The #1 Oil to use when your brain just won’t switch off


Even though I’ve been using Young Living’s oils day in and day out for almost 24 years, I still never cease to be amazed by the results I have with them.

When we start out with Young Living, one of the ways we can access wholesale prices is with a Starter Bundle, or a Basic Starter Bundle. Both of these bundles contain a very popular oil blend called Stress Away.

I have to admit, it’s not an oil that I use all that much. I more often use our blend “Peace and Calming” to help me sleep or just relax. I’d use it 50 times more often than I use Stress Away.

But the other night, something happened to me, and I ended up reaching for Stress Away instead…..and…..well, the result was absolutely mind-blowing.

Would you like to hear what happened? Let me paint the picture for you….

The #1 Oil to use when your brain just won’t switch off

I got some bad news last week, and it knocked me for six. It wasn’t really, really bad news – nothing health related, nothing life-threatening or relationship-threatening, nothing to do with my family or loved ones.

You see, I’ve been working behind the scenes on an aspect of Young Living that really excites me. I haven’t told many people about it yet….but I will soon (so stay tuned). And this particular news presented a potential obstacle to the development of that vision – one which could (in the worst case scenario) prevent me from bringing my vision to life.

Normally these sorts of things don’t bother me. I just breathe, ground, and handle the obstacles as if they are nothing unusual. I know it’s all about perspective, so normally I’ll just put some Abundance oil onto my wrists, and wait for the fear to settle and for me to be able to see things more clearly. Within hours or days, it all seems to fall into place and the problem dissolves.

But this time I’d been burning the candle at both ends (ie. working too many hours a day), and I was seriously overtired.

I’m sure you’ve had that experience where you get so overtired, you lose perspective? That’s what happened to me, and this one little bit of bad news went from being a molehill to a mountain in 3 seconds flat.

Suddenly, I was imagining the worst-case scenarios from this news, and its ramifications in my life.

knew at the time that I wasn’t seeing things clearly, that I was overreacting. But in my tiredness, I felt powerless to change those worst-case scenarios that were filling up my mind.

I lay in bed that night, and just couldn’t sleep. I was soooooo stressed, and I knew it. I kept tossing and turning as the hours rolled by. Finally, I accepted that I needed help to calm down and be able to sleep. I didn’t want to turn the light on and tell my body it was daytime, so I reached across to my gigantic oils case with 130 oils in it, that sits beside my bed.

The easiest oil for me to locate in the dark was Stress Away oil….so that’s the one I picked. I put 2 or 3 drops on my chest, and rubbed it in with a 3 times clockwise motion.

And you know what? The result was so phenomenal that I absolutely had to tell you about it.

Within a minute or two, all of the stress just drained out of me. It was gone!!!

I was so stunned that I deliberately tried to get stressed again (that’s the Scientist in me, who now had her curiosity peaked). I put my mind onto the tracks it had been racing along just minutes before, and….
WOW, there was absolutely no “energy” any more on those tracks. My mind was indifferent to its previous worries.

The worries had all miraculously returned into their correct perspective as mole hills that I would easily deal with in the light of day. Wow! Don’t you just love these sorts of oily experiences?

So why is Stress Away so effective at calming us?

Behind every Young Living oil blend is an intention. The individual oils that make up that blend are chosen not only for their individual frequency and effect on the body and to create a beautiful and balanced aroma, but also because of how they synergise with the other oils in the blend. Stress Away is no exception. It contains the following essential oils:

  • Copaiba (which has been described as an “emotional clearing in a bottle”.)
  • Lime (all citrus oils uplift our moods and make us smile. They are our “happy” oils. Anytime I’m feeling low, I reach for an oil containing citrus.)
  • Cedarwood (a very grounding oil that anchors us in what’s real, and which deepens our breathing. It’s one of my top oils for restful sleep).
  • Vanilla (which is amazing at soothing our brain, transforming our agitation and worry into an effortless relaxation. This is Zen in a bottle.)
  • Ocotea (a relative of cinnamon which helps to ease stress & lower our reactiveness to things that irritate us.)
  • Lavender (phenomenally calming and relaxing – and proven to help people sleep more restfully.)

Next time you’re feeling stressed, reach for your bottle of Stress Away and see what magic unfolds for you!

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