4 powerful essential oil blends for enhancing telepathy


The unseen world has always been an area of interest to me…for years I’ve taught spiritual development classes, and I love listening to people’s amazing experiences that defy all logic – things that are beyond our normal 5 senses. It inspires me to know that we are so much greater than we thought – powerful beyond measure. And as I began exploring the world of essential oils, I found the perfect tool to stimulate and enhance these natural spiritual experiences.

Are you telepathic?



Artemis writes: A few months ago, I was standing on the balcony with 2 builders. We were in the midst of renovations, and some furniture had been moved onto the balcony and protected with drop sheets. One of the builders moved a drop sheet, and a large huntsman spider jumped out of the folds and landed on the tiles near one of the men’s feet.

This man hadn’t seen it, so I called out, “Watch out for the spider!”

Even though that’s what came out of my mouth, there was a whole other message that was coming from deep within me. My intention behind the words was crystal clear. It was:

“Careful – don’t step on the spider! I’ll come and move it to safety.”

It’s taken me a lot of years to get over my childhood terror of spiders, to be able to be in the same room as a spider, much less to catch one or move it. However, in overcoming that phobia, I’ve developed a genuine respect for spiders – I catch them and move them out of my home, rather than killing them.

So here’s where the shock came. To me, I was communicating a lot more than what came out of my mouth. I was giving a full-body transmission. But that’s not what was heard.

The builder didn’t hear my telepathic message. He only heard my words….and he thought I was worried about having a spider there, so he STOMPED on it!!!

Do you ever have one of those moments when you wish you could turn back the clock and replay it? I felt so upset about that spider. It was still alive when he brushed it off the side of the balcony, and (hopefully) it survived.

I was really surprised that this builder didn’t “get” my transmission!

I had one of those “Oh, WOW” moments when I realized how much I communicate via telepathic methods….and how limiting our words are as a communication tool.

Words tell only a very small part of the picture….so if you are only listening to someone’s words, you are getting the very tip of the iceberg, and missing the big picture. It’s like moving through life wearing a blindfold. No wonder there is so much miscommunication going on in our world!

Opening to our telepathic senses is such a vital tool in today’s crazy world, so that we are not missing out on vital insights and unspoken messages from those around us, including our children and loved ones.

Simple ways to develop your natural telepathy

Telepathy is one of our natural gifts, and part of the realm we often call our “sixth sense”, or ESP. It’s not as tangible as sight, sound, smell, touch and hearing…but it’s just as powerful, and can be easily developed with practice.

Think of it like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. And if you don’t use it at all, it atrophies so you wouldn’t even know it was there.

I’ve spent almost 30 years teaching people how to develop their intuition and natural psychic abilities. Here are my top 4 tips for exercising and enhancing your telepathy:

Tip # 1 – Telephone Telepathy

When the phone rings, before you look at the caller ID, ask yourself some questions:

  • Is this someone I know?
  • Is it a man or a woman?
  • Who is it?

It doesn’t matter whether you answer correctly or not. You are simply exploring where that inner knowing lives….and what it feels like when you get it correct.

Answering incorrectly is just as relevant as answering correctly. You are identifying the “sweet spot” when you get it right….and the only way to do that is to also understand what it feels like to get it incorrect.


So right or wrong, give yourself a pat on the back…like any gym work, you won’t be a super-athlete overnight – it takes consistent practice and refinement.


Tip # 2 – The Invisible Flame

Have you ever rung someone, and they told you that they were just thinking of you before their phone rang?

Telepathy is like an invisible flame. We walk around as bodies, but really we are this amazing Spirit that happens to reside for a period of time within a physical body.

Our true nature is like a flame extending beyond our physical body. Our flame is in contact with all other flames, so when one of us thinks of another, there is a transmission that happens through the “flame”. And if the other person is very attuned, we will pop into their mind.

This is a wonderful skill to develop, although it takes a bit of practice. Start to observe when someone has popped into your mind quite randomly – not because you are following a natural train of thought. They just are suddenly there, intruding into whatever other thoughts you have.

When that happens, reach out to that person. Find out if they were thinking of you at that moment.

I had this happen to me on Friday. You’re probably aware that I do volunteer wildlife rescue. I’d been looking after a young fig bird for a week, and had become quite fond of her. Unfortunately she wasn’t improving, and because I was traveling I needed to pass her onto another carer.

I’d already been informed that there was a strong chance she’d be euthanased that day, as there was clearly an underlying issue that wasn’t being resolved.

So here I was, going through customs in New Zealand, and I “felt” her being euthanased. She just popped into my mind. It was such a strong feeling/knowing that tears began running down my face, and the customs agent wondered what was wrong.

As soon as I was out of the airport (some 20 minutes later), I texted the carer…and sure enough, 20 minutes prior, the little bird had been released from her body by the vet.

Whilst this is a sad story, it nevertheless shows you the ability we have to know “all things” beyond ourselves, throughout time and space. This is our true potential.

I had this same skill at play many years ago. Noel and I were dating, and he’d left my place to go home. Because my clients sometimes called me late at night, I always turned my phone off when I went to bed, in order to have uninterrupted sleep. This night, shortly after falling asleep, I woke with a start. I felt that Noel was in trouble, maybe an accident….I got up and rang him, and sure enough, he’d just had a fall off his motorbike on a slippery road.

Imagine being this attuned to your loved ones, that you know when they need you….like an invisible telephone between you.

Tip # 3 – A Fly on the Wall

This can be a really fun exercise to do with a loved one. You need to be apart from each other, and have an agreed time. Set your alarm to go off at this time, and when it does, take a few minutes quietly to tune into your friend to “see” where they are. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where are they?
  • Who are they with?
  • What are they doing?
  • How are they feeling emotionally?

Make sure you speak to them that same day, and get feedback on what you saw. And always give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Eg. You may see them talking to a young woman, and they might tell you they were talking to an older woman….but you might have been seeing a “symbol” rather than the actual person….eg. this older woman they were talking to may be very “young at heart” even if her physical body is mature.

We often receive messages in symbolic form like this. The more encouraging we are of ourselves, the more rapidly we progress with our exercises.

Tip # 4 – Essential oils and telepathy

One of the truly amazing things about essential oils is the way they send signals to our brain.

Unlike our other senses, essential oils completely bypass the conscious brain, and head straight to the limbic region of the brain, the seat of our subconscious mind.

This is the part of our brain responsible for:

  • the autonomic functions of our body (breathing, metabolism, etc,)
  • storing memory and associated emotion, and
  • spiritual awareness

Many people who use essential oils on a regular basis report an increase in spiritual awareness and experiences. They maynotice the glowing halo of the aura around people they meet…or they find themselves more attuned to loved ones and animals, knowing when they need to reach out to someone….or they receive messages and wisdom through their dreams. Their taste buds change so that their body tells them more clearly what it needs to be nourished. Unhealthy friendships fade away, to be replaced by more empowering friendships.

All high quality essential oils help you achieve this, by stimulating this part of the brain….however, there are certain essential oils and blends which are the most targeted.

4 Essential Oils to help you develop your natural telepathic powers

OK, now I’m going to let you in on a big secret – my favourite essential oils for developing telepathy. I absolutely love these oils, and I know you will too….simplyuse 1 to 2 drops in each location, unless stated otherwise. Do this for a month, along with practice of the other 3 exercises, and watch your spiritual awareness and natural telepathy soar!

MORNING RITUAL – Inspiration and 3 Wise Men

Inspiration oil blend used to be called “Prayer and Meditation”. Not only does it smell amazing, it’s also very grounding and centering. It contains oils from plants that were traditionally used by Native Americans to enhance spirituality, prayer and inner awareness.

Use Inspiration oil on your third eye (centre of forehead) to increase visions, and to allow a natural flow of inspiration to occur.

Inspiration oil is also an excellent oil to use for automatic writing, and spiritual communication and channeling.

3 Wise Men oil blend opens us up to deep communication with all beings, and to being receptive to the fountain of spiritual help on offer to us. Harmony oil would be a good alternative to 3 Wise Men if you didn’t have it.

I’ve had some profound experiences when I’ve been doing work on dogs and horses and given them a drop of 3 Wise Men on their crown – suddenly the communication and “knowing” that flowed between us was as if they’d come right out and spoken to me with their lips!

EVENING RITUAL – Dream Catcher and Valor

Dream Catcher is a perfect oil to use during any type of psychic work. Like inspiration, it can be placed on the third eye. It’s photosensitive, so make sure you wear a hat the next 24 hours if you are going into direct sunlight or UV light.

This oil blend is wonderful for stimulating dreams and visions, so it’s great to put a drop on each edge of your pillow at night.

Valor has the same frequency as our skeleton. Simply place a few drops under each foot, or on the back of the neck. It can also be enhanced with the addition of some extra Frankincense oil over the top.

It’s the perfect oil to help us feel balanced, centred and courageous….which we all need when we are doing spiritual work of any kind.


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