A Visit from Gary Young


Last week, someone asked me if I miss Gary Young, the late founder of Young Living Essential Oils. I really struggled to answer that, and I’ll tell you why…..

Gary left his body in May 2018, and that came as an enormous shock to our Young Living community. 

Gary was highly respected and deeply loved by so many of us. His innovation, his passion for plants, his dedication to producing the best essential oils on the Planet – all of that is infused into every bottle of Young Living oil. 

Yet, to me, Gary has never really left us. Sure, he’s left us a Legacy that we continue to uphold with enormous gratitude and appreciation. But I’m talking spiritually here – Gary is still felt by so many people, including myself. It’s as though he’s not really gone! He continues to watch over Young Living and its members, just as he watches over his family. 

I loved being on a conference call a couple of weeks ago with his beautiful wife and CEO of Young Living, Mary Young. As she was talking to us, she suddenly said, “Oh, my hands are tingling – that always happens when Gary is trying to get my attention!” 

So she feels him around, guiding her footsteps, just as I do. So it’s difficult to “miss” someone who is still here. Gary has visited me twice in the last 5 days, and I want to share those experiences with you, so you get a sense of this amazing man who still walks amongst us…

My first visit from Gary happened on Saturday

On Saturday, my beautiful sister Susan (who is a Gold leader in Young Living) gifted me with an early Christmas gift…a sound healing with Maetreyii. 

Maetreyii started the session with a Valor Balance – ie. 3 drops of Valor into her right palm, rotated 3 times clockwise under my right foot, then 3 drops of Valor into her left palm, rotated 3 times clockwise under my left foot. And then she stood with her arms crossed, and her right palm under my right foot, her left palm under my left foot. She held like that until my energy was balanced, and I was in a deep state of relaxation. 

Gary Young created the Valor Balance – it had come to him in a dream, so it seems very appropriate that we started the session in this way. A Valor Balance can be integrated into any other modality, as a beautiful way to invite the receiver into a deep state of relaxation and “being”. 

From there, I just kept spiraling deeper and deeper into my inner Self…..and suddenly, in the corner of the room, there was Gary. He was standing with a cheeky grin on his face, as if he had just been waiting for me to notice that he was there. 

Gary always had a wonderful sense of humour and fun, and cheekiness. I was struck by how well he looked. I followed Gary around the world for 20 years, so I watched him go through many transformations within himself. 

On Saturday, his hair was dark, he was muscular and toned, and he was wearing a red T-shirt with a collar, and dark trousers. He looked very much as he does in this picture on the left. 

And he opened his arms and I ran into them for a big “Gary hug”, and it was like two friends who are overjoyed to see each other after such a long period of absence.

Did you know Gary was a body building champion in Utah? 

He became inspired to train after meeting US actor Steven Seagal, who had worked with Gary on some early formulations of PowerMeal (Young Living’s original protein powder), and at whose request Gary had created Trauma Life oil blend, to assist those who were going through periods of emotional turbulence.  

So when I saw Gary on Saturday, he appeared as he had looked in those days – strong, healthy, muscular and toned. 

My second visit from Gary happened this morning… 

I’ve been waking before dawn each morning to go out and “sun gaze”. I drive to a nearby grassy knoll, and sit on my Young Living yoga mat and greet the morning sun as she rises above the horizon. I sit in silence and gratitude, and then – when I feel ready – I begin my morning affirmations, visualising that which I’m committed to bringing into my life. 

I met Gary just before dawn this morning, this time in a vivid dream. I have many wonderful adventures in my dreams, and I often find myself resolving things in my dreams that I cannot resolve in my waking life, especially when it comes to relationships. 

In this particular dream, I had been at a Young Living event with a friend of mine, and we’d been away from the group and arrived back just as the bus departed. In other words, we’d missed our ride. I was just processing the consequences of having missed our bus, when Mary Young turned up with Jacob and Josef. And a few moments later, Gary turned up in a vehicle. 

We were welcome to ride with them, so all was not lost.

This amazing friendliness that I experienced from Gary and Mary in my dream reminded me of how warm hearted they have always been towards our Young Living members, myself included. We really are one amazing big family. 

I still remember when Noel and I were on our honeymoon, and we rocked up at the Young Living farm at St Maries (Idaho) for a visit, and Gary and Mary were there at the same time, celebrating Mary’s 60th birthday. We had a memorable day having a picnic and white water rafting with them. They simply would never have allowed us to be there and not feel like treasured guests and welcome family. 

And do you know what’s really uncanny? I went hunting for some pics for today’s bulletin, and I came across a pic in my honeymoon photo album…and in it, Gary was wearing a red T-shirt and dark trousers, just as he had been on Saturday when I saw him during my sound healing. I wonder if he knew I’d find that pic!

These pics below show the love that Gary showered on us at the 2013 Diamond Retreat in Oman. They show his enormous heart, and how present he was with people. We all felt very loved by him, and we knew how much it meant to him that we came along on these adventures with him.  

Anyway, back to my dream…..

Gary was thrilled to see me (yet again), and he pulled a metal case out of his pocket and presented it to me as a gift. As I opened it, here’s what I saw….

It was something he carried with him in his pocket, so he always had his oils on hand. It contained three or four 2 ml bottles of a few different precious oils. I woke before I could find out what the oils were, although knowing Gary they would have included Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense, and Idaho Balsam Fir – two of his most-loved oils. 

Normally our bottles are amber in colour, as this better protects the oils from sun exposure, which can degrade the precious compounds and the “fingerprint” of the oil. However, in my dream the oils were in clear glass bottles, so I could see the essential oil floating in the bottles. 

There was also a small metal clip that was engraved. It was about 2cm x 2cm (half an inch x half an inch), and it had engraving on it. I knew in the dream that it had meaning to Gary because of where he had obtained it, not because of its functionality. 

Gary was always traveling to the most far-away, amazing places….whether that was visiting the Shamans in the Amazon forest to learn more about their medicinal plants, or traveling into Yemen with his troop of armed guards, or talking to the local Tarahumara people to understand the secrets to their amazing longevity. He was an adventurer at heart, and learned his skills from hands-on experience, and not from books. 

A mysterious oil blend… 

There was one last item in this beautiful metal case, and that was a 5ml bottle of essential oil. This one had a Young Living label on it, in contrast to the 2ml bottles that floated around it.  

You’re probably well aware of our oil blend called “Harmony”. Harmony was created to balance the chakras and bring us into a state of harmony, not only physically and energetically, but also in our relationships. 

However, this bottle was not one I’d ever encountered before in Young Living. It was called “Harmonious”, and its label was a soft turquoise blue colour like the new Young Living Foundation blend of “One Heart”. After my dream, I’m inspired to play with this blend of “One Heart” a whole lot more, because I feel that this is the blend that was in the bottle labelled “Harmonious”, and I was being shown the real function of this blend. And I know that Gary wants me to fall in love with it, as he loves it. 

One Heart oil blend was created to inspire unity and connection in our communities by opening our hearts to love and service for others. 
Specifically blended to bring people together and help create awareness of The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation, 35% of each wholesale purchase goes to the Foundation to help change the lives of those in need. But based on my dream, I think it does a whole lot more than that!

Its label 
was designed by Anita Perlaza, a graduate of the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. Anita is now studying graphic design. Her mum works at Young Living’s farm in Ecuador, and her father works at the Academy. 

Anita said she was inspired to create the design because “I think that if all people can join and collaborate, we can do great things together.”

This beautiful blend contains Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Lime, Roman Chamomile, Jasmine, Ocotea, Spearmint, Blue Tansy, Camphor Wood oil, Geranium and Frankincense in a base of coconut oil, and it smells absolutely divine. If you live in AU/NZ, this oil blend is presently available while stocks last….if you live in other regions of the world, check your local Young Living website.

I’ve just received a beautiful Raindrop Technique session this afternoon from one of my Young Living friends. So what oil blend did I ask her to include in my session? One Heart, of course….at Gary’s recommendation!!! And I can tell you, it smells absolutely divine!!! This is an oil blend you definitely want to experience. 

Here’s how to order some One Heart oil for yourself….

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If it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve ordered, or if you’ve never set up an account, please reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living. You will need their member number when you place your first order.
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