Transform your Health with Raindrop Technique


If you’ve been enjoying my recent posts about Raindrop Technique, you will know that I’m enjoying a renewed connection with this incredible modality.

As with all things, when we bring focus to something in our life, it suddenly blossoms for us. I’ve seen this in my Young Living journey as well. As I fall deeper and deeper in love with our beautiful oils, that energy of attraction radiates out. I’ve just hopped off a flight to Sydney, and the man sitting next to me was so fascinated by what I shared about oils that he wants to catch up and learn more.

That’s how the law of attraction works. And of course I was wearing my Abundance oil!

The same thing has happened for me with Raindrop Technique. After running our Level 1 and Level 2  Raindrop Practitioner Trainings, I’ve found my love affair with Raindrop Technique has been well and truly ignited.

I’m on a mission to bring well-deserved focus to this incredible modality, which was the inspiration of our late founder of Young Living, D. Gary Young.

This week, I want to share about a journey I’ve been on with a friend of mine, and the heart-touching impact that Raindrop Technique has had on her. If I ever needed more proof of the power of this Technique, this is it! But first, if you’ve ever considered learning this amazing technique in Australia, I have some exciting news:

Raindrop Technique – a Master Technique for our body

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine became incredibly sick. She went from being one of the healthiest people I know, to being barely able to walk. Her brain knew she needed to move her legs, but her legs wouldn’t move. She was having dizzy spells, pain throughout her body, and brain fog. 

Her normally active and health-conscious life was turned on its head, and each day was a struggle just to get out of bed.

To date, there are no clear answers from the doctors. Many tests later, and more tests still to come, and still there are no answers.

Could it be a parasite, from a recent trip she took to Asia?

Could it be mould illness, after the floods from 2 years ago? Could it be heavy metal toxicity? Some imbalance in the gut? What about some other pathogen?

With nothing working and her health continuing to plumet, I offered her a series of Raindrop Techniques. Why? Because Raindrop Technique is a master modality. It incorporates so many techniques and concepts into this one modality.

I’ve always thought of Raindrop Technique as my first port of call, and my last port of call. Ie. “When in doubt, reach for Raindrop Technique”.

I’m incredibly happy that she said “Yes!” to my offer. We’ve talked about Raindrop Technique many times in the past year, but finally she was ready to experience one. We agreed on an initial schedule of one Raindrop Technique every 3 days, to see where it would take us.

I went very gently in her first Raindrop Technique.

Given the pain in her body, I did the massage steps a little more gently than my normal pressure, and I used a bit less oil just to see how she felt. To my amazement, she grew a bit over 1 cm in height, and really loved the session.

I reached out the next day for an update, and she shared:

“After you left, I ended up very tired all day,” she said, “But the pain in my spine lifted. I had a great sleep last night and have woken with no pain.

I had a moment of clear energy and “normality”. I almost feel like I could try a yoga session! Slight headache this morning. Feeling optimistic and like a layer has been lifted. Thank you so much!”

The following day I received another message:

“Thank you so much. I have spent the day in meditation. Feeling so much clearer. Really feeling I am making big progress.”

That good feeling stayed with her a couple of days, then she started to decline again. After her second Raindrop Technique, she again grew a bit over 1 cm. I believe that when the pain sets in and the muscles spasm, it compresses the spine.

The height increase is the result of all the muscles relaxing during the massage and VitaFlex steps of Raindrop Technique. And of course, we’re using Marjoram and Basil and Aroma Siez, all of which are wonderful oils for muscles that are holding tension.

After her second Raindrop Technique, we followed a similar pattern to the first. She got off the table and she was absolutely shining (and she felt it too). To say she was radiant was an understatement. Her energy field was amazing, and she could walk a little better and a bit less dizziness. She again felt great for a couple of days (even well enough to go to a concert for a couple of hours). But on day 3, she started to worsen again.

Then we did a third Raindrop Technique. This was her third Raindrop Technique in a week. Normally I’d suggest weekly Raindrop Techniques when we want to address something in our body, and fortnightly to monthly Raindrop Techniques for ongoing support.

But if you ever visit the Nova Vita Centre in Ecuador, a wellness spa that Gary Young set up on our Young Living farm in Ecuador, you will receive oil modalities every day – usually a combination of Raindrop Technique and Neuroauricular Technique, and sometimes also Emotional Clearing Technique.

We went especially deep in this Raindrop Technique, and I introduced the Finger Pull (which is the lymphatic pump step of Raindrop Technique) for the first time in this session.

By now I was already using my normal pressure in the movements, and the normal number of drops of oil. But it was like our energy fields merged and we went on a journey together. I kept seeing us in the Amazon rainforest, surrounded by Spirit and love.

I also gave her a bottle of NingXia Red and some Sulfurzyme and Lime oil to experience.

She again felt amazing after that session. She grew 1.5 cm this time – that was HUGE!!! Imagine what that says about the body, when we can suddenly thrive and be that much lighter!  

There was a bit of detoxing going on after that third session. No wonder – that many massages in a week, that much oil, that much intention to “release” whatever was going on in her body, and the powerful lymphatic pump (which is in itself very effective for detoxing the body) – it all produced symptoms of release.

But despite the detox, I’ve watched her go from strength to strength. Before we started, she wasn’t well enough to drive. She works for herself and was seeing only 3 clients a week (instead of her usual 12 or so clients).

After the third Raindrop Technique, she offered to drive to my place for the next one. She was able to do some Pilates, her mental fog was reduced, and she’s been doing some gentle walks. And she even saw 3 clients in one day last week.

That’s a HUGE improvement. She’s definitely not out of the woods yet. There are still lots of questions, and answers to be uncovered.

But I wholeheartedly believe that the Raindrop Techniques that I gifted to her have given her body the ability to turn a corner. Instead of being under the crushing weight of some mysterious “illness”, she’s got her sense of presence back. And from this state, she can now explore and discover what the cause is.

So why Raindrop Technique?

It’s because it is so all-encompassing in how it helps the body:

1. It’s a technique that nurtures our spine and relaxes our back and neck muscles.

The massage moves of Raindrop Technique are specifically designed to target the erector spinae muscles that lie along either side of the spine, as well as the flat muscles that cover our whole back, helping to release them and relax them. This allows the spine to return to its natural length. This has such a positive effect on our body, because our whole nervous system that connects the  spine to our various organs can then function more optimally, producing a positive cascade effect to all our other organs and body systems (reproductive, digestive, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory and endocrine).

2.  It helps us sleep well, so we can heal.

The oils that we use in Raindrop Technique are both deeply relaxing and invigorating. It’s not uncommon for people to sleep deeper and more restfully in the days following a Raindrop Technique, even though their energy levels during the day can be elevated. Deep sleep is sooooo important for our body. It’s when our natural healing mechanisms kick in.

3. It revitalizes all the systems of our body.

It achieves this through the energy effects of the feathering step of Raindrop Technique. This move is incredibly light and spine-tingling, and it’s performed after each essential oil is dripped up the back like drops of rain. In fact, this feathering step is designed to bring your back up to goosebumps.

4. The oils used in Raindrop Technique each have unique frequencies that “talk” to our different body systems.

For example, Wintergreen has the same frequency as bones, Marjoram has the same frequency as smooth muscles, Basil has the same frequency as skeletal muscles, Peppermint has the same frequency as nerves, and so on. Your entire body gets enlivened by these frequencies

I often think of Raindrop Technique as being like a giant energy pill for the body. It helps everything come alive!

5. Raindrop Technique aids scoliosis.

This is particularly from the VitaFlex Technique step of Raindrop Technique and the muscle-relaxing effects of the massage along the back and spine. VitaFlex Technique is an ancient Tibetan form of reflexology, and in Raindrop Technique it is performed along the spinal reflex of the foot. It’s performed using a rhythmic rolling or corkscrew-type motion of the hands, and it’s deeply relaxing to receive.

Every time we roll our hands over the spinal reflex of the foot, a piezoelectric pulse is generated which travels along the energy meridians of the body

VitaFlex Technique along the spine of the foot not only nurtures the physical spine, it also instructs the physical spine to straighten.

6. Sore spots are targeted and helped.

This is largely thanks to Peppermint Wellness oil. This next comment is for our Australian market only. 

Peppermint oil is traditionally used in Aromatherapy as an antispasmodic, analgesic (pain reliever), and to relieve symptoms of mild rheumatic aches and pain, and of headaches and mild migraines.

7. It lifts our Spirits and our Happiness Quotient.

This is largely thanks to Marjoram oil, which as a plant is also known as the “Herb of Happiness”, helping to bring peace in times of grief and loss, and which allows us to refill our inner cup when we are depleted or stressed.

8. The massage steps of Raindrop Technique help to boost our immune system.

That’s something we all need, and it’s a reason that Raindrop Technique should be everyone’s best friend during the winter months, or in the face of any challenge.

9. It nourishes our Lymphatic System.

This is a crucial part of our immune system, also playing a central role in the elimination of bacteria, viruses, toxins and abnormal cells that can lead to cancer.

The “finger pull” step of Raindrop Technique gives the body a powerful lymphatic pump.

Gary Young told us that it’s the most powerful lymphatic pump he’s ever come across.

With so many benefits encompassing so many aspects of our body, let’s view Raindrop Technique as something that’s a “non-negotiable in our weekly or monthly self-care”, rather than being something we use only for special occasions.

If you’ve not yet received a Raindrop Technique, visit our Practitioner’s page to find your nearest Raindrop Technique Practitioner in Australia and New Zealand. If you live outside these countries, reach out to us so we can put you in touch with someone in your area.

And if you are inspired to learn this technique (whether that be to help your loved ones or to become a practitioner and support your clients and friends), check out our upcoming Raindrop Technique courses. If the dates don’t suit, make sure you join our VIP list so we can keep you in the loop on future courses.

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