Oils for the Workplace

Many people still think of essential oils as “just a pretty smell”. They associate essential oils with luxurious massages and pampering. Yet, when you delve into the world of essential oils, you discover hundreds if not thousands of well documented scientific research studies showing the benefits of essential oils – including their outstanding benefits in the workplace.  

Essential oils can help you to:
  • Increase the productivity of your business and reduce errors
  • Improve office and client relationships
  • Reduce workplace stress
  • Increase your energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • Reduce the number of sick days, by keeping everyone healthy
  • Increase the abundance and cash-flow of your business

Chasing the Low Hanging Fruit

In business, we often talk about looking for the “low hanging fruit”. This refers to a step you could take in your business that would be easy to implement, and would quickly improve your business and financial success.

One area of low hanging fruit that every office-based business can benefit from is to diffuse essential oils in the workplace.

This is best done using an ultrasonic diffuser. This brilliant device is silent, and uses a plate which vibrates at an ultrasonic speed (in the order of 1.7 million times a second) to change the water tension, so the water and oils turn into vapour. And when the water runs out, it turns itself off.

Young Living sells a range of different ultrasonic diffusers, to suit different purposes.

One of the most popular for office environments is the Desert Mist diffuser. With 11 different light settings including a flickering “candle” mode, this diffuser can diffuse for 8 hours on low, or 10 hours on intermittent mode.

Another popular diffuser is the DewDrop Diffuser. Made of durable plastic, it will survive most knocks, bumps and drops, and will diffuse for 5 hours before switching itself off. If you want to go for a sleek, modern look, go for the Rainstone Diffuser. This black diffuser has a handmade clay base. And if you want the ultimate diffuser, you can’t go past the Aria diffuser. With its bamboo base and glass dome top, this is the perfect centerpiece in an upmarket office or therapy centre…and it even plays music!

Introducing essential oils at work

When using oils in the office, start with fewer drops (eg. 5 to 10), and build up to 20 or even 25 drops based on feedback from your clients, staff and co-workers. Choose aromas that smell appealing to a broad range of people. Some great blends and combinations include:

  • Lemon and Peppermint (4:1 ratio) – for focus and concentration
  • Lavender and Peppermint (1:1 ratio) – for calming and invigorating
  • Citrus Fresh oil blend – for upliftment and concentration
  • Clarity oil blend – for clear-thoughts and decisions
  • Purification oil blend – for reducing unpleasant odours
  • Abundance oil blend – for increasing cash-flow
  • Peace & Calming, Stress-away, Orange or Lavender – for those high pressure days
  • Harmony oil – for great collaboration
  • Joy or Orange – for joyful connection
  • Gratitude oil – for combatting resentment
  • Inspiration oil – for brainstorming
  • Gathering oil – for teamwork and focus
  • Frankincense – for vision & oneness
  • Copaiba – harmonising and soothing

Now let’s take a look at the science behind oils in the workplace:

Increasing Productivity and Reducing Errors

In a month-long Japanese University study, various essential oils were diffused into an office, and were found to dramatically improve mental accuracy and concentration. In fact:

  • When Lemon oil was diffused, 54% fewer errors were made
  • When Jasmine oil was diffused, 33% fewer errors were made, and
  • When Lavender oil was diffused, 20% fewer errors were made.

And when essential oils were diffused during exam time, test results improved by up to 50%!!! Just imagine the impact on our children if this was introduced into schools! Yet the science doesn’t stop there: In 1996 at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. William Dember found that inhaling Peppermint oil increased mental accuracy by a whopping 28%!!! – W. Dember et al. Compendium of Olfactory Research. 1996 Inhaling Peppermint Oil produced a 35% increase in typing speed, and a 7% increase in typing accuracy, and promoted an “arousal of attention, so participants stay focused on their task.” This was especially relevant to the more monotonous tasks like typing. – S. Barker et al. Perceptual & Motor Skills. 2003; 97: 1007-101

In this experiment described above, 21 participants were divided into two groups.  Group 1 was exposed to peppermint fragrance, whereas Group 2 was exposed to a non-odour situation. The findings were as follows:

  • Improved Cognitive Function: Participants showed markedly improved performance on card-sorting task (rearranging 30 randomized cards alphabetically in 30 seconds)
  • Better Accuracy: Participants showed markedly improved performance on typing accuracy
  • Faster Speed: Participants showed markedly improved net typing speed

Improving office and client relationships

When we inhale an essential oil, its molecules trigger receptors in our nose, which send signals to our brain. But unlike our other senses, our sense of smell completely bypasses our conscious brain, and goes directly to the limbic region of our brain. This is where we store emotions and memory, and it’s why essential oils are such a powerful tool for enhancing memory, and for balancing and transforming our emotions. What is amazing about these scientific research studies is that the effects of inhaling an essential oil were felt so quickly – in as little as 1.5 to 3 minutes! In a 1999 study, Lavender oil was diffused for 3 minutes only. The people exposed to the Lavender oil were happier and calmer, and performed faster and more accurately on mathematics tests. The beta waves in their brain also increased. – Diego et al., International Journal of Neuroscience, 1998 In 1992, a randomized controlled study tested the effect of lavender aroma on 94 adults. The people inhaling Lavender oil displayed better cognitive abilities and better moods than the unscented control group. – Knasko, 1992 In a 2014 study, 90 seconds of inhaling Orange or Rose oil resulted in an increase in “comfortable,” “relaxed,” and “natural” feelings. Scientists concluded that inhalation of Rose or Orange oil induces both physiological and psychological relaxation. – Igarashi, M., Ikei, H., Song, C and Miyazaki, Y. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2014 Dec;22(6):1027-31.

Reducing workplace stress

Because of the powerful way that essential oils influence the limbic region of our brain (our subconscious), they also help us to remain calm in the face of stressful situations. This can be incredibly helpful in a busy office environment, and prior to stress-filled work deadlines. Check this out! In a 2012 study, 40 men were put under pressure to complete a stressful test. The temporary elevation in their anxiety levels was measured. Scientists discovered that those who had been inhaling Orange Oil showed no increase in stress or anxiety. All the rest did! – Goes, T.C., Antunes, F.D., Alves, P.B. and Teixerira-Silva, F. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2012 Aug;18(8):798-804. The power of essential oils to calm our senses can be incredibly useful when your industry has the potential to create stress in your clients, such as for lawyers, dentists and doctors. For example, have you ever experienced anxiousness about a trip to the dentist? Take a look at this study: In 2005, scientists conducted an experiment involving 200 dental patients, aged 18 to 77. Half were men, half were women, divided into 4 groups. Each group was exposed to one of the following aromas: (1) Orange, (2) No Orange, (3) Lavender, (4) No Lavender. Both the aroma of Orange and the aroma of Lavender oil improved mood and reduced anxiousness in patients waiting for dental treatment. Scientists concluded that odors are capable of altering emotional states.  – Lehrner, J, Marwinski, G, Lehr, S, Johren, P and Deecke, L, Physiology and Behavior, 2005 Sep 15;86(1-2):92-5.

Increasing your energy levels and reducing fatigue

Peppermint oil is a wonderful way to combat fatigue. If you are doing shift work or your energy is starting to drop of an afternoon, simply put a drop on the back of your hand, tilt your hand so that the drop runs, then lick off the corner of the drop. If desired, you can lick the entire drop. This is a wonderful way not only to freshen breath, but it also is amazingly invigorating to both body and mind. If you work involves any type of driving (eg. truck or taxi driver), try putting a few drops of Peppermint oil in the air-conditioning vents, or simply inhale from the bottle. You could alternatively put a drop on the back of your hand, and lick it off. In a study on drivers, scientists concluded that inhaling Peppermint oil reduced driver fatigue. Not only were drivers less frustrated, they also perceived the drive time to be shorter! – Raudenbush et al. N. Amer. Journ. of Psych. 2009; 11(2). Another must-have for promoting sustained energy throughout the day is NingXia Red. This superjuice is based on a special type of goji berry from the NingXia province of China, combined with other high antioxidant fruits like blueberry, plum, aronia, cherry and pomegranate. It’s sweetened with Stevia, and contains 4 citrus essential oils in it – Orange, Yuzu, Lemon and Tangerine oil. It’s delicious neat or mixed with a little water, and is a wonderful vitamin and mineral-rich boost for the body.

Reducing the number of sick days

Airborne and surface microorganisms pose a significant threat in an office environment. You know the story – one person catches a cold or flu, and before you know it, half the staff are off sick. That’s why being able to keep the air clean and healthy is going to positively impact on office workers. Essential oils are a great way of doing this, and numerous studies show their effectiveness against airborne microorganisms. Studies were done at Weber State University in 1997 on Thieves essential oil blend, where it was diffused against airborne microorganisms. One study showed a 99.3% reduction in the number of gram positive Micrococcus luteus organisms after diffusing for 20 minutes. Another study showed a 99.96% reduction in the number of gram negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria after just 12 minutes of diffusing.  

In another study, airborne bacteria were sprayed into a bio-clean room, ie. a room that was cleaned of all bacteria before the experiment was started. Air samples were collected in order to monitor the concentration of bacteria present. Essential oils were then sprayed into the room in very low concentration (.05, .005 and .0005 parts per million), and every 10 minutes more air samples were collected, for a total of 60 minutes. After completing the experiment, the scientists concluded that “essential oils are able to inhibit the growth of airborne bacteria”. – Molecular Medicine Reports, 2012 Sep;6(3):651-6 by H. Yang, TH Koo, CY Hong, IG Choi and EB Jeung. In a 2009 study, Geranium and Lemongrass essential oil was diffused in an office environment, and achieved an 89% reduction in the number of airborne bacteria after 15 hours of diffusion. They also reduced surface bacteria. The scientists concluded that essential oil vapours “could be used as a method of air disinfection.” – Letters in Applied Microbiology. 2009 Apr;48(4):387-92. By AL Doran, WE Morden, K Dunn and V Edwards-Jones. A 1995 Mie University study discovered that citrus fragrances such as Lemon, Lime and Orange oil keep people healthy, induces relaxation and reduces unhappiness. – Komori T, et. al., Nihon Shinkei Seishin Yakurigaku Zasshi. 1995 Feb: 15(1); 39-42 Japanese.

Because transfer of bacteria from hand contact can also be an issue, make sure you have the Thieves Foaming Handsoap in the toilet and kitchen areas, and keep Thieves Spray on your desk for disinfecting surfaces. It’s even great at getting ink off a whiteboard or other plastic surfaces! And to support your own health, you can even put a few drops of Thieves essential oil under each foot during winter months. We’ve already mentioned the benefits of NingXia Red for energy. However, you’ll be interested to note that drinking 60ml of NingXia Red is equivalent in biological activity to having 118 heads of broccoli, 200 oranges, or 45,628 almonds. It’s like having a whole fridge and freezer full of fruit and vegetables in a  single serve. Because NingXia Red is so fortifying to the body, drinking it every day is another great way to keep the body healthy throughout the year.

Increasing the Abundance and cash-flow of your business

Do you ever wish you had a money tree, for those times when cash flow gets tight? Young Living has created a special blend, based on oils that the ancient Pharaohs used for attracting prosperity. Aptly named “Abundance”, this oil has a magnetic quality that transforms fear into optimism. Many people and businesses swear by Abundance oil, for the positive financial experiences they’ve had synchronistically when using Abundance oil. Whether it’s the oil itself, or just the way it impacts the mind and thus enhances clarify of manifestation, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s very simple to use – here are just a few ways:

  • A drop on your wrists
  • Diffuse in the office
  • Use in your paint (20 drops in 4 litres of acrylic or enamel based paint, mixed with 20 drops of Peppermint oil to help reduce paint smells)
  • Sprinkle in your wallet and on your cash register

Testimonials on Abundance Oil:

We Sold our Home!

Kylie Bryant writes: We put a 15ml bottle of Abundance oil into 8 litres of house paint, and painted our entrance and front lounge room before placing our home on the market. It SOLD at the very first open home. We had 3 offers, 2 above our asking price, and this was in a quiet real estate market!!!

Success with new Clinic

Christine McDonnell writes: We put a 15 ml bottle of Abundance oil into 10 litres of paint when we bought our new Wellness Clinic. We also had to move the Clinic down the road. So it had new owners, new practitioners and new location, and we did not lose numbers at all – In fact, we increased numbers by 50% in the first 2 months of opening.

Won Lotto – $28,000!!!

Samala Robinson writes: One of our Young Living members had been applying Abundance oil on their wrists for 6 weeks. Within those weeks they were receiving abundance in many areas. One of the family members got an unexpected pay rise. Then they won Lotto for $28,000. One of my tips to them was to put Abundance oil into a sample bottle and to keep it in their wallet. Abundance has also come to me and my family in so many ways. When I started in Young Living and wanted to reach Executive in 3 months, I diffused it every day. I needed to reach just $1000 in a couple of days to reach target. 12 hours before the deadline, I had 2 clients walk in – one ordered a kit, the other purchased a kit and $1100 worth of oils. Amen!

Sold $12,000 worth of opals

Kristina Taranto-Tippett writes: My family work in the opal mining business. Many years ago I was on a trip to Cairns to sell opal. I put Abundance oil on purposefully before I went into the wholesaler’s place. Normally he’d buy $1,000 to $2,000 worth of opal from me, but this day he ended up buying $12,000 worth of opal! All I did was apply Abundance oil with that intention…and I came out going, “Wow, that was amazing!”

Won $6,000 in a competition

Nicole writes: When Penny was placing her first Young Living order, I dropped a couple of drops of Abundance oil in her purse. A few weeks later she won $6,000! She had entered a competition on the radio, had to answer 3 questions, and she and her mum won $3000 each. And I always put Abundance oil on and use it in the diffuser in my home before my essential oil parties. When I set my intention for the day and use Abundance oil, the results are always a lot more abundant.

Business increased by >30%

Nikki writes: I received a bottle of Abundance oil as a gift from Young Living when I reached Executive rank. I used it every day on my heart for abundance of love, and on the back of my neck for abundance in business. My business increased by more than 30 per cent that month!

Abundance in many forms

Artemis writes: I bought my first bottle of Abundance oil in October 1998. Things were very tight for me financially in those days, and I loved the sound of the oil. I put a drop on my wrist, rubbed both wrists together, and went about my day. Three surprising things occurred that day, all to do with money.  Firstly, I went to buy something I needed, and it was on sale! Then I received a cheque in the mail from someone who owed me money. I’d already written this off as a bad debt, never expecting to see the money, so this was such an unexpected bonus. Then I had an extra $300 booking for one of my weekend courses. I’ve also used it before going into situations that involve disagreement and conflict. Each time, I’ve been amazed at the positive outcomes that have emerged.

An abundance of Courage

Marianne writes: I loved your bulletin where you suggested we partner Abundance oil with another blend. I’ve been doing that diligently this month, and I feel that I have turned a corner in my life, thanks to the Abundance oil. I have always been one of those people who doesn’t stand up for themselves; I’m far too quick to offer help before I am asked, or to say “yes” even when I don’t want to. So to get an abundance of courage is such an amazing gift for me. We were asked to help someone out by running their business for a few days at a time, once in August and again in September. It wasn’t all that suitable….so, very unlike me, I said, yep absolutely ready to help you but not on this day and definitely not on that day.

Our Abundance Mantra….

Amy Joyous writes: I call it my Abundant Connections Oil….. My daughters and I put a drop on our forearms and rub it in three times whilst we say this morning mantra: Here’s to Abundance all through the day, from everyone, to everyone, in every way.

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