The Odour Experiment Testimonials


Did you participate in The Odour Experiment? If not, you’ve missed out on a VERY exciting and revealing experiment.

Young Living has been talking about discontinuing their Dentarome Plus toothpaste, as they have many other wonderful (and more advanced formulas) of toothpaste in their range such as their Thieves Whitening Toothpaste, and whilst many of us LOVE Dentarome Plus as an underarm deodorising paste, Young Living now has a range of deodorants for exactly that purpose.

So my mission (as a Scientist!) was to put both to the test, to find out through testimonials which was the most popular and effective as an underarm deodorant. And I have to say, I was completely blown away by the results! 31 people sent in testimonials, and entered the draw for a bottle of Rose oil.

85% voted hands-down for Dentarome Plus as the more effective underarm deodorant!!!

I was so excited to read these testimonials that I have included ALL of them below for you to enjoy.

And if you’d like to read how we went about this experiment, scroll to the very bottom of this email for the full details of The Odour Experiment.

Dentarome Plus is my new Best Friend…and it’s Vegan!

Jen G writes: I have been using Young Living for almost 14 years, and in the early days I once tried the Dentarome Plus toothpaste as an underarm deodorant. Unfortunately I used too much, and it turned me off. So I thought I would give it another go for this experiment (making sure I used only the tiniest amount), and compared it with Citraguard deodorant.

There was NO odour at all!! My armpit was fresh all day, even with exercise….compared to Citraguard, which at times smelled like sweaty underarms mixed with deodorant!

I’ve been vegan for nearly 3 years. Young Living has many personal care products that are vegan…..except for deodorant! They all contain beeswax. Now I have a deodorant that is vegan, it’s economical, and it WORKS!!! I’m a convert – it’s my new best friend!

Dentarome Plus – OMG! Best Thing EVER!

Rach H. writes: Toothpaste as a deodorant???? Who would’ve thought!!!

Taking part in this crazy experiment was mind blowing!

I used Valor Deodorant under one arm (which I really liked) and Dentarome Plus toothpaste under the other, and the results were incredible!!!! Both were great and left no odour on my shirt or on my skin… for 36 hours! But which one did I love best??? Boy oh boy, Dentarome Plus toothpaste wins hands down! It’s super easy and smooth as silk to apply (on hairy underarm days and on freshly shaven days), whereas the stick deodorant drags my delicate underarm skin, and after shaving this can be quite a sensitive area.

And I’m so surprised at how well it works as a deodorant! it actually blows my mind – I was not expecting this at all! It’s incredible! I started off using a pea-sized amount but quickly realised I only need a bit as small as a grain of rice. it applies to the skin so smoothly, it’s clear, and gives a fresh zesty underarm feeling with no residue at all.

The other huge plus about using Dentarome Plus is that you can share the tube among family members without that urky feeling using a “communal” stick deodorant can leave you with (ew… who’s underarm hair is imbedded in my stick??? lol).

Dentarome Plus also doubles as the best toothpaste I’ve ever used (you can’t use a stick deodorant as your toothpaste, lol)! Multi purpose – deodorant and toothpaste in one tube (holy moly, best toothpaste I’ve ever used, gives a silky, fresh, whole mouth clean feeling). This means fewer items to pack for holidays!!!

So hands down, the multi-purpose Dentarome Plus wins! So Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for this experiment! Essential oil infused, and ODOURLESS underarms and mouth!!

Dentarome Plus is a miracle! Absolutely NO smell!

Maetreyii D. writes: I have absolutely loved this two week experiment – I did it with my 12 year old son! Each day, he reminded us to apply the Dentarome Plus toothpaste and Citragurd Deodorant. He plays soccer three days a week, so it was perfect for this experiment as he always comes home very, very sweaty! Each time he came home, we smelt each armpit and noticed the same results over and over!

The armpit where we applied Dentarome Plus Toothpaste did not have any smell. Absolutely NO smell. We were absolutely amazed by this result! It was like miracle! The side where we applied Citraguard deodorant smelled nice when we first applied it, but by the end of the day the effectiveness wasn’t as long lasting as the toothpaste, and we could smell an unpleasant smell (although it’s lot better than if we did not use it at all).

I find the one problem with the Dentarome Plus Toothpaste is that it is in a tube clearly labeled as toothpaste, although this is the best deodorant in the world!

My husband refuses to even try it for his armpit as a deodorant. He says “I will never put toothpaste on my armpit!!!” He is stubborn and no matter how much I tried to convince him to try it as it’s the BEST deodorant, he refuses. So I put the Dentarome Plus Toothpaste into a small jar, and gave it to my husband as a wonderful deodorant, then he accepted it (I didn’t tell him that it came out of the toothpaste tube!), and he used it for the first time happily!

Dentarome + combats underarm odour more effectively

Adam J. writes: My initial thoughts were that the Citraguard deodorant application was much easier – the toothpaste had a clay-like texture and took some time to work in, and I needed to wash my hands after!? But then I realised I had used 5 times the suggested amount of Dentarome Plus!!! OK, lesson learned….

Both armpits felt and smelt fresh. The Dentarome Plus toothpaste left a cooling sensation on the skin for a few hours. I was also strangely drawn to the lemon and clove aroma of the toothpaste and found myself sniffing my right armpit throughout the day.

On warmer days, I noticed that the Citraguard left a herbal aroma later in the day, and required a reapplication. The armpit with the toothpaste did not require a reapplication. In fact, even on a warm day there was no odour at all!?! So it DOES combat underarm odours more effectively.

I will still sometimes use the other deodorants, because I like a variety of aromas. However, the Dentarome Plus toothpaste is the winner and will be my go-to for a strong and dependable deodorant to last the whole day.

Dentarome Plus toothpaste is soooooooo economical

Catherine W. writes: For this experiment, I used the Valor Deodorant and Dentarome Plus toothpaste. The sensation of both on my armpits was fine, with no discomfort or irritation. I applied the products a couple of minutes after my morning shower, then did the sniff test just before my next shower, either straight after a gym workout, or just before my bedtime shower.

I noticed at each sniff test that the deodorant armpit always had an unpleasant sweaty smell, whereas the toothpaste had a very slight minty scent and sometimes the faintest sweaty smell, but was hardly noticeable.

I was very impressed with the Dentarome Plus toothpaste and will definitely continue using that rather than buying the deodorant in future. The cost of the toothpaste is much more economical than any of the deodorants which is a big plus. Also, I think the toothpaste would last much longer than the roll-on deodorant as I only need a tiny amount – about half a pea size – whereas the deodorants tend to run out quite quickly. Overall, the toothpaste is a clear winner for me!

Please keep Dentarome Plus on the market!!!

Bobbie L. writes: I’m a Senior Citizen who loves Young Living. I live in Far North Queensland where humidity is high right now and I have to say Dentarome Plus toothpaste is the clear winner as the effective underarm deodorant.

Within two hours of using Cinnafresh deodorant I could smell my armpits, and this is without doing anything physical. However, in using Dentarome Plus I could go until the end of the day and do strength and cardio exercise without any underarm body odour!!!

I enjoy the smell of both products and I know they are perfectly safe to use, especially for my sensitive skin. I love the way I only need a minuscule amount of Dentarome Plus to get the job done. For the Tropics this is a clear winner and the only deodorant that works. Young Living, please keep it on the market!!!

Even my Mum has fallen in love with Dentarome Plus!

Tracey S. writes: When I first heard Artemis say she uses toothpaste as a deodorant, I thought, ‘Hmmmmm…..okay’. But it took this experiment to actually try it.

When I first put the Dentarome Plus toothpaste Under my arm, I thought ‘wow’. It is so silky and smooth with a fresh minty smell. My skin is quite sensitive but it just felt luxurious under my arm, and I had no reactions at all. I noticed that at the end of the day there was no smell, and just the slightest bit of a smell on the underarm where I’d used the deodorant. Even after mowing the lawn (I know this is gross), under the armpit with the toothpaste had a small wet sweat patch, whereas the armpit where I’d used the Valor deodorant had a large sweat patch.

I took a photo to document it so I could compare with the following week when I alternated arms. To my surprise it was the same results, the toothpaste stopped me from sweating as much.

Artemis adds: This will be because of the Peppermint oil in the Dentarome Plus toothpaste, which has a cooling effect on the skin. In fact, Peppermint oil makes us feel like the outside temperature has dropped by about 5 degrees!

When I ordered my Dentarome Plus toothpaste, I also ordered one for my Mum to try. She has previously been using the Valor Deodorant. She also fell in love with the toothpaste as an underarm deodorant, and made me order another one in my next order, saying she needs to stock up in case they discontinue it. I can honestly say I’ll be making the switch permanently. We both have our fingers crossed that Young Living keeps his wonderful product, now that we’ve all fallen in love with it.

Dentarome Plus was by far the most effective

Bindi T. writes: Compared with Citraguard deodorant, the Dentarome Plus toothpaste every day was by far the most effective, no matter which armpit. It’s easy to apply, and I leave a tube in the car in case I ever forget to put it on before leaving the house.

I applied both deodorants at 6am. The CitraGuard lasted around 2 hours, and by 8am I could smell odour and needed to reapply. With the Dentarome Plus, even at 6pm at night there was still no smell.

We live in the tropics with high temperatures and humidity, so we need a deodorant that really works. Dentarome Plus toothpaste is the BEST and by far the most effective Young Living deodorant.

Dentarome Plus is the winner for “smelly pits”

Scott B. writes: I’ve used natural deodorants for many years, and the Young Living CinnaFresh has been by far the most effective for daily use…..that is, until I started this experiment.

The deodorants I’d used before Young Living were only effective for around two days before I’d have to switch to another brand of natural deodorant, which meant I would usually have 3 on the bathroom vanity.

Of the two used during this experiment, the Dentarome Plus definitely has a more prolonged effective life. The slight scent of the Dentarome Plus is also a bonus as the CinnaFresh for me is virtually scent-free.

I’ve already stocked up on a few Dentarome Plus tubes, and love that when I spend time away from home it’ll be just one item I need to pack in my toiletries bag rather than two. I’ve also noticed I lean more toward using the Dentarome Plus on days when I have a lot going on and at a higher risk of some smelly pits.

Dentarome Plus toothpaste wins hands down! No B.O.

Teresa R. writes: I was amazed at the effectiveness of the Dentarome Plus toothpaste as an underarm deodorant! I was keen to participate in The Odour Experiment, and literally couldn’t believe how much more effective the toothpaste was, compared to the Citraguard deodorant!!

I like the deodorant fairly well. It’s slightly more effective than the previous Aromaguard deodorants, but I go through it MUCH faster. But the toothpaste wins hands down! No smell after a day of activity, whereas Citraguard had a slight B.O. smell detected in comparison.

Young Living should market the Dentarome Plus as a deodorant paste. A lot of young people now choose deodorant pastes, and there are many on the market, but I think the toothpaste tube style of dispensing is better than a “dip-your-finger” style.

Dentarome Plus for me!!!

Shayne C. writes: Thank you so much Artemis for setting up this little experiment for us – it has been very enlightening! It was the first time I’d tried Dentarome Plus toothpaste as an underarm deodorant, and I am very impressed with how effective it is as a deodorant as well as a toothpaste!

I loved the little pepperminty fresh tingle on application, and how it kept me dry and odour free all day.

I chose to use the new Valor deodorant in comparison, as I love the aroma of Valor. It too was very effective against odour, all I could ever smell was the Valor smell, but I don’t think it kept me as dry as the Dentarome Plus.

We had some very hot weather here in Perth during the experiment, so it was very hard to stay completely dry!! Also, sometimes the Valor went on a bit lumpy and needed to be rubbed in with fingers to smooth out the little clumpy bits on application. This was a step not necessary with the Dentarome Plus! My verdict: Dentarome Plus for me!!!

Dentarome Plus completely eliminated all body odour!

Pauline Y. writes: In my experiment, I compared the Dentarome Plus toothpaste with Valor deodorant. Whilst Valor deodorant did help reduce odour, the Dentarome Plus completely eliminated it for me, so it was definitely the more effective of the two. Amazing!

What I like about Dentarome Plus is that it dries completely after a minute or so, which means no residue rubs off on my clothes. Not so with the deodorant. Being a stick type, it remained tacky on my skin and rubs off on clothes. I like the smell of both products, and the fact that only a little of either product is needed. I love the cooling sensation of the Dentarome Plus on the skin and the fact that it eliminates odour completely for me! I’m glad I participated as I now have a great new odour solution!!!


Pongs to the left of me, Sweetness to my right!

Linda M. writes: I do a lot of physical work outside with horses and pasture nutrition, and it took only 2 days for me to know the outcome of The Odour Experiment. The Dentarome Plus toothpaste wins hands down! I love the ease and gentleness of application. I don’t like the pull on my skin when applying the deodorant. The toothpaste is also slightly feisty, invigorating and uplifting to me. The results were as in the song “Stuck in the Middle with You”….Here’s my version:


Pongs to the left of me! (deodorant)
Sweetness to my right! (toothpaste)
Here I am…stuck in the middle with you.
Yes I’m…stuck in the middle with you,
And I’m wondering what it is I should do.
It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face.
Losing control and running all over the place,
It’s Dentarome Plus to keep my armpits under control.

Dentarome Plus as a cooling, soothing underarm paste

Amy J. writes: 100% I’d go Dentarome Plus as an underarm cooling, soothing paste. To me nothing comes close, as I have tried everything from crystals to sprays.

I used Cinnafresh under one armpit and Dentarome Plus toothpaste under the other for one week then I switched armpits the following week.

Even though I liked the smell of Cinnafresh, I really came to appreciate the fresh and zesty cooling peppermint radiating from the Dentarome Plus.

For me, having the addition of Peppermint essential oil in a soothing, easy to use, rub in instantly product is my pick, compared to the Cinnafresh, which didn’t rub in as easily.

Dentarome Plus toothpaste as a deodorant is a big PLUS!

Veronica B. writes: I have always been a big fan of Dentarome Plus, and have been using it for a couple of years now as a deodorant.

For The Odour Experiment, I compared it with Cinnafresh deodorant. I found the Dentarome Plus is exactly that – a big PLUS, lasting all day and still not smelly after a day of work in the hot tropics. Cinnafresh (apart from not lasting) doesn’t cut the chase in the odour apartment, and actually got quite soft just sitting in my bathroom.

When I shower in the evening, I find that Dentarome Plus is still there, which is a nice feeling, whereas Cinnafresh has vanished, leaving my underarm sort of feeling let down. If I go out at night, that’s when I’ll use the Cinnafresh deodorant, and it’s OK for that shorter application.

The deodorant didn’t work like the Toothpaste did!

Bronwyn T. writes: Hands down, the Dentarome Plus toothpaste is the most effective product to keep my underarm odour in check. I found with the Cinnafresh deodorant that after midday I would have odour and would need to reapply it, and sometimes I’d need to change my shirt because it also smelled. Yet the armpit that I used the Dentarome Plus toothpaste on didn’t smell, or require any “top ups”.

I love the smell of the Cinnafresh deodorant, but at the end of the day it just didn’t work for me the way the toothpaste did. I also have my husband using the Dentarome Plus toothpaste now, after he found that same result.

I’ll definitely keep using Dentarome Plus as a deodorant!

Marianne B. writes: I had fun doing The Odour Experiment, comparing Dentarome Plus toothpaste to the Valor Deodorant.

By night time the Dentarome Plus was the most effective for me with no odour at all for that arm pit, whereas the arm pit with the Valor Deodorant had some body odour. I checked again before I showered the next morning (24 hours since the last shower) and I found the arm pit with the Dentarome Plus had developed a slight body odour, while the armpit with the Valor Deodorant by then had a lot of body odour.

Whenever I worked up a sweat in the hot sun (eg gardening), the armpit with the Dentarome Plus would get slightly more odour, while the other armpit with the Valor Deodorant would get a very strong odour. I’ll definitely keep using Dentarome Plus as my deodorant. It is most effective at keeping odour away and very economical – I only need a very small amount to be odour free!

I had to be careful to apply only a large pinprick of Dentarome Plus to just the hair-growing area of the armpit. If I touched the skin on the outer area with the Dentarome Plus, it caused some stinging and I ended up with a rash there after a few days.

Artemis adds: That’s great to know, Marianne. Having a rash from using Dentarome Plus is not a common experience, but it’s always good to listen to your body and find what works for you.

My new favourite Dentarome Plus keeps me fresh & dry!

Josie M. writes: Although the thought of using toothpaste as a deodorant was off putting, your Rose Oil incentive was enough to give it a go. During the first week, I noted that before my shower I had a slight odour under the arm where I had applied the Citraguard deodorant and no odour AT ALL under the arm where I had used the Dentarome Plus toothpaste. During the second week the temperature was around 34 degrees Celsius, so a good test for all deodorants. Again, I noted there was always more noticeable body odour under the armpit with the deodorant and sometimes it was a bit sticky, whilst there was only the slightest of odours from the armpit with the toothpaste, and it was drier.

Safe to say your challenge has converted me! I’ll be putting the deodorant in the back of the cupboard and using my new favourite Dentarome Plus to keep me fresh and dry, just love it!

Dentarome Plus – 10/10 odour protection all the time

Ayesha T. writes: My best results came from Dentarome Plus toothpaste, which gave me 10/10 odour protection all the time regardless of which armpit or level of exercise in the day. The Valor deodorant felt silky and smooth to apply and kept my armpit dry as well during the whole day. The packaging is so ergonomic and easy to use, however there was a slight odour after a day, especially after exercise.

Dentarome Plus toothpaste has a slimy texture when going on and it didn’t immediately absorb. It also caused mild stinging that subsided after 5 minutes. But Artemis, after you suggested I use even less of the Dentarome Plus, I followed your instructions and used half of a pea sized amount. Now it is not stinging at all, and it’s just as effective.

The Dentarome Plus toothpaste as a deodorant has given me back confidence that was holding me back this last twenty years, and I don’t have to change clothes a few times a day.

The Dentarome Toothpaste stopped ALL odour!

Sue P. writes: The Dentarome Plus toothpaste stopped ALL odour (even after playing tennis in very hot temperatures), while I still got a little bit of odour with the Valor deodorant.

I had to get used to putting the Dentarome Plus on with my finger and touching it instead of applying in a deodorant stick, but that was ok. I don’t really like the consistency of the new Valor deodorant. It is too soft now and gets quite messy, so I go through it much faster than the old Young Living Aromaguard deodorants.

For cost and effectiveness the Dentarome Plus toothpaste was definitely the winner.

The Dentarome Plus was a winner for odour control

Natasha S. writes: After the 2 week experiment (for which my husband thought I was crazy for putting toothpaste under my arms!!!), I found the Dentarome Plus more effective in regards to odour control than the Citraguard deodorant.

Even though the toothpaste stung most days upon application, I’d still prefer to use this. Its consistency was a lot nicer to apply (it glided on, even though it was slightly gritty), and the odour was virtually non-existent. I wasn’t really impressed with the deodorant to begin with, but I had used it in conjunction with a spray if I was out and about. I find it harder to apply (it drags on the skin).

In summary, the Dentarome PLUS was a winner for odour control, as we have had quite a few hot days here in Perth! I’m converted!

Artemis adds: Try using less of the Dentarome Plus, Natasha. It should just give you a refreshing, cooling tingling sensation without any “bite”. If it feels like it’s biting you, you are using too much. You’ll be AMAZED at how little you need!

I’m impressed – by the end of the day, still NO smell!

Heather M. writes: The Cinnafresh deodorant was quite creamy although it certainly didn’t apply smoothly. I had to rub it in with my fingers, and sometimes there were little bits left that just got rubbed off. It also felt slightly sticky till it absorbed in. The scent was quite mild – personally I prefer something with more scent. As a deodorant it was fairly effective. By the end of the day I was beginning to get a bit of a smell, and it washed off easily.

Dentarome Plus was a smooth application using fingers. It felt a little sticky when applied, and needed quite a bit of rubbing in to get it to absorb properly, but it dried off well, and I LOVE the smell! That armpit felt very fresh throughout the day, and by the end of the day there was still NO smell (very impressive). When it came to washing it off, it did take quite a bit of washing to feel like it was cleaned off. It felt quite slimy for a while, and it did seem to irritate my under arm skin tags a little – which is the only reason I wouldn’t use it on a regular basis.

Artemis adds: Heather, you might be using too much of the Dentarome Plus. Try using less. I have the odd skin tag under my arm, and have never found it irritates them…so less is best!

Dentarome Plus – a little bit goes such a long way!

Ruth S. writes: On days where there was no body odour in the armpit where I had used the Valor Deodorant, the armpit where I had used Dentarome Plus toothpaste still had a fresh smell to it. And if I didn’t shower before bed, the armpit where I had used the Valor deodorant had a slightly stronger odour by morning, but the Dentarome Plus armpit had next to none.

In the first week I developed a slight rash on the outer rim of the armpit where I’d been using the Dentarome Plus toothpaste, and realised that I needed to cut back on the amount I was using. As with so many Young Living products, a little bit goes such a long way! This makes it sooooooo economical, whereas the Valor Deodorant was being used up at a much faster rate. I also love that I can feel totally confident, no matter how hot the day or how physical I have been through the day, that my underarms still smell fresh. Thanks Young Living!

Dentarome Plus lasted longer…

Kelly F. writes: As a long time user of Dentarome Plus as my daily deodorant, I was interested to compare it to the new Valor stick deodorant. I had originally switched to the Dentarome Plus toothpaste as I developed skin sensitivity to the previous stick products. But the Valor deodorant did not cause any skin sensitivity! Both products reduced sweat odour, with the Dentarome Plus lasting longer. A few strong food smells (onions and spices) were detectable after 12 to 18 hours using the Valor deodorant. When subsequently showering, the Dentarome Plus underarm had a slickness which the Valor deodorant underarm did not. After two weeks of doing The Odour Experiment, I would rate these as equally effective.

My Dentarome Plus armpit always had less body odour

Gudmunda G. writes: I compared the Dentarome Plus to Citraguard deodorant. I always put too much toothpaste under my armpit….you only have to use a tiny amount! I smelled my underarms every day, and I have to say that every time, the armpit with the Dentarome Plus toothpaste had less odour. However, I do really love the Citraguard deodorant. I have bad skin under my arms after shaving. I love using the Charcoal Bar Soap as a shaving foam whenever I go to shave my armpits. It seems to have drawn out a lot of impurities, so my skin there is now less acne-prone. I am very happy with my Young Living products!

The underarm smell disappears immediately!

Jan M. writes: I use Dentarome Plus as my deodorant everyday and have been for the past 8 years and don’t use any other deodorant. The underarm smell disappears immediately and it lasts all day no matter what I am doing, whether that’s gardening, walking or at my computer.

It doesn’t leave any residue or marks on my clothes

Gail V. writes: I preferred the Dentarome Plus toothpaste as just a very tiny amount spreads easily, didn’t leave any residue or marks on my clothes, and lasted all day keeping me fresh. It was smooth too, and had a bit of a tingly/heat build-up sensation (which could be a bit much for people with sensitive skin – the sensation lasted a few seconds getting stronger but subsiding within a minute or so). The deodorant was a bit sticky and did not spread as easily as the toothpaste.

We did get a few who loved the deodorant more….


My favourite is Valor deodorant – I love the smell!

Larissa W. writes: I used the Valor deodorant for this challenge, but I have used all the other types in the past. My favourite would be the Valor deodorant, just because I love the smell! At the end of the day, the armpit where I used the toothpaste had a slightly fresher smell, whereas the armpit with the deodorant was a more earthy smell, but that was probably just relating to the smell of the two products to start with!

The armpit that I had used the toothpaste on also felt like it still had a coating on it at the end of the day. The toothpaste gave me a very cool feeling for about 20 minutes after applying it each time. I’m not sure if that is to do with a detox effect or just due to the Peppermint oil. I will probably continue using the deodorant, only because of the fact that I don’t have to get it on my fingers to apply it! The toothpaste will now definitely become my travel go to, as it is one less thing I need to put into my bag!

Comment from Artemis: I emailed Larissa and suggested she use even less of the Dentarome Plus toothpaste, and here is her reply to me: “I’ve been using less Dentarome Plus and it has made a big difference. I don’t get the cooling sensation or the coating but I’m still getting the deodorant effect. You were right about how little you need!”

Valor Deodorant is best for my sensitive skin

Alycia D. writes: 5 minutes after applying Dentarome Plus toothpaste, I noticed an unbearable burning pain. I tried to ignore it, but eventually had to wipe it off as it wasn’t bearable. The sensation improved each day and became easier to deal with the cool, burning-like feel. I teach fitness classes, and when I applied the Dentarome Plus under my armpit before those classes, the cool burning feel would come back again while I was exercising. The Valor deodorant kept me dry and not smelly at all if I was exercising or running around after my kids, so I’m now won over that Valor deodorant is best for my sensitive skin.

Comment from Artemis: Hi Alycia, the trick with Dentarome Plus is to use a miniscule amount. If you experience this type of burning, it just means you’ve applied waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much. Use a quarter of the amount you just applied, and see how it is. If it’s still intense, use even less again. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how little you need. This is the only downside of the Dentarome Plus (in my eyes)…ie. that we’re so used to thinking we need a certain amount, that we just use way more than we actually need.

Cinnafresh is my favourite – no stink or sting

Tori S. writes: I used Cinnafresh in this experiment, alongside of Dentarome Plus. The first day there was a big difference between the armpits. The one with Dentarome Plus toothpaste was very sweaty, and the one with deodorant had almost no smell. The next day the odour level was better. On the days that I was extremely active, the armpit with the toothpaste would smell more sweaty than the deodorant armpit. I also noticed that on the days that I went swimming and then showered the toothpaste really stung when applied, almost to the point where I was ready to get back in the shower and wash it off. So my favourite would have to be the Cinnafresh because it didn’t stink nor sting.

Comment from Artemis: Hi Tori, if the Dentarome Plus stings, it usually means you are using too much. This would have also contributed to the extra stickiness after exercise.

My overriding favourite was the Cinnafresh deodorant

Janelle M. writes: This was an interesting experiment. I had very little body odour using both products, even when playing sport, however there was slightly more ‘wetness’ with the Dentarome Plus on hot days. In contrast, the deodorant provided a smooth covering under the arms, even after a shower, and at times I did not need to reapply it the next day.

Even though I like to alternate both products, my overriding favourite was the Cinnafresh deodorant as I can be lazy on days that I don’t expect to need much of a deodorant.

Valor deodorant was more effective at eliminating odour

Dianne P. writes: I found the Valor deodorant to be more effective in eliminating odour and the residue is not as sticky on the most humid of days, which is important as I live in the wet tropics. So for that and for the convenience and ease of use, I preferred the Valor deodorant to the Dentarome Plus.

What is The Odour Experiment?

This is an experiment I ran, in order to compare the effectiveness of Young Living’s Dentarome Plus toothpaste as an underarm deodorant paste, versus any one of Young Living’s underarm deodorants (Cinnafresh, Citraguard or Valor Deodorant).

Each participant needed to complete a simple task:

1. For the first week, use the deodorant under their left armpit, and Dentarome Plus toothpaste under their right armpit.
2. For the second week, use Dentarome Plus toothpaste under their left armpit, and the deodorant under their right armpit. Easy!

They needed to apply the product shortly after showering, and before their next shower take a sniff of both armpits to see which one(s) were completely odour free.

Next, they needed to make a note of their findings each day in a notepad, and also of any other experiences they had with the products, eg. in terms of how it felt on their skin.

At the end of 2 weeks, they were invited to write a paragraph explaining which of the two products was most effective for them as an underarm deodorant (ie. the Dentarome Plus toothpaste or the deodorant)

They were asked to write a brief explanation of what they noticed in terms of odour. They were also asked to note what they loved about each product, and if there was anything they didn’t love about it. This bulletin is a compilation of all of the responses. 

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