Pamper your Pooch (or yourself) with Raindrop


Raindrop Technique on Charlotte the Cocker Spaniel

Susan writes: Recently I was asked to perform Raindrop Technique on “Charlotte”, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel. Charlotte had inadvertently found herself tangled up in the legs of a moving horse. Although she didn’t appear to have sustained any physical injuries, the owner noticed that ever since, Charlotte would shy away from people when they approached her on the left side, including the show judges

Being a show dog, this was a problem.

Charlotte seemed to really love the pampering and attention she received during the Raindrop Technique. Two days later the owner sent me the following text:

“Wow…what a difference in Charlotte! I just love your work. Thank you so much for helping her. I will book you in again before her next show.”

It was really fascinating to hear all the many changes that occurred in Charlotte after her Raindrop Technique, both physically and emotionally. For example, her ribs had always been quite prominent, no matter how much she ate. After the Raindrop Technique, she was so much more relaxed that she’s put on extra weight, and you can’t see her ribs anymore.

She’s also much more playful – like a completely different dog! In the past, you’d throw a ball to her and you could see she was really hesitant and timid, afraid to chase it. Now, she not only runs after the ball, she’ll also do a tumble turn, without any hesitation!!!

Her muscles are not as tight as they were, and she just generally seems much more settled. She used to be quite a nervous dog, liking to be physically in contact with you all the time. Now she is so much more settled, no longer displaying those signs of emotional insecurity.

Artemis adds: I’ve always loved Raindrop Technique because it’s a Master Technique, able to work on many levels at once. Charlotte’s experience is the perfect example of this.

Jules writes: I have had Raindrop Technique on 3 occasions now and have become totally addicted to the feelings of calm and total bliss it creates for me.

Raindrop for me was of a spiritual nature. The smell of the oils combined with the massage totally calms me and I feel the tension I often have in my neck after a stressful day at work is always released. I love the feeling it gives me that my mind, my body and my soul have somehow become reunited again and are back in balance. After RaindropTechnique, I have the best nights sleep and amazing dreams.

Working on clients with Raindrop Technique

Angela writes: It wasn’t long after becoming a member of Young living that I came across Raindrop Technique and I knew that I wanted to learn it and add it to my repertoire of skills and include it in my private practice as a Therapist and Counsellor. And it is profound, there is no doubt about it.

I have found that since I have been doing Raindrop Technique over the past 7 years, that not only do my clients benefit enormously but I do also.

In the first instance with the Valor balance is where I notice the client goes into a deep state of relaxation after a relatively short time (of a few minutes). It does vary for each client as I work with them, as they become accustomed to the practice, when a client can actually be snoring within a couple of minutes! Falling asleep isn’t a prerequisite but what I am alluding to is the deep state of peace that this treatment opens us to.

I myself drop from a place of being in my head, thinking, to feeling relaxed and following my breath steadily where the connection with the client syncs in. Then I work on with the other oils, continuing the practice.

The clients at the end of the treatment will remark that they would prefer to stay where they are and sleep on in their deeply relaxed state!

If a client has come in for psycho-therapy and isn’t feeling in good physical form, I will suggest that the Raindrop Technique would help relax, cleanse and rebalance them, as they are supported by these profound oils and technique delivered. Then in the next session we can head into the other work that we were doing.

Quite often when clients are going through some form of existential crisis or major shift, their body goes through an inner crisis. This is where Raindrop Technique comes into its own, and I have seen amazing results. I am truly grateful for this practice.

Raindrop Technique MasterClass experiences….

Kim writes: I traveled from Cairns to attend both the 3 day MasterClass and the 3 day Level 2 course, and it was life changing with the personal growth. The trainers were so supportive and encouraging plus the knowledge and skills I received were amazing. I highly recommend the training.

Angela writes: The teaching of Raindrop Technique through Raindrop Australia is thorough, and one of great professionalism. The teachers are well respected in their field and impart their knowledge in a way that is especially well received. Artemis, herself a great teacher here in Australia, follows the protocol in the way she was taught and gifts us with that knowledge in a succinct manner.

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