche, and the path we need to take in order to thrive.

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