The ultimate in clean, vegan skin care – Young Living’s Liquid Foundation & Concealers


The amazing new Savvy Minerals by Young Living Liquid Foundation and Concealers were released today in AU/NZ!!!! Woohoo!!!!

They were released in the US at our International Grand Convention in 2020, and have since been released in the UK and Europe….so we’re sooooo excited to have them. And you should see the amazing results!!! Check out the before and after pics from Nicole Y. below – what a difference!!!

With other brands I’ve always loved the ease of liquid foundation, where I could just apply a small amount to fingertips or to a brush, and voila, I could head out the door and look pretty darn good. But other brands aren’t Young Living.

Young Living sets the bar with their ethically sourced, plant-based, clean and vegan-friendly Savvy Mineral powders. So it’s fantastic to know that we now have the option of liquid foundation and liquid concealers.

I’ve used the Liquid Foundation colours “Fresh Beige”, “Tan” and “Truffle” on my skin, and can get away with all of them….and I love to use a light dusting of the Savvy Minerals by Young Living powder foundation (usually a mix of Warm 2 and Cool 2) over the top to add a lovely matt finish. It’s so easy, and takes me 2 minutes for a flawless finish!  

And best of all, the Savvy Mineral by Young Living makeup is so light, you wouldn’t even know you were wearing it.

Create an air-brush finish with the new Liquid Foundation

Why we love the new Liquid Foundation – 13 colours!!!

1. It’s incredibly light-weight on the skin
Plant-based polymers build a mesh-like layer over your skin, to create a smooth, flawless and weightless finish.

2. It’s not just makeup – it’s food for your skin!!!
These are the best ingredients on the planet – they are literally food for your skin. You’ll be amazed at how creamy and moisturising the formula is. It contains avocado and sunflower seed oils, and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil. Not only is Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil a wonderful oil to calm body, mind and Spirit, it also brings youthfulness to the skin.

The Liquid Foundations are perfect for moisturising dry or mature skin…and if your skin tends to be oily, simply dab some Savvy Minerals by Young Living powder foundation over the top for a long-lasting matt finish.

3. It’s long-lasting
Not only does it glide on seamlessly, but it also provides long-lasting wear. And you can layer it on your skin so as to have just the lightest of coatings, or additional layers for a more glamorous, evening look.

4. It’s clean and vegan-friendly
Ethically mined mica provides a glowy, luminous finish to your skin.

The Savvy Minerals by Young Living range contain:

  • NO chlorine
  • NO sulfates
  • NO parabens
  • NO phthalates
  • NO mineral oil
  • NO animal-derived ingredients
  • NO synthetic fragrances
  • NO synthetic dyes

How to apply to your skin

It’s so easy! Apply as a light application using your fingertips, or use Young Living’s new Liquid Foundation brush or Latex-free Blending Sponge. The brush contains synthetic fibers which are very tightly packed, meaning you need less product and it brings an air-brushed photo-finish look to your skin. Simply pump a small amount of liquid foundation onto the brush and apply in a circular motion over your skin.
The Latex Blending Brush has the advantage of a large surface area for applying to larger areas of the face, and a pointed end for more precise application around the eyes. It also allows for an air-brushed finish on the skin.

The new Savvy Mineral by Young Living Concealers

The concealers come in 6 different shades. It’s a great idea to have more than one shade in your makeup case:

  • Use a light-coloured concealer to lift and lighten dark areas on your face, such as dark lines under the eyes.
  • Use a skin-toned concealer to cover and conceal blemishes and spots, and hide imperfections.
  • Use a dark-coloured concealer to contour your face (eg. apply to the sides of the nose to create the illusion of a slimmer nose!)

As with the Liquid Foundation, the concealers contain natural pigments and emolients and self-smoothing plant-based polymers, avocado oil and sunflower oil. They also contain Manuka oil and Tea Tree oil to nourish and cleanse the skin. You’ll be amazed at the smooth, flawless finish.
Apply to your fingertips or use the concealer brush, either before or after applying the Liquid Foundation.

Here‘s how to order….

If you already have your own wholesale account with Young Living, you can order through the shopping cart on your virtual office, or via phone or live chat with your local Young Living office.

If it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve ordered, or if you’ve never set up an account, please reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living. You will need their member number when you place your first order.

If you have lost touch with them, or need any other assistance, we are here to help. Simply click on the button below, and we’ll be in touch to assist you and help answer your questions.

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