What essential oil works physically, emotionally and spiritually?



ave you noticed how some of your oil experiences stick in your memory for years to come?

Today, I want to share with you an essential oil that surprised me when I first used it back in 1999, and surprised me again in 2005, and yet again in 2009. That’s right – I can remember each of these experiences like they were yesterday – that’s how big an impact it had on me!!!

Can you guess what it is? It’s not an oil I’ve talked about often, yet it’s one that has such a powerful impact on our emotions, and more! 

It’s definitely not an everyday oil for me – not like Peace & Calming, or Awaken, or Sacred Mountain, or Abundance oil. Those are my everyday oils.

But this one I keep in my toolkit for those special occasions when upset or challenge crosses my path, and I need to bring out my big guns. Let me know if you’ve ever tried this oil….

The Big Gun for our physical body

Gosh, I still remember how exciting it was in my early days in Young Living. I first started ordering in September 1998, and I loved my oils so much that I had my next 6 months’ worth of orders planned out for myself. Because our oils were new to Australia at that time, it wasn’t like I could catch up with anyone to have a smell through their collection. All I had to go on were the names of the oils in a price list, and a brief description in a reference guide.

So one day, I decided to buy Trauma Life oil. After all, shouldn’t everyone have that in their tool kit?

My very first experience of this oil was in 1999, with a client of mine. She’d come for some bodywork with me, after having been in a minor car accident that day. She’d come out of the car accident relatively unscathed – just some tight neck and back muscles from clenching her body before impact. But she was certainly still in a state of shock, just as any of us would be after something like that.

At the end of her session, I offered her a few drops of Trauma Life oil, hoping it would assist her with calming down from the incident. We weren’t sure where to rub it, so I intuitively felt to put it around her neck and shoulders. That way she’d be breathing it in (helping to calm her mind), and it would be on the area where she was holding that emotional tension.

All that I was expecting was maybe that she’d feel a bit calmer emotionally. But what happened really surprised me. She called me when she got home, and proudly announced that not only did she feel back to her normal self, but all the tension in her neck muscles had gone.

Wow!!! Did I say Wow???!!!!

It was that experience that showed me how powerful our oils are, and how multi-dimensional they are. They go where we need them to go, physically and emotionally. Their action can be different for every person, depending on what that person needs.

That’s why Dr. Daniel Penoel in his book “Natural Home Health Care using Essential Oils” describes essential oils as acting with a “God-like intelligence”. They are like our Guardian Angels, caring for us in the areas we most need TLC.


The Big Gun for our Emotional Body

So let’s fast forward now to 2005. It was my very first trip to Ecuador. Gary and Mary Young (the founders of Young Living) had relocated their family there, and put out a call to their members. Who would like to come to Ecuador, to experience the culture and to see the work that Gary was doing with Dr. Rodas, the Dean of the Medical School at the University of Azuay?

How could I pass up such an amazing opportunity? I’d never been to Ecuador before, and I was sooooooo excited to hear about Gary’s newest discoveries in Ecuador. It was even better that he was partnering with Dr. Rodas in some exciting research.

I still remember landing at Cuenca airport in a light plane, and there across the tarmac behind a chain wire fence was Gary Young. He was waving to us with such a look of delight in his eyes. This was such a big thing for him – he was so excited that we had flown from all over the world to come and witness him making history in Ecuador. And he welcomed us with open arms and a gigantic smile and hugs for everyone.

But let’s now fast forward to a few days later.

I was feeling out of sorts. I was sitting in a café with the other Young Living members, including some close friends of mine. But I just wasn’t feeling myself. It wasn’t anything physical. Physically I was perfectly heathy. But I just felt “off”.

So here is me, waiting for lunch to arrive, and I reached into my oils case. What oil would I put on to try and feel more balanced? My hand landed on Trauma Life.

Within minutes of putting a couple of drops of Trauma Life oil onto my chest, tears began welling up…and I sat there at the lunch table, with tears running down my cheeks.

My friends were taken aback – what on earth had just happened to make me cry? But I knew. As soon as that oil went onto my chest, I was able to really see what was happening. Here I was in Ecuador, in a third world country, and as I looked around myself I was being reminded of another third world country….Indonesia.

I used to live in Indonesia. My father had been born there, in Sumatra, and he’d lived there till he was a teenager. So I’d grown up eating Indonesian food, and hearing tales of his life in Indonesia.

And then in my mid 20’s I had the chance to spend 3 years in Indonesia with my first husband, Clive. And I loved it there. It was my second home. But when Clive’s contract ended unexpectedly, we were given 2 weeks to leave the country.

I had to pack up my whole life there, find homes for my (many) beloved animals, say goodbye to the people who were my friends and “family” over there.

I’d never gotten over the shock of it. I’d buried my emotions in the new adventures I had in Australia….but I’d never really dealt with these feelings of loss.

And suddenly, being in Ecuador, I was reminded of Indonesia (simply because they were both third world countries, and the sights and sounds were similar), and those emotions were bubbling up. And it took Trauma Life oil to bring them to the surface so I could really see them and address them.

I’ve made 4 more trips to Ecuador since then, and these emotions have never come up again. They didn’t need to. They were resolved and released with a single application of Trauma Life oil.

Ever since that time, I’ve used Trauma Life oil whenever I’m suppressing emotions. Within a couple of hours, I suddenly realise what I’m emotional about, and the emotions can be released in a healthy way.

But I also use it if I’m “stuck” in emotions, and unable to move through them. Like so many oils, Trauma Life is inherently intelligent, and so it releases when we need to release, and it carries us out of emotions when we’re drowning ourselves in them.

And as for how Trauma Life can help us on a spiritual level….I’m saving that wonderful story for next week’s bulletin. That was from 2009, and it’s sooooo special. You won’t want to miss it! Catch you then, .

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