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As soon as the lid comes off your bottle of essential oils, the essential oil molecules transform into a vapour state, and float through the air. As we breathe them in, they trigger receptors in the olfactory epithelium at the top of our nose, which send signals to our brain….faster than the speed of light!

What’s fascinating here is that the signals don’t go to our conscious brain. Instead, they completely bypass the conscious brain and travel to the limbic region of our brain (also known as the subconscious). In fact, our sense of smell is the only one of our 5 senses to directly access the limbic region of the brain, which is why essential oils are so valuable in the field of emotional and spiritual transformation.

The Limbic Region – your portal to emotions and spirit

The limbic region of the brain has 3 important areas within it.


1. The hypothalamus

This controls the autonomic nervous system – everything that happens automatically in our body, including thirst, hunger, breathing, body temperature and fat storage.


2. The pituitary gland

The pituitary gland releases important hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream, helping to regulate many functions in our body.

It has also been linked to the Third Eye Chakra, and so it’s not surprising that many people who are using therapeutic-grade essential oils have noticed a significant increase in their spiritual clarity and spiritual abilities, including the ability to:

  • see auras and white light
  • communicate with guides
  • dream in vivid detail and colour
  • amplify and trust their natural clairvoyance and clairaudience, and
  • access states of heightened awareness, including compassion, euphoria, understanding, gratitude and forgiveness.

Because of this, essential oils make a wonderful companion to any type of spiritual or healing work, due to the way that they open us to higher awareness and communication.


3. The Amygdala

The amygdala plays a major role in storing memories and their associated emotions. This part of the limbic region acts like a librarian. It instructs any part of your body to hold a feeling or emotional memory until you are ready to deal with it.

And according to Dr. David Stewart, PhD in his book “Healing Oils of the Bible”, since our body contains 100 trillian cells, each cell capable of storing up to 6 Gig of memory on its DNA, we’ll never run out of emotional storage space!

That’s why essential oils are such powerful emotional transformers, and why they are the perfect companion to any type of emotional clearing work.

By triggering the amygdala, they are instructing this inner librarian to release stored memories and emotions….but only as we are ready to deal with them. This is another way that the intelligence of essential oils can be seen in action.

The Ancient Egyptians and the Temple of Isis

Essential oils were highly prized throughout history, and especially to the Ancient Egyptians. Alabastar jars of essential oils were even found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. When these jars were opened, the essential oil inside was still in perfect condition, apart from a waxy build-up around the opening.

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, visited the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae. Something remarkable happened while he was there. Even though he was present as a tourist, one of the temple guards was guided to invite Gary into a special room in the temple – one that was not open to the general public. There, Gary witnessed first-hand some very special hieroglyphs along the wall of this room, which he photographed and videoed. With assistance from staff at the University of Cairo, these hieroglyphs were interpreted and revealed a special anointing ceremony from Ancient Egypt called “Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities”. Replace the word Evil Deities with “toxic emotions”, and you can understand what the Egyptians were up to.

This was a sacred ceremony, only open to Priests and Priestesses as they moved to higher levels in their priesthood, and to Pharaohs before their death. The hieroglyphs depicted someone lying on a stone table, being anointed from their head and feet with essential oils.


Gary returned from Egypt and set about creating a remarkable range of essential oil blends, each devoted to assisting with a specific area of emotional transformation. He demonstrated a simple Emotional Clearing Technique for the first time in Dallas in 2000, using these specially-formulated blends.

If you like the sound of this technique, and would like to learn it at a practitioner level, click here for more information.

Even though the emotional clearing technique can be performed using up to 14 different essential oil blends, we can also achieve significant emotional shifts with the use of even one blend.

Each blend has been uniquely crafted to achieve a unique point of action, so choose the one that resonates the most with you.

The transformative effects of the Young Living emotional essential oil blends are so significant, they can often be picked up with an aura camera. These two pics are before and after pics taken of me at the Conscious Living festival in Perth. Whilst there, I received news that my father had suffered a small stroke. I burst into tears at the news, right before my aura photo was due to be taken. Then I applied one drop of Young Living Rose oil to my heart, and 15 minutes later an “after” pic was taken.

You will also see here the effects on the aura both before and after receiving Emotional Clearing Technique using essential oils.

Get started with the Feelings Kit

Young Living’s Feelings Kit is specifically designed for those wanting to explore emotional transformation with essential oils. This kit contains the following 6 emotional oil blends, and a CD that describes how to use these 6 oils for emotional clearing:

  • Valor
  • Harmony
  • Forgiveness
  • Present Time
  • Release
  • Inner Child

5 ways to enhance Spiritual and Psychic Awareness using essential oils

Essential oils work on the limbic region of the brain, and in particular the pituitary gland, to open up our spiritual abilities.

Whilst the use of any of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils can do this, there are also many ways that you can consciously direct these experiences. Your intuition and psychic abilities are like any muscle. The more you practice, the stronger they become. When you add essential oils into the equation, you have a very powerful tool for enhancing both your spiritual connection and your psychic abilities.


Many essential oils (such as Frankincense, Cedarwood and Sandalwood) are high in “sesquiterpenes”. This unique molecule is an oxygen scavenger, binding to atmospheric oxygen. So wherever that oil goes, it brings along its favourite friend, Oxygen!

This makes these oils a fabulous partner for any type of meditation. Simply apply an oil to the third eye (lower centre of the forehead) prior to meditation, and watch how quickly you drop into a meditative state, and how much deeper you go. After applying the oil, rotate it three times clockwise to activate it.

Meditation is the art of giving the mind something to “rest” on. That can be a candle, a word, a story, a song, a feeling, or even the sensation of breath as it goes in and out through your nose. As your mind relaxes, it runs away with its thoughts. This is completely natural. As soon as you become aware that you are thinking, simply bring your mind back to its resting place.

Feeling Auras

Hold your palms about 40cm apart, with your fingers softly curved (not rigid). Bring your palms together, a millimeter at a time, until your palms are touching. This should take a couple of minutes to do, and during that time, notice what you are feeling.

Typically you will initially feel some warmth or tingling between your hands. This is your energy field (also known as your aura) that you are feeling.

As you continue to bring your hands closer, it may feel like you are trying to push on a balloon of energy. Typically this happens when your hands are 20 to 30cm apart. Then when your hands are about 5cm apart, you will feel like you are trying to push two negative magnets together.

Now, redo this experiment, but this time put a drop of essential oil on your palm, such as Stress-Away or Highest Potential, and rub it 3 times clockwise. I choose these oils, because they are both great at increasing the size of the aura.

This time, start with your hands further apart than the first time, because most likely the aura will have expanded.

Notice the difference between the two experiences. When the oil was on your palms, did your hands experience greater pressure between them, or less pressure so they were drawn together more easily? Both answers are correct, as different people experience their aura in different ways. What’s most important is that you felt some type of difference.

Balancing Chakras

For this, you will need a pendulum. You can purchase pendulums in most spiritual shops, or you can improvise and use a necklace with a ring or stone hanging off it. Have a friend lie down on their back, and hold the pendulum about 10 to 15cm above each of their chakras in turn. The chakras are located along the centreline of the body as follows:

  • Base Chakra – At the base of the spine (so hold the pendulum above the pubic bone, when they are face up)
  • Sacral Chakra – A hand’s width below the navel
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – A hand’s width above the navel
  • Heart Chakra – In the lower chest area
  • Throat Chakra – Centre of the throat
  • Third Eye Chakra – In the lower forehead area
  • Crown Chakra – On the crown

Allow your hand to be loose, so that the pendulum is free to move if it wishes. When in balance, the chakras will rotate in a clockwise direction, and your pendulum will therefore trace a large clockwise circle. If a chakra is out of balance, the direction may be reversed, or the circle may be much smaller. If a chakra is completely closed, the pendulum won’t move at all.

Once you have identified which chakras are underactive or out of balance, apply a drop of Harmony oil to those specific chakras. Then check with the pendulum again to see what has changed. Typically these chakras will have become much more balanced and active after the Harmony oil has been applied.

Mind Reading

This exercise requires two people, and a deck of playing cards. One person will be holding the cards, while the other person is the “receiver”. As the receiver, apply 3 drops of Valor oil under each of your feet, and rotate 3 times clockwise to activate. Then apply a drop or two of 3 Wise Men to your third eye, and rotate 3 times clockwise to activate.

Sit quietly, and still your mind chatter.

Have your partner shuffle the deck of cards. They need to hold the cards so that you don’t see what’s on them, but they need to send you the image of the card (red or black). Your job is very simple – let them know what colour you see, feel or sense. As you give them the answer, have them tell you whether you were correct or not. That way you learn about the internal landscape of your feelings. For example, you might notice that you are warm with a red, and cooler with a black.

Do three lots of 10 cards, then swap over.

Exploring the Power of your Mind

This exercise requires two people, and an upright chair (not a lounge chair). The “receiver” sits upright in the chair without leaning against the back of the chair. This exercise will be performed 3 times, but in a different way each time.

  • As the receiver, think about something that is upsetting you, or making you angry. Anything that disturbs your peace enough for you to feel emotional is a suitable subject. As soon as you feel connected with the emotions, nod your head. This is the signal for your partner to push you sideways on the chair. The push should be firm enough to move you, but not so strong that you topple off the chair.
  • Now, repeat the experiment. But this time as the receiver, imagine a huge strong upright tree with its roots anchored into the centre of the earth. See it growing up through the earth, and up through your body. Feel it merging with your spine, so that it becomes your spine. Feel its branches growing out of your body. As soon as you can feel this tree inside your body, inside your spine, nod your head. This is the signal for your partner to push you sideways on the chair. Notice any difference to the first time.
  • This time, put a drop of Grounding oil on the centre of the chest of the receiver. Then repeat the second step, imagining the tree with its roots anchored into the centre of the earth. See it growing up through the earth, through your body, through your spine, its branches growing out of your body. As soon as you can feel this tree inside your body, inside your spine, nod your head. This is the signal for your partner to push you sideways on the chair. Notice any difference to the first and second time.

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