Why Young Living uses network marketing

OK, let’s face it, at least 50% of people shudder at the word “network marketing” or “MLM”. And so they should, because many representatives of network marketing companies have used pushy or underhanded tactics to bring people to meetings, or to have them “join”. So it’s no wonder people have become wary of network marketing.

Fortunately it doesn’t need to be like that, and just as there are good and bad people in any society, there are also good and bad approaches to network marketing.

What I love about Young Living is that it’s a network marketing company with a difference.

Instead of focusing on the “Ra Ra” of making money, Young Living sits firmly in its heart, and encourages us to be part of a greater vision – that of transforming lives with essential oils, and of transforming communities with the abundance we receive. That could be your very own community, eg. your tribe, your family, or it can be the many ways you give back to the world once you have the blessing of extra cash flow coming in each month.

It’s the most rewarding business I’ve ever been part of, and Young Living has completely changed my opinion of network marketing.

So why does Young Living choose network marketing as their distribution model?

It’s simple. It’s the fairest model out there (being a win-win model), and it means you can get your products at the best possible price because there are fewer middle men involved. It also makes a lot of sense for premium products.


Because with network marketing, it’s the people who use and love the products who are promoting them.

The customers of the business promote the products, because they love them! Not because they want to make money off their friends, but because they truly believe that these products will help the lives of those they are talking to. In return, the business saves money (because it’s not having the high costs of shop fronts and middle men), so these savings are paid to the customers themselves.

What a great system! And because you are learning about these products from someone you know and trust, you get the “real” story of what they like about the products, and how they use them. That’s a much more personal experience than buying from a shop assistant who is giving you a sales spiel from a script, when they have no in-depth experience of the product. And let’s face it…

Wouldn’t you rather see your friends and loved ones benefit financially when you buy products?

That’s so much better than see it going to someone you don’t know. Young Living really want us, their customers, to benefit. And that’s why they chose Network Marketing as their distribution model.

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