Canberra – Bliss-out with Essential Oils!

  • Date

    18 Aug 2018

  • Time

    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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Immerse yourself in a day of pampering with the Young Living Essential Oils.

NATURE’S MAGIC: Essential Oils

Join us for this “irresistibly smelly” playshop
Touch, feel & explore the magical world of essential oils

What you will learn…..

These fun and interactive classes showcase Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils. Curious for a sneak preview of the class? Artemis is our guest speaker, and she has 20 years’ experience with the Young Living oils. Artemis loves teaching through interaction and fun exercises, so you will be immersed in the magical world of essential oils…..and will float out the door afterwards:

• New to essential oils? Artemis will cover everything you need to know to get started – including important safety tips, the different ways you can use essential oils, how to choose the best quality essential oils, and the positive impact essential oils have on not only our physical body, but also our emotions and spiritual journey
• Learn to start your day with tingles using a special Frankincense oil ritual
• How do we attract Abundance? Uncover tips from the Ancient Pharaohs, and their love of essential oils.
• Discover 2 amazing “everyday” essential oils that can dramatically improve your focus and productivity
• Want to effortlessly increase your daily energy and stamina? Do we have the magic oil for you!
• The Chemical Free Home – learn some great reasons to choose nature over nasties
• Have heaps of fun as we Speed Date our favourite essential oils
• Learn 3 fabulous, fun recipes that we will make up at the class, including:
• “Luscious Lavender” Bath Soak
• “PurifiScent” air freshener
• “Thieving Good” Household Spray

Savvy Beauty and More!

Now we come to one of our favourite topics – beauty! Our guest presenter Allison Summers has some fantastic experience in this area, having worked in Hollywood as a Special Effects Makeup Artist and also with some leading cosmetics companies.

• Learn why not all make up is created equally. In fact, some of the very products we have been using for years are not only toxic, they also create more wrinkles!!!
• Discover some great tips for enhancing your natural beauty using Young Living’s new Savvy Mineral Makeup range
• You will see how some of the products in the range can multitask and be used for more than one purpose, saving you both time and money
• Experience how the Savvy Minerals range not only looks good, it also feels good on your skin. In fact, where most other makeups (including mineral makeups) create a mask that feels and looks unnatural, Savvy Minerals by Young Living is purpose-designed to enhance your natural glow and beauty, and to support the health of your skin
• Discover how easy it is to use – you’ll never want to go back to regular makeup after experiencing the Savvy difference
• You will even have the chance to play with the testers and to have your foundation colour matched on the day!!!

Who doesn’t love feeling beautiful on the inside and out? Young Living has created products that allow us to feel this! Come join us!

“AromaBliss” Emotional Clearing Technique

Essential oils have a profound ability to transform emotional blockages, in both people and animals. “AromaBliss Emotional Clearing Technique” is a personal journey, in a group setting. It introduces you to some of Young Living’s more unusual essential oils for emotional support (although the Feelings Kit oils can be substituted if desired). The technique works on the chakras of the body (including the palm chakra), and involves some exquisite steps like spritzing and cleansing the aura with oils, as well as anointing specific “receptor” chakras in order to promote transformation and release. The wonderful aroma of the oils stimulates the limbic region of the
brain, where emotions and memory are stored. By oxygenating and awakening this part of the brain (often called the subconscious mind), emotional intelligence can occur…..and often in the most gentle and flowing of ways, allowing you to feel, recognise, forgive and renew.

You very likely will bliss out during your session. You may very well fall asleep, with the deeply relaxing effects of the oils…..or you might recall things (have things pop into your mind) that you haven’t thought of in years. You could find your mind drawn to current concerns, and find new perspectives on those. And yes, you might feel some emotions – joy, sorrow, anger. Working as part of a group can be a very wondrous and powerful experience, where a lot of synchronicities can occur. The love and gentleness from your givers will in itself be a blessing. This class will draw from Artemis’ background in emotional transformation work, and her personal experiences in this arena, and promises to be a heart-filled treasure chest for all who attend. We hope you can make it.

For the AromaBliss class please bring: A massage table (highly recommended if you have one), OR something soft to lie on (eg. a doona, eiderdown or several blankets). Please also bring a couple of large cushions. Chairs will also be supplied. You will be working in groups of 2 to 3, and everyone will have a turn at both giving and receiving, so we will do three 45 minute emotional clearings in the afternoon!!!! You will combine your 3 sets of bedding, to make a comfortable space to lie on. Because of the unique logistics of setting up for this particular event, please ensure you stay for the whole AromaBliss class. Please also bring Pen and Paper for taking notes.

Date: Saturday 18th August 2019

9am – 10.30am – Nature’s Magic: Essential Oils
10.30am – 12pm – Savvy Minerals by Young Living
12-1pm – lunch & Colour Matching
1pm – 5pm – “AromaBliss” Emotional Clearing Technique – WOW!
4.45pm – 5pm – Closing


Mackillop House and Conference Centre
50 Archibald Street
Lyneham ACT 2602


Nature’s Magic + Savvy – Half day

Early bird $15 – pay in full by 9th August
Pre-purchase price $25 – pay in full by 16th August
At the door price $30

Nature’s Magic + Savvy + Aromabliss Technique – Full day

Early bird $35 – pay in full by 9th August
Pre-purchase price $55 – pay in full by 16th August
At the door price $70

Class sizes are limited. Please book early to reserve your seat.

Contact Details: Amanda Cuda, 0423 578 995, book@healthgarden.com.au

Terms & Condition:

Once paid, your attendance fee is non-refundable.
Please gift your ticket to a lucky friend if you are unable to attend, and advise us of the change of names on the booking.

Classes open to age 16 and above. If a child under 16 is wanting to attend, this needs to be checked with the organizer first.

Massage Tables:
We require massage tables for the Aromabliss class. One table to share between 2 to 3 people. Can you please indicate if you are able to bring a massage table to share when you complete your booking?

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