21 oils for supersonic transformation – quick, easy, fun!


Do this simple exercise before you read further!!!

Ask your higher power (God, Spirit or your higher Self) to give you a number between 1 and 20. Allow the number come to you intuitively, rather than selecting your favourite number. If you don’t feel that you are intuitive, write the numbers on separate pieces of paper, put them in a bowl, hold in mind the desire to choose the “right” number for you, and pick a piece of paper from the bowl. Once you have your number, continue reading….

This bulletin is inspired by Cherie Ross, Young Living Royal Crown Diamond, who shared with me the following concept:

If you want to manifest at a supersonic rate, every day wear a drop of Abundance oil on your wrists, and Gathering oil on your solar plexus, and watch what happens.

Did you read my bulletin on Abundance oil?

You know how powerful this oil is (If you haven’t read it click here)

Based on a combination of oils used by the Egyptian Pharaohs to attract prosperity, it’s always been my “go to” oil whenever cash flow is tight, or I’m heading into a potential conflict situation. When life isn’t heading the way we want it to, and we are experiencing a cascade of financial or emotional problems, abundance oil helps to get our aura spinning in the right direction. I watch in amazement as fear disappears, peace returns, then abundance flows again.

So Cherie gave me the idea to use another oil at the same time as Abundance, to empower other aspects of our life. Whatever we use it with, the intention is that we will receive an abundance of that quality.

The number you received will guide you to the best “other oil” for you to use with Abundance. Wear a drop or two of each of these oils every day for a month, and watch the magic happen!

Each month, do this exercise so that you have a new oil to combine with Abundance. I like to change around the oils I use, so every few months, instead of using Abundance oil, choose two numbers from this list…and use those two oils in combination.

But first, a word of caution!!!

Certain oils are photosensitive, and this particularly applies to citrus oils and blends containing citrus. These oils need to be placed on the skin either under clothing or under the feet, so the area is not exposed to sunlight or UV light for 24 hours, otherwise it can cause skin damage and semi-permanent skin marking. Alternatively, avoid going into direct sunlight for 24 hours after application.

Here is your guide to the 20 extra oils….

1. Joy

This beautiful oil has the frequency of joy, and helps to bring the heart chakra into balance. It uplifts us into a state of joy, and is the perfect oil to use in times of grief, loss or sorrow….or when we need an extra boost of happiness into our life. Place a drop or two on the heart chakra, which is in the centre of the chest. Joy oil is photosensitive.


2. Acceptance

If you are using Abundance oil and it’s not “working” (ie. a shift isn’t occurring in your life regarding your cash flow or prosperity), often the issue is not with attracting abundance – it’s with receiving. So many people, especially healers, are great at giving to others but not so great at taking care of themselves. Acceptance helps us achieve balance in this area, and to accept the things in life that we cannot change (or which are not yet ready to change). Place a drop or two on the wrists.

3. Sacred Mountain

Sacred Mountain was created from oils that come from large forest trees. It recreates the experience of being protected by the trees and their beautiful canopies. It’s a wonderful oil for times of vulnerability, so that we can feel like we are safe and nurtured by Nature. Place a drop or two anywhere that you desire – the shoulders, throat and heart region are great locations.


4. Awaken

This is one of my all-time favourite oil blends. It’s a Master Blend, a combination of 5 other oil blends…so it manifests the intention of all of these elements. It contains Joy (heart-uplifting), Forgiveness (to remind us to forgive), Harmony (to bring harmony to any situation, and to balance the chakras), Present Time (to bring us into the present moment, where all emotional transformation takes place), and Dream Catcher (to protect us from the negative influences and thoughts, and to allow the positive visions to come through). Place a drop or two on your wrists, heart or third eye (centre of forehead) area. Awaken oil s photosensitive.

5. Highest Potential

I’ve heard a wonderful story about this oil being applied to a dog before a performance competition – this dog excelled in the competition. So anytime that you want to perform at your very best, this is the oil for you. It expands the aura, and helps us reach beyond our self-imposed limits. As they say, “The Sky’s the limit!” Place a drop or two anywhere on the body, eg. wrists, shoulders, under the feet or on the heart.

6. Sensation

This is our oil for self-love, passion and sexuality. Place a drop or two on the sexual chakra (5cm/2 inches below the navel), or on the heart. It’s a wonderful oil to anoint our body with before lovemaking, to sprinkle in the sheets for a romantic night….and whether or not you are not in a relationship, it’s a beautiful oil to put on the heart to inspire a deep sense of self-love and self-honouring.

7. Surrender

Here’s another of my personal favourites. Surrender oil is great for the part of us that would like to over-control our life, out of fear that it won’t turn out so well if we don’t micromanage everything and everyone! Place a drop on each shoulder, to help take that cloak of responsibility off our shoulders, and remind us that there are easier ways of manifesting our dreams. Surrender oil is photosensitive.

8. Release

The very first time I used Release oil, I put 3 drops on my liver (at the lower right rib cage area). I did this just before going to bed, and I spent the next hour tossing and turning, grinding over all the things I was frustrated about! So yes, release can help us release anger and frustration. However, it can be used in so many other ways. It can be applied directly to tight muscles to help release the emotional tension that underpins the muscular tension – eg. it can be applied to the TMJ of the jaw to help with the emotional tension that causes teeth grinding. And it can be used with the intention to release anything that no longer serves us in our life. So apply a drop or two or three anywhere that you feel you need it.

9. Magnify Your Purpose

If you feel that something is missing in your life, that you are not fully embracing or even aware of your purpose, this is the oil for you! Place a drop on your heart, wrists or anywhere you feel drawn to. Personally I love to add a drop of Orange oil over the top, however be aware that Orange oil is photosensitive, so put it under clothing.


10. Clarity

Clarity oil was created to help us find inner clarity in our life, around any area of questioning – whether it’s related to our career, our relationships, or our emotional or spiritual journey. Many people like to place this on the third eye area, although it is a strong oil and can sometimes be felt on the skin as a slight irritation. If that occurs, make sure you put a good quality vegetable oil over the top. Also, Clarity is highly photosensitive, and you are best to keep the area where it’s applied away from direct sunlight or UV light for 3 days! So if that’s a problem for you, apply to your big toes. In reflexology, these mirror the head.

11. Forgiveness

Forgiveness (or lack of) underpins all dis-sease and all unhappiness. It’s what we are here on this planet to learn. So this powerful oil reminds us of the need to forgive – not for the other person, but for ourselves. Place a drop or two on your navel, heart or wrists.



12. Inner Child

I’ve seen this oil work such miracles with people!!!! Place one to two drops on your navel, heart or solar plexus (5cm/2inches above the navel). It helps us to connect with our innocent, playful inner child….and it does this sooooo well. If you spend your life feeling always responsible for others, remember to play. This oil will help you make that switch. You may not see it work (as we don’t always see ourselves so clearly), but the people around you sure will!!! Inner Child is photosensitive.

13. Gratitude

OK, this is another of my all-time favourite oils. I use it whenever I am feeling resentful about something, blaming another person, or just seeing the world in shades of grey instead of colour. Within minutes, I find my mind turning to things that I’m grateful for, and the world turns back into a kaleidoscope of colours. Place a drop or two on your heart.


14. Transformation

This is actually one of my favourite oils to diffuse. As its name suggest, this is the oil for inner and outer transformation. So whether your intention is to lose weight, to meditate or pray more often, or to transform to the next level on your spiritual journey, this is the oil to empower that intention. It can be a little irritating to the skin, so if any prickling occurs, make sure you apply a good quality vegetable oil over the top. Place a drop or two on your solar plexus (5cm/2in above the navel), or on your wrists, neck or feet. Transformation oil is photosensitive.

15. Harmony

Harmony oil balances the chakras, and helps to bring balance and harmony into any area of our life. It helps with squabbling children and adults, just as much as it helps with the inner squabbling that can occur in our mind when we are in conflict with ourselves. Place 2 or 3 drops on your palm, and anoint each of your chakras (base of spine, 5cm/2in below + above navel, centre of chest, throat, middle of forehead and crown). Harmony oil is photosensitive. If you have ever had an epileptic seizure, use Joy or Sensation oil instead of Harmony.

16. Gathering

I love Cherie Ross’ description of the combination of Abundance and Gathering taking our manifestations to the next level. Gathering helps us to focus scattered energy, so that we can more easily achieve our goals, and do so in lightning-fast time. It’s also a very grounding oil to wear. Put a drop or two on the solar plexus (5cm/2in above the navel), heart, wrists, shoulders or throat – or anywhere else that you feel drawn to.

17. Believe

I used Believe oil a lot when I was teaching people how to develop their ability to listen to spiritual guidance, ie. to develop their intuition. Sometimes students were hindered by self-doubt, unable to comprehend that they could really tap into their intuition as easily as I was demonstrating. I’d give them a drop or two of Believe oil to put on their wrists or heart, and the transformation in their self-confidence was clearly visible.

18. En-R-Gee

This is a great oil to use if ever you are feeling low in energy. In addition to putting a drop or two of Abundance oil on the wrists, I also like to apply Valor oil to the feet, then drip 2 to 5 drops of En-R-Gee up the spine. It’s obviously easier if there is someone else who can do the dropping of the oil – but if not, you can simply apply the En-R-Gee to the base of the spine and the top of the neck area, or under the feet after Valor has been applied.

19. Motivation

OK, I confess, I don’t know if I’ve ever used this oil, because motivation is something I have by the bucket load. But not everyone feels that way….so as the name suggests, Motivation helps you to tap into excitement about the projects you have in front of you, no matter how mundane, and to find the willingness to tackle them with enthusiasm. Place a drop or 2 anywhere that you feel inspired to place it.

20. Inspiration

Place a drop on your third eye. Find the point between your eyebrows, move slightly higher up the forehead, and that’s your third eye. It’s a wonderful point for intuitions. When I wear Inspiration oil here, I find that information and words flow very easily, so this is an oil I love wearing before giving an inspiring talk, or before writing in my journal. It helps me articulate ideas with great clarity, and is therefore a wonderful oil for communication on all levels. In additional to the third eye, it can be put anywhere you feel drawn to.

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