4 Amazing Winter Diffuser Recipes


I want to share some beautiful recipes you can use in your ultrasonic oils diffuser….and while some of these are warming recipes, they will actually suit all seasons.

So wherever your feet are planted on our Planet, these are recipes to calm, inspire, uplift, cleanse and ground you and your loved ones.

Young Living has a fantastic range of ultrasonic diffusers. The beauty of these diffusers is that they contain a tiny plate that vibrates at 1.7 million times a second. This ultrasonic vibration causes the essential oils to mix with the water, and then mist out into the atmosphere.

It’s the perfect way to bring the aromas and frequency of nature into your home, yet still receive all the benefits of those hundreds of fragile constituents that make up each essential oil (because you are not destroying them with heat).

Your BEST Winter Diffuser Recipes!!!

‘Winter Comfort’ by Michele B.
4 drops of Orange oil
3 drops of Clove oil
3 drops of Thieves oil

When it’s cold, wet and miserable outside, try ‘Winter Comfort’. It’s as if you are snuggled up receiving a big bear hug!!!

The YUMMIEST Diffuser Blend by Girija T.
4 drops of ImmuPower oil
2 drops of Palo Santo oil
2 drops of Cedarwood oil
2 drops of Bergamot oil

I was going for warming/earthy and a mood lift, and I felt it almost instantly with this combination!

My ‘Beat Exhaustion Blend’ by Julie M.
2 drops of Eucalyptus radiata oil
2 drops of Grapefruit oil
2 drops of Rosemary oil

This is my new favourite blend!! I needed something to really pick me up this week, and this is it. I also boost myself with a shot of Ningxia Red, along with 2 capsules of Sulfurzyme. And I love rubbing En-R-Gee oil blend over the small of my back, roughly where the adrenals are.

“Blasting Negative Energy right out of the House!!!”
– A magical diffuser blend by Artemis

A number of years ago I had some tradesmen in my home. Being close to the end of the year, they were behind on their jobs, and everyone was pretty tense.

This definitely wasn’t the usual relaxing atmosphere in my home, so all 3 of my cats were hiding under the doonas, panting, for 8 hours a day!!!

So I was inspired to use a specially chosen blend in my diffuser to rebalance my home’s energy. Here’s the recipe!

10 drops of Gathering oil
10 drops Harmony oil
10 drops White Angelica oil

Yes, 30 drops in total! I wanted to blast the residual negative energy out of the house. This combo is my weapon of choice!

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