Live, Laugh, PHLAIR!

PHLAIR – what we stand for

It’s natural that you would be wondering what PHLAIR stands for. It’s an acronym for the core values that we aspire to in our Young Living business journey. We are:

  • PASSIONATE – because people feel our love and passion for the Young Living products and the Young Living business, and are inspired to take a closer look.
  • HOLISTIC – because Young Living offers natural solutions for people who care about our planet, our families, and the generations to come (who are all affected by the chemicals we use today).
  • LOVING – because this is not a traditional business model. It’s an “ethical” business model, where our success rests on how well we care for the people around us who are using our products, or promoting the products themselves.
  • ACTIVE – because success in this business model is all about “activity”. We look for opportunities to meet people who will be interested in our products (talking to friends, having a display at a festival or market, or simply through life’s happenchance encounters). We then open the door for them to take a look by following the conversation and having the courage to ask. Then we offer ongoing education so that people are inspired on this journey of discovery (this is most often done through meetings, classes and/or social media).
  • INSPIRATIONAL – because at the end of the day, people will join our team because they resonate with us, and we inspire them in some way (through our words or actions); and
  • RESPONSIVE – because our success in Young Living, as in any business, is amplified when we offer outstanding and responsive customer service and care
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