A tribute to Raindrop Australia


Many of you know that I was one of the founders of the Raindrop Association of Australia, now called “Raindrop Australia”.

It all began with the idea of a friend of mine. He knew that I loved Raindrop Technique, and loved teaching it. And so his question to me was:

“Why don’t you create a professional version of the Raindrop Technique course – something that allows people to qualify as practitioners?”

And so I did, and the Raindrop Association of Australia was born. That was in 2006, and I’ve had 13 amazing years of guiding and nurturing both students and teachers in the wonders of this technique.The business has usually been run at zero profit, however if ever there was profit, it was donated to a worthy cause.

This pic above shows me giving US$500 to Gary Young in 2007, to help fund research that was being undertaken at the Nova Vita Centre in Ecuador.

It’s been such a joy over the years to see how many lives have been touched by our courses. Yet as my own world has become so full with Young Living, I’ve not had enough of “me” to go around all the different things I want to do, and Raindrop Australia has been left to tick away in the background.

On Easter Saturday, knowing I had too many things on my plate, I began praying for help and guidance from Spirit. And the message came through to pass Raindrop Australia on to one of my wonderful teachers and friends, Nat Mann.

And the moment I had that inspiration, I knew that it felt sooooo right. And of course I got straight on the phone to Nat, and she said YES and burst into tears!!!

Nat has many of the same qualities I see in myself. She’s unwaveringly passionate about Raindrop Technique and VitaFlex Technique, she has a huge heart and a deeply spiritual side, yet she’s also very grounded and organised, inspiring and heart-driven. So I know that that Nat will guide this beautiful ship forward into new horizons, yet still retaining the beautiful qualities and ethics of the Raindrop Australia you have always known.

This means we will be splitting the 2 techniques

Raindrop Technique and VitaFlex Technique will be taught by the teachers at Raindrop Australia, and will be covered by Nat’s new website, www.raindropaustralia.com.

The courses will continue to use the course material developed by me (on behalf of The Health Garden), based on the teacher training I did with Gary Young in 2007.

So the actual courses will remain unchanged at their core, however will over time be updated as new material becomes available.


Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique and AromaBliss Technique will continue to be taught by me, and this will now happen under “The Oil Temple”. There will be a dedicated website which is presently being constructed, which is www.emotionalclearing.com.au. It should be live within the next 4 o 6 weeks, and it will have all our active practitioners listed there as well.

If you’ve studied Raindrop Technique or VitaFlex Technique with us in the past, don’t worry. All of your student information, practitioner information, insurances, course deposits and credits will transfer over with Raindrop Australia.

A Tribute to our Raindrop Technique teachers, Past and Present


Nat Mann writes:

My name is Nat, and I am really excited to be sharing my journey with you today.

Over the past decade I have been running my own business as a Massage Therapist, specialising in emotional body work. I am also a Hatha Yoga Instructor. I currently live in what I affectionately refer to as “Woop Woop”….but really it’s a small country town called Mundubbera, located in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland.

I was first introduced to Young Living’s essential oils almost 10 years ago, but my actual journey began with Young Living in July 2016. I had always wanted to use essential oils in my business but was hesitant to do so, as I was really unsure how to best use them with my line of work. Eventually I took the plunge, and I am so grateful that I did!!

I started seeing such amazing results with my clients, even just by diffusing them in the room and trusting my intuition in my selection of oils from my Premium Starter Kit.

Then one day, Neena Love offered me a Raindrop Technique. As someone who gives to others a lot, I jumped at the chance to receive, and was really curious to experience this amazing technique that Gary Young had created, and which I kept hearing about.

My first Raindrop Technique was nothing short of profound for me!!! I felt so relaxed and calm afterwards. But I also experienced a huge spiritual and energetic shift in clarity around my personal life during the technique.
I came out of the experience, and all I wanted was for not just my clients but EVERYONE to experience this amazing technique!!

So I booked into Raindrop Australia’s Raindrop Technique Masterclass, and after that I was hooked! I learned so much about Young Living and oils in that course, but what made me fall in love with it so much was the knowledge that this is the way Gary himself had taught Artemis and also how gentle this technique was…not just for the person receiving, but also for me as the practitioner!!

In fact, it was so much more gentle on me that I gave up remedial massage and solely focused on Raindrop Technique.

I saw amazing results in client after client with Raindrop Technique, and I just could not contain my enthusiasm for what Gary Young had created…so much so that I expressed to Artemis that I would LOVE to become a teacher for Raindrop Australia. And I was fortunate enough to be chosen.

I feel it is a huge honour and privilege to continue on with Gary’s original teachings.

I am so grateful to my wonderful mentor Artemis, and also SO excited to have the opportunity to continue on with Raindrop Australia. It truly humbles me that I get to be of service in helping all Young Living members experience this amazing technique, and support them with their journey to growing their Young Living businesses and/or becoming raindrop practitioners.

We have launched a new website www.raindropaustralia.com where you can contact me directly day or night. I am really looking forward to meeting many new faces as we strive to make this beautiful technique a household name.

Artemis writes:

I learned Raindrop Technique for the first time in January 2000.

There were 1,100 people from around the world at that training, all of us so keen to learn from Gary Young, the founder of both Young Living Essential Oils, and Raindrop Technique.

I returned to Australia and incorporated Raindrop Technique into my private Practice, and in a few short months I was absolutely in awe of its power. It truly is a Master Technique.

Then after establishing Raindrop Australia, I was privileged to be invited to Ecuador by Gary Young, to undertake a teacher training in Raindrop Technique with him.

Tamara Packer, who is now Young Living’s corporate Raindrop Technique trainer (pictured above with me) was one of the other people who Gary trained in Ecuador.

Nowadays, I’m always so busy teaching and educating about Young Living that I have very little time to give one-on-one sessions in Raindrop Technique.

However, a lovely new friend of mine had been tossed from a horse and was feeling like her whole energy field had been jarred by the fall. You know what it’s like….physically you can feel fine (apart from a whole bunch of very tense muscles from the adrenaline), but emotionally you feel out of sorts and “jarred”.

So I gave her a Raindrop Technique on Friday, and followed up with her on Sunday to see how she was feeling after it. This was her reply:

Artemis, I’m truly feeling much better, it was the best treatment I have ever had. I feel unlocked. Thank you so much. I’d like very much to investigate my sister being able to learn the technique. Thank you. I’m so happy that we met. Hxx

Kate Sales writes:

My journey with Raindrop Technique has been such a fulfilling and rewarding experience. With a background in Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapy and Massage it was the perfect fit when the opportunity presented in 2013.

I was given the chance to discover Raindrop Technique very early into joining Young Living and I fell in love with the whole experience, so much so that I embarked on the training to become an Instructor with Raindrop Australia. This was a journey in itself with the arrival of my beautiful daughter in the midst of my training but one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Part of what I love most about teaching or giving a Raindrop Technique is sharing the amazing effects that these oils have on the body.

I was giving a Raindrop Technique to one of my clients. During the Valor Balance step, I was guided to put a drop of Young Living Rose oil on her heart chakra. She had been very reluctant to receive a session, as she wasn’t able to have oils used topically on her body due to sensitivities.

Within seconds of placing the Rose oil in her aura, she had an emotional release and started to cry. Her eyes were closed, so she was unaware that I had used any oil on her. Afterwards when discussing her session, she swore she had felt a drop of oil hit drip right onto her heart chakra.

I am constantly reminded how powerful these oils and technique can be and that the oils know best in addressing what is needed for each individual.

Raindrop is such a gift to both the giver and receiver and it’s always different for each person. The amazing thing about Raindrop is that it can bring a shift on so many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetically and I love that I am part of that experience that brings growth and personal development for so many people.

I love seeing the relationships that grow from sharing this experience and I love helping our students to reach their full potential.

Amanda Braithwaite writes:

I love Raindrop Technique’s adaptability – you can use it for emotional, physical or spiritual transformation. I love that it is simple, but also deeply profound.

As a Raindrop Technique practitioner, I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of Raindrop Techniques. The common feedback from people who receive it is “Wow – I just feel amazing!”

It works on so many levels in the body, and has this innate ability to go where it’s needed.

I feel honoured to have taught the Masterclass through Raindrop Australia for 5 years. My passion was knowing the depth of information and experience each student received over the 3 days, and ensuring they left feeling capable and confident to give these magical techniques to others.

There were many profound moments during the courses, and I’m sure will continue to be, as the ‘mastermind’ or synergy that takes place when a group of people connect with a common purpose amplifies the effects of the techniques and the oils.

It’s not just a technique, it’s also a personal journey for most people and the camaraderie and connections borne from the weekend, are long lasting.

I’m excited for the future of Raindrop Australia, as a new chapter of flow, energy and expansion begins.

Catherine Garro writes:

Hello and a shout out to all my past students from Raindrop Australia!

I’ve been performing and teaching Raindrop Technique in Australia and America for 16 years, and I am still amazed by its impact on people.

I find it a very powerful tool for helping people to get out of their heads and back into their bodies. It’s like pressing a reset button that feels and smells amazing!

My passion for raindrop was ignited very early on in my Young Living journey.

I was a full time massage therapist and I was excited to add another modality for my clients. I did a training with about 200 people in Sydney and I loved it, but being in a class with so many people left me not confident enough to apply it in my clinic. What made me stick with Raindrop Technique was that I connected with a girl I met at the training, and we did swaps on each other weekly for 2 months.

If you really want to shift your life, get a weekly Raindrop Technique for 2 months!!!

I then dedicated myself to learning as much about oils and Raindrop Technique as I could. I’ve studied Raindrop Technique with 8 different teachers over the years!!. I began teaching with Artemis and Raindrop Australia and became one of 20 teachers from all around the world who were invited to study Raindrop Technique with Gary Young personally in Ecuador in 2007. It was an amazing and enlightening time and I’m so grateful I was able to experience it.

What I respect about Raindrop Australia as a school was that the classes were always small. It meant that the students had the teacher’s focus, and were able to really work close with you to perfect your technique. As a teacher my favourite part was watching people come in with no confidence or even knowledge of Raindrop Technique in some cases, and after the weekend walk out with a tool that they could use and help others with!

I built an entire business in New York City performing Raindrop Technique. You don’t need to be or know more than you already do, you just need to put your self out there and share it. Raindrop translates to people anywhere in the world, and is such a gift to be able to share with people.

I loved my time teaching for Raindrop Australia. Thank you to all the students who came through my classes and experienced my wacky personality and passion for the oils!!!

Riga Walsh

Artemis writes: Riga has been traveling around Australia, and was unable to personally contribute to this bulletin.

Riga was our teacher for many years, alongside of Catherine Garro, and I was blessed to receive many a Raindrop Technique from Riga.

Being a Shiatsu Therapist, she had a wonderful way of working with the body, and she joined me in one of our first photo shoots in Raindrop Australia.

Here she is (pictured right) doing the feathering step of Raindrop Technique on my back, in her beautiful home at Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Thanks also to Greg Gardner of Greg Gardner Photography for his amazing pics!

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