10 reasons why weekly Raindrop Techniques are the best gift for your body – Part 3


I trust you’ve loved our last 2 posts, on the benefits of Raindrop Technique. This amazing modality was created by Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils. 

Gary wanted everyone to learn it, so they would have this most powerful tool in their tool kit, to support their friends and loved ones, both human and animals. 

I learned Raindrop Technique in 1999, and I’ve loved it ever since.

Although having “as needed” Raindrop Techniques can do wonders for our wellbeing, have you ever considered what regular Raindrop Techniques can do? 

There’s a whole other level of energy, vitality and health that we can access when we incorporate regular Raindrop Techniques into our life.

If you’re just starting out, weekly Raindrop Techniques are amazing…and once you feel on track, you can then look at them as a fortnightly or monthly “top up”.

And why is Raindrop Technique sooooooo amazing for our body? It’s because of the unique treasure chest of steps that it contains. We not only have Ancient Tibetan reflexology that balances the meridians of the spine and helps scoliosis. We also have very targeted massage steps that are aimed at loosening and relaxing all those muscles along the spine and over the back, to improve the overall health of the spine and nervous system, and all the connected organs. We have a powerful lymphatic drainage step (which you’ll learn more about in today’s bulletin). Ancient Egyptian and Native American energy principles are interwoven with the massage steps, to call the body into balance both physically and energetically. And of course we use 9 different therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living to give that ultimate experience of vibration and aliveness.  

This week, we’ll cover the final 4 reasons why your body will love you when you give it regular Raindrop Techniques. 

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10 reasons to have a weekly Raindrop Technique

Having a weekly Raindrop Technique is amazing for your body. In our last 2 posts, we covered 6 amazing reasons. Let’s now look at some of the other reasons why….

7. Boost your immune system

Did you know that one of the benefits of massage is that it helps to boost our immune system and keep us healthy? Raindrop Technique incorporates a whole range of different massage moves that focus on the back.

We have feathering (which is designed to bring your back to goosebumps to stimulate the nervous system, and draw the oils into the body even better). That’s a feather-light step that feels amazing! And that’s interspersed with:

1. Small circular massage along both sides of the spine. This relaxes spasms in the erector spinae muscles, which are responsible for keeping the spine flexible.

2. Larger massage circles along both sides of the back. This supports and relaxes the flat muscles of the back, which are responsible for twisting and flexion of the upper body and limbs, as well as breathing.

3. Lateral effleurage (also called the Indian Rub), which supports circulation and lymph flow, and offers a gentle detox to the body. It also supports the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing happy hormones. 

4. Finger Straddle, which encourages better articulation and flexibility of the vertebra of the spine, enhancing all over mobility of the back.

5. VitaFlex Thumb Rolls, which is a VitaFlex movement up either side of the spine. Not only does this feel incredible to receive, it also helps to loosen the erector spinae muscles from adhering to the spinal column, aiding overall health and flexibility of the spine.

Artemis writes:  Many years ago, my Mum contracted Ross River Fever. A month or so later, she was still battling with the symptoms of tiredness and aches. I was visiting, and gave her a Raindrop Technique. She sat up at the end of the session, looked at me, and said “I feel 100%!!!” Instead of heading to bed at 9pm exhausted, she was up until midnight that night, killing cane toads on her property. The transformation in her was like night and day.

Veronika E. writes:  Learning about Raindrop Technique has magnified my love for it. I love the variety of bodywork that is being used, from feather-like touch to firm massage moves, each one aimed to support different parts of the body. The smell of oils is extremely relaxing and calming.

8. Relax those muscles

In Raindrop Technique, we use essential oils that are masters at relaxing tight muscles. 

It’s true that our massage and VitaFlex steps of Raindrop Technique are focussed entirely around the back, neck and the spinal reflex of the feet. But the essential oils penetrate our skin, and work their magic on our various muscle groups.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of receiving a Raindrop Technique. It just feels so gooooood!!! 

Here’s what some of my students and assistants from the last course have to say:

Tracey S. writes:  I absolutely loved my journey learning and practicing Raindrop Technique. When a person walks in the room full of tension and then when they get off the table their whole face reflects how relaxed they are. Noticing such an amazing transformation in 1 hour is amazing to me.

Sue P. writes:  It’s the best feeling hearing people’s experience when they not only hop off the table and how relaxed they are but also that they have had the best night sleep, and their muscles feel so relaxed.

Marysia R. writes:  I was an attendee at the Aromatica student clinic in Perth, and received a Raindrop Technique from one of the student practitioners – a lovely lady by the name of Dani. It was very relaxing and did wonders for my back and shoulders, which felt fantastic afterwards. Thank you for the opportunity to try Raindrop Technique.

9. Support your Lymphatic System

Did you know that your lymphatic system is as important to your health as your cardiovascular system? It’s a crucial part of your immune system, and has a central part to play in cancer prevention. 

Your body depends on your lymphatic system to remove wastes from within your body tissues. This includes bacteria, viruses, toxins and any abnormal cells that can lead to cancer. These wastes are carried in your lymph fluid to your lymph nodes. Immune cells which reside in your lymph nodes then kill off these abnormal cells and other pathogens.

This fluid then drains into your blood stream, and eventually makes its way into your kidneys where this waste can be removed and excreted through your urine. 

According to Dr. Edward Chang, M.D., “[Your Lymphatic System] is part of how your body recognises and attacks abnormal cells that have mutations that can progress to cancer if left unchecked.”

But where your heart pumps blood around your body, your lymph fluid relies solely on the movement and contraction of your muscles to make it flow.

Did you know? That’s why when you are bitten by a venomous Australian snake, the best first aid is to immobilise the limb with a pressure-immobilisation bandage, and remain perfectly still and call for help. Any physical movement will push that lymph (where the venom is deposited) through your body. 

Under normal circumstances (in the absence of venomous snake bites!) we want lymph to be pumping through our body. Without it, fluid and wastes can build up in our tissues causing swelling (aka lymphedema). This leads to swollen lymph nodes, aches and pains, and feelings of heaviness in our limbs.

So it makes sense that we want to give as much TLC to our lymphatic system as we do to our cardiovascular system. We can do this with physical activity and exercise, including walking, swimming, yoga, pilates and Tai Chi. But we can also support our Lymphatic System with lymphatic massage, or a lymphatic pump. 

The very last step of Raindrop Technique is a powerful lymphatic pump. In Gary Young’s words, “It’s the most effective lymphatic pump I’ve ever come across.” 

It’s performed with your practitioner sitting at your head, with their fingers cupped around your occiput. A rhythmic trigger-like movement of their fingers causes your whole body to rock back and forth so that even your toes are moving! This rocking motion is stimulating lymph flow through your entire body. No wonder you feel so fabulous after this step of Raindrop Technique!!! 

As with other types of Lymphatic Drainage Massage, the Lymphatic Pump step of Raindrop Technique helps to detoxify your body, reducing swelling and boosting immunity….and it’s very relaxing to receive. 

10. Transform Mind, Body & Spirit with weekly Raindrops

Although we often think of Raindrop Technique in the same category as a massage (ie. it’s great for the physical body), it is actually amazing for our clarity of mind, our emotional balance and our spiritual path. 

Essential oils work holistically.

When combined with all the other aspects of Raindrop Technique, this becomes a Master technique, working intelligently on mind, body and Spirit. 

While it’s great to have Raindrop Techniques as and when you feel you need one, it’s far more powerful to have them on a weekly basis. This amplifies its benefits and gives powerful momentum to the inner changes.

Nat M. writes:  Knowing the benefits of Raindrop Technique, I decided to set myself a challenge of having a Raindrop Technique every week. I set an intention each time, because I wanted to learn more about myself. All sorts of different emotions came up for me in each session. This helped me resolve things spiritually and emotionally that had been lingering for a while and sabotaging me in different ways. There were times I’d go way out of my body during a session, and when I came back, I could feel things had shifted. By the 9th week, I was on a roll, setting my intention, having the week to ponder it, and then building on this for the next week. 

Artemis writes:  When I was in my early 20’s I contracted Glandular Fever, followed by 5 years of chronic fatigue. It was another 8 or 9 years before I came across Raindrop Technique. At that point in my life, I was always sick with something. One issue ran into another issue, with very little reprieve in between.

In my early to mid 30’s I wasn’t one for having massages, but I LOVED Raindrop Technique. So I began having them every week, swapping with a friend. It was a turning point in my health, thanks to the immune-boosting effects of the massage components. I was amazed at how healthy my body felt from those regular sessions.

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