The importance of quality

Yes, essential oils are nature’s magic in a bottle…but only when produced correctly. And this is as “rare as hen’s teeth” in today’s world.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could capture the living essence of a plant into a bottle? This is what naturopath Gary Young, N.D., the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, has been able to achieve. This is why Young Living oils often “feel” different to other brands, and why we often refer to them as Vibrational Essential Oils.

They have retained their life force because of the way that they have been produced. Gary sources many of his oils from his 16 organic herb farms and partner farms worldwide, and he has studied with masters around the world to learn the fine art of distillation and analysis of essential oils. Click here to learn more. 

His quality control is un-matched, no chemicals are used anywhere on the farms or in the production process, and he uses low temperature, low pressure steam distillation to ensure that the complete, complex “fingerprint” of the oil is retained.

It’s no wonder that the Young Living oils are the # 1 choice for parents, animal lovers, therapists and scientists around the world.

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