3 Day RaindropTechnique® MasterClass Brisbane

  • Date

    14 Sep 2018

  • Time

    08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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This event is conducted by Raindrop Australia (RA). We are a quality training organization, offering essential oil education to therapists, health care professionals and the public. We use the Young Living® brand of essential oils in our classes, however we operate independently of Young Living. For more information visit: www.raindrop.com.au

What is Raindrop Technique®?

Imagine the sensation of sinking into a deep and blissful state of rest, as someone does the ancient Tibetan version of reflexology on your feet. As you slowly (even reluctantly) come back to your body and roll over, you experience the gentle splashes as therapeutic grade essential oils are applied up your spine and to your tired muscles. These oils are then “feathered in” using a spine-tingling technique inspired by the Native Americans, combined with massage. You can’t get more pampered than this!
This email announces the dates of our upcoming 3 day Raindrop Technique MasterClasses (see below). Whether you want to perform this exquisite technique on your family and friends, or offer Raindrop Technique professionally (and gain insurance cover for it), or whether you want to simply learn more about how to use Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils, this MasterClass is a must. And make sure you take advantage of our early bird price by paying in full three weeks ahead of course dates.

Click here for more details about Raindrop Technique.

What is different about our course?

There are many great Raindrop Technique trainings available in Australia, which will teach you Raindrop Technique for use on family and friends. If you would like to know more about these trainings, please speak to the person who introduced you to Young Living and Raindrop Technique.

At Raindrop Australia, we love Raindrop Technique, and created our training for people who want to gain a better understanding of Raindrop Technique as a whole, and achieve more skill in their technique, so they can get the most out of every movement. That’s why we call our training a “MasterClass”.

Here’s what’s unique about our training:

  • Qualified: Our course is created by Artemis, who in 2007 attended an advanced 4 day teacher training in Ecuador with Gary Young (the founder of Raindrop Technique). In this training, Gary taught Raindrop Technique in great detail, much more than is normally taught in his trainings. Artemis has integrated much of this wisdom and detail into our courses, so you can feel like you were there with Gary himself! Artemis is one of only a few people in the world to receive an Instructor’s Certificate in Raindrop Technique from Gary Young himself.
  • Precise: Learn how to get the most from each step of Raindrop Technique. This is much more detailed than what is taught in one day classes.
  • Personalised: We take a maximum of 12 students in a class, to ensure that you receive personalised attention throughout the class.
  • Hands-on: We are committed to helping you master this amazing technique, and we know this takes practise. Day 1 – in addition to learning about the history and power of this technique, you will learn to give and receive Vitaflex Technique (the first step of Raindrop Technique). Day 2 and 3 – you will give and receive a full Raindrop Technique each day, where your teacher will supervise every one of your movements, in order to provide you with detailed feedback and support.
  • Unique: We present our own research on how Raindrop Technique helps maintain and optimise health (using live and dry blood analysis), and also its impact on the auric (energy) field of the body.
  • Safe: Learn how to use a client history form to tailor your Raindrop Technique to each recipient, and to modify the quantity and types of oils chosen, and the actual steps of Raindrop Technique, to best meet the needs of your recipient. This section is especially valuable for those wishing to practice Raindrop Technique in a professional arena.
  • Professional: Receive 180 pages of detailed notes. Our training is a great way to learn more about Raindrop Technique and Young Living Essential Oils.
  • Student Insurance: When you attend our classes, you are immediately covered by our student insurance. This will cover you both during course hours, and for up to 30 practice sessions after the course.
  • Practitioner Insurance: After completing our 3 day MasterClass, and 3 day Level 2 course (and 15 practice sessions), you are eligible for insurance cover for performing Raindrop Technique. So if you love this technique, our course enables you to take this into a Professional Practice, even if you are not a trained massage therapist and do not have qualifications in other modalities. Ie. Our course is a stand-alone training. For more details, click here
  • For full details of what you need to bring to our course, and our cancellation policy, please click here


Friday 7 September 018

Saturday 8 September 2018

Sunday 9 September 2018


Day 1 – 8am to 6pm

Day 2 – 8am to 6.30pm

Day 3 – 8am to 6pm


Airport International Motel Brisbane
528 Kingsford Smith Drive
Hamilton, Brisbane Qld 4007


$795 until Friday 24 August 2018.
Then $895 (Payment plans available – terms and conditions apply)

To reserve your place on the course, a $250 deposit is required.

CONTACT DETAILS: Amanda Cuda, book@raindrop.com.au or phone 0423 578 995

Terms and Conditions

Because of the importance of completing the full training to obtain your Certificate of Attendance, we ask that you only register for our trainings if you are able to arrive by the scheduled starting time, and stay until the scheduled finishing time. If this causes any problems, please discuss these with us.

We understand that life can throw curved balls, and you might need to cancel off a course. In past years, this has left us running courses at a loss. In order to remain viable, we needed to make a decision – increase course fees for all students (to give us more buffer in the case of cancellations)….OR…..keep our course fees to a minimum, and have a cancellation policy in place that applies only to the person who is cancelling (and thus doesn’t disadvantage other students). We decided that the latter option was the fairer option, and hope that you agree.

So when you book into our course, the following cancellation policy applies (regardless of the reason for the cancellation). All cancellations must be directed to your course coordinator, and must be made in writing (eg. by email).

Cancellation Policy – Raindrop Technique MasterClass:

• For cancellations made after your deposit has been paid, a $250 cancellation fee is charged.
• If a course is fully booked and we are able to fill your place from someone on our wait list or if you find someone who would like to attend in your place, in those two instances we will waive the $250 cancellation fee, and instead charge a $50 admin fee (to cover course coordination costs for the transfer).

• The balance of moneys paid over and above the cancellation or admin fee are held in credit for a period of 12 months from the date of cancellation. Monies held in credit may be used for any courses and events with Raindrop Australia or The Health Garden (or gifted to another person).

In the event of us cancelling a course:

If a course must be cancelled (eg. due to insufficient numbers), you will receive a full refund, or you may opt to transfer the full amount paid to a future course.

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