5 simple skincare tips to turn back the hands of time


In my very early days with Young Living, after falling in love with their therapeutic-grade essential oils, I decided to check out theiroil-infused personal care products. I wasn’t really expecting any miracles, in fact, I did it out of a sense of obligation. As a Young Living distributor it made sense that I should know the range. But I was so attached to my previous brands that I had no intention of brand swapping to Young Living. I was just curious to try the products.

Was I ever surprised!! The Young Living products were even better than my favourite brands. My skin radiated – it felt silky smooth – my acne rosacea wasn’t getting flared up (ie. the products are so gentle) – and I love the aroma and frequency of our products, and the fact that they are so natural and healthy for our skin. 

Of course, I follow a healthy diet and take Young Living’s Bloom Collagen Complete each day so that my skin radiates from the inside out. That combined with the topical application of Young Living’s oils and personal care products… it’s a winner! 

And with Summer fast approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re all exposed to sun, wind, stress and all those things that promote dryness and aging in our skin. So what are some great ways to bring TLC to your skin? You’re about to find out. Check out these wonderful tips….

1. Inspired by the Ancient Egyptians

Josephine R. writes:

Every time I moisturise my skin, I apply a couple of dabs of Elemi oil to areas of fine lines. I do this before the moisturiser is absorbed into the skin.

The ‘Essential Oils Desk Reference’ 5th edition says:

“The Egyptians used Elemi for embalming, and subsequent cultures (particularly in Europe) used it for skin care and for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and improving skin tone.”

2. It’s so hard to choose… I love them all!

Marjaneh B. writes:

I love Young Living’s diverse range of moisturising creams and cleansers. Every morning after a facial wash either with the Orange Blossom Facial Wash (now reformulated as the “Balance by Young Living Cleanser” or Bloom by Young Living Brightening Cleanser (or the Satin Facial Scrub weekly), whilst my face is semi damp, I roll Frankincense oil over my face, followed by Helichrysum oil under my eyes* and around the potential frown lines. 

Then on top I’ll apply the Wolfberry Eye Cream!

I love the Sandalwood Moisture Cream so much that last Mother’s Day, I got one for all of my in-laws (I have around 9 beautiful in-laws that I wanted to share this cream with)

Currently I am in love with the Art Intensive Moisturizer on my face, and feel that my skin feels so smooth and supple. Finally, I apply the Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter on my legs and arms, which stay soft after so many washes during the day!

*Note from Artemis: always keep your essential oils a couple of centimetres away from your eyes, to avoid any eye contact.

3. I look much younger than my age!

Lexi A. writes:

My favourite skincare routine is 1 drop of Rose oil, 1 drop of Sacred Sandalwood oil and 1 drop of Gentle Baby into my palm. I then massage this beautiful blend all over my face and neck. 

I’m turning 64 in January people comment how young I look. 

4. This product is pure heaven

Kylie B. writes:

The Art Renewal Serum is my favourite, as it gives instant hydration. It’s amazing! Here’s why:

Young Living’s ART Renewal Serum is infused with astragalus root. Why is that a big deal?

Astragalus root helps our skin cells produce more hyaluronic acid. That’s important because without hyaluronic acid, your body can’t make collagen.

No collagen means tired, sagging, wrinkled skin.

Astragalus Root also protects against the breakdown of elastin. That’s a protein that keeps your skin flexible. Increased blood flow helps get rid of toxins that cause skin inflammation. It also transports vital nutrients to your skin AND it helps regenerate skin cells.

The ART Renewal Serum is an intricate blend of exotic orchid, astragalus root and essential oils that benefit the most delicate areas of the face. These premium ingredients are formulated to deeply nourish, hydrate and help maintain a youthful appearance.

How to Use: Wash face. Apply ART Renewal Serum to delicate areas of face 2 times daily and allow to absorb. For best results, follow up with your choice of Young Living’s moisturizing creams.

5. Check out my secret ingredient…

April A. writes:

I regularly make a beauty serum for my face that I regularly make a beauty serum for my face that I use every day. It’s so divine!! In a 30 or 50 ml dropper bottle, I put 5 to 10 drops of the following oils for mature skin (using a mini funnel):

  • Elemi or Frankincense (or both)
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Carrot seed (especially good for mature skin)
  • Sandalwood (Sacred or Royal Hawaiian are both good)
  • Cedarwood
  • Blue Tansy (go easy on the amount because your serum will have a beautiful blue tinge!)

To top up I use Rosehip as my favourite carrier oil. Other options include Jojoba, Seedlings Baby Oil or V6.

It’s important to drop the essential oils in the bottle first before topping up with your carrier oil. The important thing to note is that it’s not rocket science and you can use some or all of these oils depending on how luxurious you want it to be. Happy experimenting to find your own special combination!

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