8 Tips on How to Use Essential Oils for your Dog


A few days ago I was catching up with my accountant. and he asked me how many products Young Living has in its range. I’m not 100% sure of the exact number (as it differs depending on which country you live in), however, it would easily be 400 or more products. 

This means we have products for every reason and every season, and also for many specialty topics.

We have products for babies, children, men and women, low tox living, exercise and sport, massage, and other modalities…..and many of our products can also bless our furry and feathered friends. 

Today’s bulletin shares some beautiful stories about how our products can support the vitality and wellbeing of those amazing creatures who often love us even more than we love ourselves….and yes, I’m referring to the Earth Angels who come to walk beside us on this Planet dressed as dogs, in order to bless our lives, and put a smile on our faces. It’s only natural that we want to bless them in return. Here are some great ways you can do that.

Susan M. writes:

I love hearing about how others are helping their dogs emotionally with the Young Living oils. I just wanted to give a helpful tip around this. If you have a dog that’s anxious, nervous, has a fear of storms, is aggressive, etc., ideally start by applying the oil when they’re in a calm state. Do this daily for around 2 weeks.

This is because dogs can sometimes associate the smell with how they’re feeling at the time.

So, if the first time you put oils on your dog they are in a stressed state, they potentially will associate the smell with being stressed and it might exacerbate the problem the next time you try to put oils on them.

And the best way to apply the oils to your dog, which saves you having to dilute? Put a drop in your palm, rub your palms together and pet (stroke) all over their body in a loving way.

Eva-Lotta P. writes:

Our dogs love coming into my workspace especially after I’ve finished with a massage client, and they all want their turn.

My youngest dog, Teddy (the border collie – see pic) is very sensitive and can be a bit anxious sometimes. he has also got a sensitive nose and will often keep his distance from the bottles but he loooves Valor and receiving a Valor balance.

Sniff that Valor, apply = three very relaxed and happy dogs.

[Artemis adds: A Valor balance is done by putting a drop or two of Valor oil under the rear paws of your dog, then holding with your left hand under their left paw, and your right hand under their right paw. This is easier to do if they are lying on their side. It’s sooooooo relaxing for them, just as it is for any humans receiving a Valor Balance.]

Sophie M. writes:

I used to dread taking my Charli Pug to the vets to get her nails clipped. If anyone knows Pugs, they think that they are going to have their feet cut off, not just their claws!!! She used to make a terrible noise and I would hate the whole process.

So one day I thought I would give Peace & Calming and Stress Away oils a try. I took the lid off, and she was instantly drawn to them, sniffing them. I put the drops onto my palms, rubbed them together, then placed them on her harness and her car bed.

She was calm in the car on the drive there, and when I took her in I told the girls I had tried the oils to see if they would help. They took her away to clip her nails, and I never heard a peep from her. They couldn’t believe the difference in her and how calm she was!!!

Michelle-Anne K. writes:

When Zinnia (pictured right) was a puppy, she became anxious and started drooling a lot during car trips.

I used a drop of Digize on my palm, and rubbed it on her tummy each trip. It was amazing!!!

After a few weeks we didn’t need it anymore. She is now so calm and relaxed in the car, I worry I’ll forget she’s there.

Fazette C. writes:

This photo is “Sippy”, doing her thing at Agility. When she first decided that she loved running and jumping, she was a bit wild and liked choosing her own adventure.

I experimented with a lot of oils to find one that could help tone down her heightened arousal, and allow her to actually think. After much trial and error, I found that Young Living‘s Lemon essential oil was the one that helped the most.

One of the blends that I tried was Dream Catcher. Our run under this blend was wonderful! It was one of those runs when Sip and I were in perfect connection, we were at one with the world.

The only problem was that the course we were running was a game called Quadrants. The obstacles in the course are divided into 4 quadrants and the handler must make up their own course, doing all the jumps in each quadrant once. Anyway, we did a beautiful round, finished all the quadrants, and only needed to do the last jump to record our time and go clear.

Sadly, I was in such a ‘dream’ over the beautiful run that I just kept going onto the quadrant that I had started on. Oops!

Fiona M. writes:

We are currently looking after a neighbour’s dog and he is a little skittish and nervous. So I tested which oil he was drawn to, and yes, Valor was his oil of choice.

Then this happened (see pic)!!!! He took himself off to his bed, and snuggled down for the afternoon.

I love how the oils work so amazingly on our dogs. Whether it’s calming, de-stressing, giving them an aromatic cuddle or for any of their other physical or emotional needs, there’s always something that will help.

Nicole B. writes:

When my Poodle puppy “Jessie” was teething, I noticed she became a bit more irritated – she’d bite a bit more in her play. I started offering her Copaiba oil, which is an emotional clearing in a bottle.

She would calm down straight away after I put a drop on my hands and rubbed it on her jaw area.

Lena S. writes:

I was visiting a friend after she had just come home from a spiritual pilgrimage. She had such an emotional rollercoaster of a journey, so we sat and talked for a while.

I began to use Trauma Life oil blend on my friend’s feet as she talked. Her aged, blind and deaf Pomeranian walked in and sat with me (something she has never done before). I began to pat her with the Trauma Life oil on my hands.

My friend left her puppy at home while she was away, and told me of how her family had neglected her. When she came home, her Pomeranian had faeces all over her back legs, and was very traumatised. We both had a big cry as we talked about how unfair it was to her puppy.

Then her dog suddenly got up, shook it off and walked away. It was as though we were all able to work through the trauma and move on. I loved how the puppy knew what she needed, and then walked away when she had enough.

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