Why Choose Young Living as a Business

We often joke in Young Living, because most of our successful leaders had no intention of creating a business with Young Living when they first started – they were just wanting to use the products to help themselves and their family, and the business created itself.

That’s why we love to call it The Accidental Paycheque!

And for me, it’s the “best decision I never made” (because I definitely wasn’t going to be doing any more network marketing, having been burned with it in the past).

If you do make this step into helping others, whether that’s to create an empire or to simply create enough extra cash flow that you can get your own product purchases covered, I would hope that you are doing it for all the best reasons – because you love the products, and you want to make a difference in your life, and in the lives of people like you.

I’ve seen people come to Young Living with greed in their eyes, and it’s backfired. Funny that!

Young Living is a company with heart and soul. It welcomes people like itself, who have a huge heart, and a strong sense of ethics.

But let’s just take a step back for a moment. When choosing which network marketing company to be involved with, there are 8 key things you definitely want to ask.

1. How long have they been around?

Many network marketing companies don’t last 5 years in the business, so you don’t want to be putting your time into a company that chances are will go bust before you reach the true financial freedom level. Young Living has been established since 1994 – so you are definitely in the right league here.


2. How strongly are they growing?

Young Living has experienced exponential double-digit growth year-on-year since its beginning. In fact, it’s the envy of many other network marketing companies because of its strong and consistent global growth! And I know this, because I’ve been blessed to be part of this ever-increasing wave of growth since I first started my Young Living business in 1998.


3. Are they multinational, and structured to pay you seamlessly across the globe?

This is a real “biggie” for network marketing, because as your team grows, it will expand across the globe. People will tell their friends and families, and some of these people will be in other countries – so you want to make sure that you can get paid on this global growth. Young Living uses “PV” (point value) on all products, and this is a consistent global “currency”. The local prices may vary, but the value of the product remains consistent – and this is what your commissions are based on. So no matter where someone lives in the world, when they are ready to activate an account they simply quote your member number as their referrer, and they are part of your family tree/organization.

4. Do they have a good % payout in their compensation plan?

According to the Direct Selling Association, the industry average is 42% payout. However, Young Living is an extremely generous company, which is purpose driven, not profit driven. That’s why they pay out a whopping 48%, well above the industry average. This means you receive more reward for your efforts.


5. Is your company a member of the DSA?

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is a body that regulates and oversees the direct selling industry. If your company is a member of the DSA, you know that they are governed by a strict code of practice, and are therefore a company that you can trust. Young Living is a member of the Direct Selling Association. In fact, I’ve been interviewed by the Direct Selling Association in Australia….click here to listen to my part 1 and part 2 interview.

6. Does your company have a strong product line?

Many network marketing companies arise in the market place with a single product line. They may be a new type of super juice or supplement, for example. These companies with small product lines tend to grow very fast at first. This is probably because they are so easy to get your head around with just a handful of products. They are focused – everyone is talking about just these few products. But even though the growth initially is very strong, the die-off is typically just as strong. Most of these companies will last for a few years, but not much longer…and certainly not long enough to create a strong residual income for you. The companies to stick with are the ones with a broad product range – these are the ones that will grow a little more slowly in the beginning, but will last the distance for you, and be worth the time that you put into growing a business with them. Young Living has over 600 products in its range (including over 220 single oils and blends), so it’s got a really good positioning for long-term sustained growth with this number of products.

7. Do the products work?

To be really successful, you need to be able to inspire people with the products – you need a product that most people will feel the difference with, and therefore want to stay on. One of the things that’s always inspired me about Young Living is the incredible loyalty we have from our customers. I’ve been with Young Living since 1998, and I still have many members in my team who started ordering in those early days, and (like me) have been ordering consistently every single month since their first order. Why? Because the product range is so extensive that there’s always something more to try, it has everyday products that we all need, and because the products work so well!

8. How easy is it to promote?

This is one of the areas where Young Living comes into a league all of its own. The beauty of essential oils is that people can smell them instantly, and they produce very rapid effects. I’ve loved sharing oils in my classes, and having people right there and then have an experience with them that inspires them. This is completely different to trying to market a supplement, where someone needs to go away and be on it for a certain length of time before they notice an improvement. In that instance, you are marketing to their minds and hopes – with essential oils, you are already ahead of the game because people can see and feel the results almost instantly. And let’s face it – oils are sexy!  They smell great. They make us feel good. And they offer solutions to pretty much every need in our life, from optimising our physical health right through to our mental concentration and our emotional and spiritual connection. And although there are other oils companies out there, I find that once I’ve explained the ethics of Young Living, and given people the chance to smell the difference between a truly Vibrational Essential Oil (like the ones produced by Young Living) and any other brand of essential oils, they will “get it” and want to switch brands on the spot!

9. Is it a niche product?

The more broad the product range of the company, and the more diverse the niches it would appeal to, the easier it will be for you to grow a business. This is one of the areas where essential oils excel, and Young Living in particular (because of it’s extensive product line). Essential oils can be used for optimising health and fitness, for keeping children balanced and focused during their study and their ups and downs. They can be used as a natural solution for maintaining health for our animals. The Ancient Egyptians used them as their secret weapon against that terrible word… “aging!” And who amongst us wouldn’t love a tool that could help us to age more gracefully, and keep everything sitting “up” for longer? And with Young Living’s oil-infused personal care and cleaning products and supplements, they give us the perfect chemical-free solution around our home and on our bodies. So as a product range they are not for just one “niche” – instead, Young Living offers us endless niches to explore. This is the ideal solution for any network marketing business.

10. Do you like the company, and the person who has introduced you?

This is a biggie, because most of us don’t want to “sell” – and by this, we mean we don’t want to manipulate others to buy something they don’t need. We want to help, to inspire, to make a difference. So it’s important that you feel aligned with the company whose products you are using and sharing, and that you know you will get the support you need from the person who has introduced you, and their upline/support line. And this is where I can truly say that you will be led to the right person, and the right company for you. Trust your heart, and it will guide you in the right direction for you.

11. Do you sit with the ethics of the company?

I appreciate Young Living because they are a full disclosure company, and they are purpose-driven not profit-driven. You can visit their farms, and you can experience the Seed to Seal process first-hand (including helping with the hand-weeding!). They demonstrate outstanding credibility because they work in partnership with an independent environmental auditor, SCS Global, so that you know they are true to their word and not just telling you a pretty story.

I love that they take such care with their plants, and they don’t test on animals. I love their dedication to quality, and to providing us with natural solutions so we can be kind on our planet. And I also love the heart-felt ways they give back through the Young Living Foundation. And most of all, I love that they are so visionary that other companies are trying their best to copy them.

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