Gary Young

My life is committed to the research and discovery of God’s power that comes to us through the essential oils found in the plants, flowers, trees and other natural substances found in nature. I have traveled the world looking for ways to best support both physical health and emotional wellness with essential oils. My discoveries led me back to the earth – to plant, cultivate, harvest and then distill for the extraction of the purest, unmatched therapeutic-quality possible. Young Living offers the world’s largest line of essential oils and supplements formulated with essential oils. – Gary Young

Gary Young’s story is an inspiring one. He grew up in a very poor home in the mountains of Idaho. His father was a farmer, and Gary’s greatest dream was to one day have his own ranch. All of that was to change at age 24 when Gary was paralysed in a near fatal logging accident, and told he’d never walk again.

Yet anyone who knew this inspiring man will attest to his super-human levels of determination. Three years after this prognosis, whilst he was on a 258 day cleanse, he regained feeling in his toes. This inspired him so much that he went on to earn a degree in Nutrition, and a doctorate in Naturopathy, and to establish his own Naturopathic Practice in Chula Vista in Mexico.

It was a relative of one of Gary’s patients who encouraged him to take a closer look at essential oils. His experience with the commercial brands available at that time left him with a poor opinion about essential oils. However, this woman offered some very compelling research papers to look through, and Gary decided to investigate.

Gary travelled to Europe to an international conference on essential oils, and he returned to America with a small collection of precious oils.

It didn’t take long for him to realise that essential oils are nature’s gift to us….when produced correctly.

Gary went on to become one of the foremost authorities on essential oils, as well as being actively involved in the initiation of humanitarian projects around the world, through his charity the Young Living Foundation .

I had the privilege of meeting Gary for the first time in 1998, shortly after I started ordering oils from Young Living. I was so impressed by his passion, knowledge and integrity that I devoted many years to following him around the world, studying and learning from him.

Not only can I attest to his unwavering devotion to plants, to quality, and to discovery – I also saw him as a modern day “Indiana Jones”!!! Gary worked tirelessly in his development of farms, his research, and his education of humanity, always remaining true to his favourite saying:

If you aren’t living on the edge,
you are taking up too much space!


Let’s just take a step back to his spinal injury for a moment. You might be imagining Gary spending his life in a wheelchair? Nothing could be further from the truth. After his accident, and defying all medical opinion, Gary progressively regained his ability to walk. 13 years after his accident he placed 60th out of almost 1,000 people in a half marathon! Being a skilled horseman, he then went on to learn jousting, and competed in the world jousting championships.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Gary spent part of 2017 training to compete in the famous Iditarod in Alaska which takes place every March. This gruelling dog sled ride covers 975 miles/1569km of territory, in temperatures of up to minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 73 degrees below freezing if you are talking Celsius!

Sadly, Gary passed away on 12th May 2018, without realising his dream of competing in the Iditarod. Click here to read more about Gary’s life, and the events that lead his passing….

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