Essential Oils for Personal Transformation and Inspired Leadership


Gary always wanted us to be the best version of ourselves – to step beyond our fears, beyond our doubts, beyond our self-imposed limitations. 

In his own words, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.” 

He lived his life always at 1000% throttle. That’s not to say we have to go at it as hard as he did – but let’s take from his legacy the knowledge that we have a choice to be greater than we are presently playing. And our beautiful oils (which are Gary’s legacy to us) can help us to do that.

Gary’s “Light the Fire” leadership protocol

Jen Gallagher writes:What I want to share with you today is a collection of tips that I have written down from Gary’s seminars, about how he uses the oils for emotional support, and to help us become the best leaders we can be. See which one(s) jump out at you. And if they do, trust that they are the right oils for you. I’d suggest you just choose one of these protocols, and do it consistently for a few days or even a few weeks. See what happens! There will be a magic formula in here for you….you just need to trust the ones that jump out at you.

Gary’s “Light the Fire” leadership protocol

If you want to work with your leadership skills, here are some amazing oil suggestions for you. 

  1. Dream Catcher on your pillow
  2. Three Wise Men on your crown
  3. The Gift on your third eye (lower centre of your forehead), and
  4. Magnify Your Purpose on your sternum
  5. Light the Fire under your feet

Magnify Your Purpose was one of the very first oils that I ever used. I had a reference book that said to put it inside or just near the sternum, so I was putting it there every day and saying my affirmations.

At that time, I was working as a guidance counsellor for Education Queensland, up in North Queensland. And then one day I came home from work and said to my husband, “I think I’m going to try this Young Living thing.” Just out of the blue like that! And I know it was because I was using oils that were connecting me to my higher purpose.

That was 11 or more years ago, and Magnify Your Purpose was one of the oils that I used every day during that time.

If you really need a boost, and you really need to get yourself going, put a drop of “Light the Fire” oil blend under your feet on a regular basis. It’s an amazing, amazing oil which Gary formulated for our 2015 International Grand Convention.

It’s a combination of Nutmeg, Cassia, Mastrante, Ocotea, Canadian Fleabane, Lemon, Pepper Fruit Oil and Northern Lights Black Spruce oil. If you don’t have Light the Fire, use any of the single oils contained in this blend, or create your own blend using some of the oils from Light the Fire.

Hope Oil on the ear lobes

Have you ever put essential oils on your ears? I do it every night. I rub Ylang Ylang and Lavender oil on my ears – and not just the ear lobes. I rub these oils all around the ear, because we have so many pressure points on our ears. It’s so beautiful to do this!

Gary always used to say, “If you’re feeling hopeless, put a drop of Hope oil on each of your ear lobes.” It’s absolutely amazing.

One of the powerful single oils in the Hope oil blend is Melissa oil. Melissa uplifts us to the power of 10. I was a Maths teacher in my earlier career, so I understand the power of 10. If we talk about 10 to the power of 10, we are talking about 10 multiplied by itself 10 times….in other words, 10,000,000,000, or 10 billion! So that’s a huge number, right? That’s the power of leverage that we get from using Melissa oil!!!

Melissa oil is great for the emotional heart, so if you are using it on its own, it can go right onto the Heart Chakra, in the lower centre of the chest.

Inner Child on the navel

It is completely normal to feel grief and loss at times in our life. We might lose a loved on, or go through a relationship separation. There is nothing wrong with feeling these emotions – they are a natural form of grief.

And when you feel them, Gary says to use Inner Child oil. He never specified where, but in other instances he talked about putting Inner Child on the navel. And that makes sense, because the navel connects us to our ancestral lineage through the umbilical cord. It connects us to all those deep and raw emotions. But you could place it anywhere else on your body – I’ve even had people wear it as a perfume.

When you are using essential oils, always do what feels right for you. So, if I say, “Try Inner Child on your navel”, and you don’t like the sound of that, but you could imagine putting it on your heart, then do that!

And here’s a tip for you! Are you sharing Young Living with others? If so, apply Inner Child oil, go out for the day, and see what happens. It’s an amazing oil for attracting conversations, and you’ll be amazed by how many younger people are drawn to you when you wear this oil.

That’s because it’s really about connecting with those childhood memories. Even if you didn’t have a great childhood, we all have those moments in our childhood when we were just being a kid – laughing, playing on the slide, rolling down the hill in the grass, being carefree. You know what I mean! So connect with your inner child, that authentic self who is just totally carefree.


This is your oil for talking to the Universal Energy that we may call God, Spirit, Creator, even Love! Where do you draw Inspiration from in your life? Is it going for a walk, and noticing the trees and the birds? Something so simple really connects me, and I always have my best ideas when I go out on a walk. Inspiration is a great oil to help you connect to that energy of your higher power or Higher Self.

Or if you are writing down your goals, diffuse Gathering and Clarity oil. There is magic when those two oils are combined!

Gary’s Leadership Aftershave Recipe

Imagine wearing an aftershave like this! Combine Gathering, Present Time and Highest Potential oil blends. Wow!!! This was Gary’s suggestion. In fact, Mary Young said that Gary wore Highest Potential oil blend every single day.

Bring some Common Sense into our World

Gary also talked about using Common Sense oil. Did you know we have an oil called Common Sense? And don’t you think our world could use some of that right now? I think we could!!! In fact, I think we need bucketloads of that right now. Integrate Common Sense with Clarity and Brainpower, and see what happens. What kind of potential would you have, if you had those three things in your life? This is where the magic happens!

The Gift

If you want to enhance your intentions, use The Gift. I love diffusing this oil at night before I go to sleep. Oh my gosh, diffusing this will bring you the gift of some amazing dreams! Just watch out!!!!

Harmony and Acceptance

Are you ready for another idea? Harmony Oil was created to balance the chakras, so normally we’d pop a drop on each Chakra. But try something different. In addition to anointing the chakras, also put a drop on your knees. And then pop a drop of Acceptance oil on your temples.

I love using Acceptance with Abundance, because sometimes I can feel a bit stuck with Abundance. So if you have a block around Abundance and nothing appears to be happening when you use Abundance oil, then try Acceptance oil with it. It smells amazing!

Gary Young’s Legacy: Magic in a Bottle 

We have an oil for everything, don’t we? So are you inspired? And this is just the tip of the iceberg from pages and pages of notes that I’ve taken at Gary’s seminars. So of course I’m going to end with a quote from Gary. He said,

“Really, what are we but emotions, and where our dreams take us?” – Gary Young

And that explains Gary’s life in a nutshell. He could have used all the excuses in the world and not done what he did. He could have said, “I’m sick. I was in an accident. I cannot walk. I was treated badly when I grew up. Oh, I didn’t have the money. I couldn’t do it on my own.”

He could have come up with all those excuses. But guess what? He didn’t, because he believed in his dreams and so he went ahead anyway. And he continues to inspire us, even today.

This is the magic that Gary Young left us. He’s left us something far beyond just a little bottle of oil. He left us with something that we can take not only to help us and our family, but literally to create a better world all-round in body, mind and Spirit for generations to come.

I know he’ll be looking up to us each time we are using his oils, blessing us every time that we pick up that bottle of essential oil, because literally it is a miracle in a bottle.

Did you find this inspiring? What did you most love about Jen’s tips? Write to us and let us know!!!

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