Why Choose Young Living?

There are many essential oils companies on the market, so how do you know who to choose? There is one simple guideline. Most of those companies are marketing companies that sell essential oils. Yes, they do their best to source high-quality oils for their customers, from reputable suppliers.

But in the world of essential oils, adulteration has become an absolute art form.


A few years ago I attended a talk by Dr. Herve Casabianca (pictured here on the left with Gary Young, the founder of Young Living). Dr. Cssabianca is a top researcher working for the French Government, and (honestly) one of the gurus in the world of essential oil analysis. He is often called on to testify as to whether oils are adulterated. And he stated in his talk that every year the suppliers are becoming more and more clever in how they introduce adulterants and extenders into their essential oils, in order to hoodwink the buyers. So he’s having to develop more and more advanced tests in order to detect these chemicals being hidden in essential oils or – worse still – essential oils that are completely synthetic but being passed off as genuine.

That’s why I choose Young Living Essential Oils – you can feel the difference!

Instead of being a marketing company that on-sells oils, Young Living is an essential oil company that markets their oils direct to the public. 

In fact they are the LARGEST producer of therapeutic-grade essential oils in the world.


When I first started using their oils, I was working as a therapist and I always sourced the very best brands of essential oils in my Practice. So you can imagine my surprise when I used a Young Living oil and it worked so quickly and effectively that I’d never seen anything like it!

The scientist in me poked her head up in absolute curiosity. How can Young Living be sooooo different to anything else I’ve ever used? I began traveling the world, visiting the Young Living farms, and studying with its founder, Gary Young. What I discovered was so incredible….and it made me realise that the Young Living oils are in a class of their own. That’s why I often refer to them as Vibrational Essential Oils.


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