8 top tips to turn laundry chores into a sensory celebration!


It’s been a difficult and emotional month for me – my Mum passed away unexpectedly almost 4 weeks ago, and her funeral was last week. Now comes the big job of sorting through her home. That means lots of clothes to be washed and donated, lots of surfaces to be cleaned. 

It’s one of those times when I am so, so, SO grateful to have Young Living in my life. I know by the time we’re finished, Mum’s home will smell like a forest, her clothes (which we will donate to charity) will be so high in frequency that they will bless whoever wears them (thanks to Young Living’s Thieves Laundry Soap and our essential oils), and every surface of her home will have love poured onto it with Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner (which we will use in a DIY surface spray). 

That’s why I was so excited when this email below landed in my inbox. It’s written by Gary Young’s sister, Nancy Sanderson. Gary was the founder of Young Living Essential Oils. Thanks Nancy!!! And of course I’ve added a bit of my own twist to it. 

And if you want to read about my journey with Mum’s passing, and the oils I used through that time, you’ll find that information in my Raw Divinity bulletin (it’s a 4 part series). Enjoy! 

Click here to read about my journey with my Mum


8 top tips to turn laundry chores into a sensory celebration!

When chore time rolls around, most people want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. But for those who like to stop and smell the roses, these simple laundry tips will not only leave your clothes smelling like a walk through the garden but can also turn what was once a tedious chore into a serene sensory moment!


How to add essential oils to your laundry

Sprucing up your laundry routine only takes a few simple drops! Follow the guide below to safely add essential oils to your laundry:

Tip #1: Use essential oils in your washing machine

Artemis writes: Choose your favourite essential oil or oil combo – make sure you select essential oils with no colour (otherwise they can stain your clothes – more on this below). Add 2 to 5 drops directly into your Thieves Laundry Soap before adding it to your machine, or put those drops onto a cleaning cloth and then add to your machine. Don’t drop them directly into the water or onto your clothes, as essential oils can digest synthetics (so if you drip them onto T-shirts, they can leave little pock marks!).

If it doesn’t give your clothes enough aroma, next time use more drops. I’m a bit of an oils addict myself, so I love to use 20 drops of Purification oil in my washing machine.

Tip #2: Add essential oils to a laundry dryer ball

To seal in the scent during drying, add essential oils directly to your wool dryer ball. Before adding your clothes, run the machine with the dryer balls for a minute or two to make sure that the oil is absorbed into the wool and doesn’t stain your clothes. Add your clothes and dry like normal.

Caution: To avoid potential risks, use only 2–3 drops of essential oil onto your dryer balls, and do not leave your dryer unattended when using essential oils with your laundry. Here are some of our favourite laundry recipes!

Tip #3: Essential oil laundry blend recipes

Some luxuries in life are simple, like wrapping yourself up in the warmth of a blanket freshly plucked from the dryer or taking in the scent of lavender fields as you slip on your favourite sweater. Elevate your laundry with these simple essential oil blends that’ll turn a dirty pile of clothes into life’s simplest luxury:

Pure and Simple

Incorporating some of our favourite odour-busting scents, this blend offers a crisp, clean fragrance that’s perfect for everything in your gym bag and beyond.

  • 2 drops Purification
  • 1 drop Lemongrass


Citrus Refresher

When life gives you lemons, put them in your laundry for a fabulously fresh citrusy splash that goes everywhere you do!

  • 2 drops Citrus Fresh
  • 1 drop Peppermint 


Dreamy Drops

Prep your sheets and pyjamas for sweet dreams with this whimsical blend of floral and fruit.

  • 2 drops Bergamot 
  • 1 drop Lavender



Don’t want to create your own blend? Instead use one of our signature Young Living blends like Seedlings, Purification or KidScents Sleepyize.

Tip #4: Create your own DIY stain remover!


Got a stubborn stain that just won’t come out? DIY your own stain remover stick that’s supercharged with Thieves Laundry Soap and Lemon essential oil!

Free from the harsh chemicals you don’t want around your family, you’ll love taking in the citrus-spice smell as you gently remove stains.

Tip #5: Make a DIY linen spray

Some weeks, it’s just a struggle to get the laundry done. We’ve all been there! Create your own DIY linen spray to add an irresistible scent that keeps things fresh(ish) until you get around to doing another load.


Tip #6: Essential oils to avoid using with your laundry

While there are tons of essential oils that are great for adding to your laundry, including the ones listed above, there are certain ones you should avoid.

Some essential oils can leave stains on your laundry due to a naturally occurring dark or yellow colouring from the original botanicals. Instead of risking coloured oil stains on your laundry, it is best to avoid using these oils on your clothes and other linens.

Oils with a natural dark colour:

  • Blue Tansy
  • Jasmine
  • German Chamomile

Oils with a natural yellow colour: *

  • Patchouli
  • Vetiver
  • Myrrh
  • Tangerine

*The yellowish colour fades, but you’ll still want to avoid using it around your whites.

Tip #7: Our top secret for a stain free laundry!

To keep from getting stains on your clothing, replace your dryer sheets with ethically sourced, organic, dye-free wool dryer balls in a 100 percent cotton carrying bag.

These reusable dryer balls, which reduce your global footprint in a simple yet effective way, cut drying times by 5–10 minutes and can be repurposed as fabric refreshers in your drawers and closets.

On top of their environmental benefits, these dryer balls are a lifesaver for helping speed things along when you’re in a time crunch and need to quick-dry an item of clothing for a party or job interview. Simply add a few drops of Bergamot or Lavender for a fresh scent that will keep you feeling inspired.

The Young Living collection includes:

  • 4 Wool Dryer Balls
  • Cotton Carrying Bag

Just add….

  • 2 drops Lavender essential oil, 5ml or 2 drops Bergamot essential oil, 5ml

Tip #8: Use a laundry soap free from harsh additives & perfumes

Many people have no idea what kinds of harsh chemicals and additives are hiding in their laundry detergent. When selecting a detergent, always check for synthetic ingredients and opt for one that is free of harsh additives and fragrances. The following are common additives that should be avoided:

Optical Brighteners

Many popular laundry detergents contain optical brighteners to give clothes the appearance of being clean and white. By reflecting blue light, optical brighteners give the illusion of fabrics that look whiter than they actually are. These chemicals are designed to absorb into fabrics and remain on clothes after washing.

If you’re looking to keep your whites bright without adding synthetic chemicals to the wash, try one of these easy alternatives:

  • If you see stains on your clothes, pretreat them before washing.
  • Don’t mix your whites with other colours in the wash. Launder them in an all-white load and use hot water.
  • To whiten small items like socks or napkins, fill a pot with water and a few lemon slices, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, then add the linens. Soak for up to an hour, then launder as usual.
  • For an extra brightening boost for whites, hang them to dry in the sun for natural bleaching!

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, is a cleansing agent widely used in products like soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, and laundry detergents. It is used so often because it’s inexpensive and produces lots of foamy lather. Many people are concerned about SLS in their products because it can sometimes cause irritation or itchiness and may have other unknown side effects.

Synthetic perfumes

Some people consider synthetic perfumes, such as parabens, to be problematic because companies aren’t required to disclose the exact ingredients in the fragrances. Some have described that these perfumes can irritate sensitive skin and cause itching.


What makes Thieves Laundry Soap different?

Like other products in Young Living’s household cleaner lineup, Thieves Laundy Soap’s purpose is to deliver a true clean provided by a plant-based formula that is free from the harsh additives we just discussed.

Thieves Laundry Soap is free from optical brighteners because you don’t want your clothes to just look clean—you want them to actually be clean!

Our plant-based formula uses pure essential oils and natural cleansing enzymes to wash your clothes and keep them fresh. Our detergent is also free from SLS and other sulfates. The cleaning power behind Thieves Laundry Soap comes from pure essential oils and natural enzymes. Thieves Laundry Soap also relies on the power of oils like Bergamot, Jade Lemon, and the essential oils in our Thieves blend to provide a refreshing scent without any hidden synthetic fragrances.

Other reasons we love Thieves Laundry Soap:

  • One 947ml (32-ounce) bottle of our ultra-concentrated formula can clean 64 loads of laundry
  • The soap is compatible with high-efficiencey washing machines and is safe for colours, whites, and delicates.
  • Thieves Laundy Soap is safe and gentle enough to be poured directly onto clothing as a pre-treatment.

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