Abundant April Challenge


I never cease to be amazed by the transformative power of essential oils. As Gary Young – the Founder of Young Living – used to say, “They are the closest thing to God that exists on our Planet”. And I wholeheartedly agree.

From the month when I first started using them way back in September 1998, I saw so many “Wow” experiences that I was intrigued….curious….even perplexed. I’d used essential oils before, but I’d never had results like this. So I travelled the world studying with Gary, and visiting as many farms as I could. It’s brought me a life rich with adventure and passion….and it’s allowed me to recognise that it’s not just “one thing” that makes the Young Living oils unique. It’s “every thing”.

It’s every little step they take that is different to what other brands do. It’s the care of the plants, the soil, the harvest day and time, the temperature of the distiller, the distillation time, the avoidance of any chemicals, the scientific analysis. But even beyond this, it’s Gary Young’s intention. His intuition, his connection to God, his innate knowing about how to blend oils to create a purposeful outcome – all of this is what makes the Young Living oils special. And Abundance oil is one of my absolute favourites.

One of the things I’ve noticed with Abundance oil is that it does something to our energy field. When life isn’t going to plan, it’s like our energy is spiralling in the “wrong” direction, pushing opportunities and goodness and abundance away from us. When we apply Abundance oil and breathe in its magical, spicy aroma, our energy begins spinning in a clockwise (positive) direction. This is how life is meant to be, and this draws those positive experiences directly to us.

I love doing the Abundance Challenge. For the past month, I’ve invited everyone reading my blog to put a drop of Abundance Oil on their wrist every single day, and watch what happens in their life. I’ve chosen some of my favourite stories to share with you last week and this week, I hope you enjoy them!

Could Abundance Oil
change your life like this?

Check out these amazing experiences that our Tribe have had
after just 1 month of using Abundance oil each day…..

Selling our Home


Sahori S. writes: On day 4 of our Abundance Challenge, I found $20 in my pocket. On day 9, our house went to auction. I asked a friend to sprinkle Abundance oil through it in the morning, and I also did an Abundance meditation…and voila!!!

We sold our home for $20,000 over our reserve!!!!



Manifesting $$$


Helen D. writes: As soon as I saw The Abundance Challenge announced, I set an intention to attract abundance in the form of at least $10,000. I began applying Abundance oil the next morning to my wrists, and added a drop of Acceptance oil over the top.

Two weeks after starting the challenge, I received a message that I was to receive $20,000 as part of an inheritance that I was not initially included in.

I couldn’t believe it!!! The funds were transferred in two payments (both during the month of the Abundance Challenge). Needless to say I placed a couple of extra Young Living orders to celebrate. I love the way these magical oils work – but I am now convinced more than ever that when you use them with intention, their power is magnified.


Kristine F. writes: Yesterday I decided I must go and sign my tax return for last year, before I get some kind of penalty.

Now I’m very, very excited and surprised as I discovered I’m getting a tax refund!!! I’m sooooooo grateful!


Painting with Abundance


Sarah L. writes: Rob and I just got through a major renovation – new kitchen, new floors and of course the whole house was painted.

You should have seen the painter’s face when I asked him if I could put some Abundance Oil in his paint.

He nearly had a fit and said if it goes all streaky it is not his fault. So all 4 painters looked at me as if I was mad as I poured this beautiful blend into the paint. Now all our walls and ceilings are filled with Abundance!

Young Living Success

Gina M writes:I’m absolutely in love with the Abundance oil as part of my EVERY MORNING routine. This blend is a MUST for everyone!!! How can it get any better than this??? Here’s what has happened for me:
  • More new team members in one month than ever before!
  • Highest OGV in over a year!
  • New leaders emerging in my beautiful team!
  • More clarity in my own thinking
  • More energy to get ALL my tasks done
  • New friendships, and
  • More JOY in my heart than ever!!! …and this month is not even 1/2 way yet!!


Kristy W. writes: I’ve been doing the Abundant April Challenge and I kid you not, this is the result so far.

I’ve stepped/smashed out of my comfort zone and now have 3 new team members so far, and I still have a few people I’m wanting to connect with.

I’ve grown to 6 in my team. Elizabeth hit Star in her first full month in Young Living, and I just went Star this afternoon. I can’t wait to see how far we go!


Maria M. writes: In our 2020 Abundance challenge,  this oil bought me so many new members in the month of July. In fact, I signed up 9 people, which was one of my biggest months ever. I was using Abundance oil every single day, and I owe it to this blend.




Marjaneh B. writes: I’ve been applying Abundance oil on my wrist and heart since the first day of April. I’m a registered nurse working in aged care. I suggested to my boss that we use essential oils to clear the air, and they agreed to purchase some Purification, Eucalyptus, Thieves and a couple of diffusers. At work I always have a few bottles of essential oil in my pocket, and my colleagues always look forward to me coming on duty so they can enjoy the uplift from whatever essential oil I am carrying in my pockets on that day.

During the Abundance challenge I approached our CEO, and she’s agreed to purchase Starter Kits and Eucalyptus oil for 16 of their Aged Care homes!


Caroline M. writes: After I started the Abundance Challenge, things happened which have not happened to me before. After sharing about the oils on my Facebook page, lots of strangers have approached to learn more, or to seek advice. I even had an organisation approach me to work together with them and help spread the message of the oils, including to people who are having financial challenges. Some items that I was trying to sell online (and which weren’t selling) all of a sudden found buyers.

But overall, if I missed a day of wearing Abundance oil, I felt like I was missing out on something, and so I’d go and put it on when I remembered.

A Winning Streak


Sally S. writes: I have to say that Abundance oil is one of my favourite blends.

It’s brought me a lot of luck in winning things over the years – in fact, I’ve had 3 considerably large lotto wins and many smaller ones, and even a Thermomix!

I was told by another oily friend to always layer the Abundance oil with Acceptance oil, to help receive the gifts of Abundance. I put Abundance oil on the bottoms of my feet, so I’m always walking in Abundance!


Bronwyn H. writes: The last few days have been a bit cool and wet, and I thought to myself that maybe I need to buy some new slippers.

I received an email yesterday to say I had won a pair of slippers. It is such a little thing but I feel so humbled by this. I don’t think I have ever won a contest in my life, so to win the slippers just when I needed them was very exciting for me.

I am very grateful for this challenge, and I love the Abundance oil.



Christina T. writes: I have been loving using Abundance oil every day. What an incredible journey it has been!!!

Over the last two weeks since using Abundance oil, I won an Instagram competition, I won a $100 gift card, I purchased a brand new car and I had my first wholesale customer join Young Living!!!





Leanne M. writes: I lost my job last December due to the Education Department mandates. I was wondering where to next. Having loved alternative therapies, I studied crystal healing and Reiki around 18 years ago and have always dreamed of opening my own business one day. Then I thought, “Why can’t I start now and do something I love doing, ie. Helping people heal their own bodies and work through the emotions that cause illness, using crystals and Reiki?”

Well, I opened my new business last week and had two client bookings within days. I am so excited to be heading down a new path.

I have been using Abundance on my wrists every day and I so love the smell. It has really worked for me.


Helen B. writes: I used Abundance, Acceptance and Gratitude oil by individually placing 3 drops into my palm and circling three times clockwise, then applying to my wrists, heart and neck while saying an affirmation with each oil. I felt empowered and confident, and faced each day with a positive attitude.

I wore Abundance oil to a job interview which I absolutely nailed. The next day I received a phone call to tell me I was successful!


Christina T. writes: Since starting the Abundance Challenge, I contacted a company about a job advertisement I had seen.

They organised an online interview and when we met for the interview they let me know straight away that they loved my resume and I had the job!

Within days I was contacted about a couple of other job offers as well. I’ve ended up with three housesitting jobs consecutively, which has not only led to more work opportunities, but I have also been able to meet some wonderful people and build new connections with both humans and animals.

Friendships & Relationships


Liesje V. writes: Most of the time, Abundance oil attracts money and prosperity. But this time, I got a new friendship as a present. More than a year ago, Miss Kitty came to say “Hi” in the parking lot. But the past few weeks she’s been enjoying coming into our little garden, and bringing some extra peace and love with her.




Suzi F. writes: I have been wearing Abundance oil every day this month, and have had the most incredible gain. I fell out with my best friend over 12 years ago, and we have tried many times to heal old wounds but we couldn’t. If anything, things kept getting worse. I reached out to her again this month and it’s happened!!!

My best friend and I have regained our truest, deep and genuine friendship. I am so incredibly happy, I had lost hope of it ever happening, and it has. I’m so grateful.


K. P. writes: I have never participated in an Oil Challenge in my almost 5 years as an Oiler – but this one piqued my interest. I was completely ready to abandon myself to Abundance oil, and knew I would be immensely grateful for any influences it would share with me.

Above all, my marriage of 30 years this year was all but over…..but in the past 2 weeks since starting on the Abundance Challenge, we are finally communicating again with kindness and respect, so I have renewed hope we will reconnect and rebuild what we have.

There were so many positives that came out of doing the challenge. Here are some of the other highlights:

• Day 2 – I had 3 people express their gratitude to me for the work I am doing in the Community.
• Day 4 – I helped a stranger in the Pharmacy with some tablets he needed…as he walked out the door he stopped to say, “Even with your mask on, you’ve totally made my day!!!” Wow!
• Day 5 – I won The Oil Temple’s weekly prize for my “Spender or Saver” post.
• Day 11 – As I left work, I had a car going past me suddenly pull over. The driver called out my name and mentioned it’s been so long since he has seen me, but he had to stop to tell me just how amazingly beautiful I look!! Wow, haha!! (Meeee????!!!!)

Saving Money on the Things I love


Maetreyii D. writes: Wow, the amount of the abundance I have manifested is seriously immense! And Abundance oil has really helped me shift my energy. Before starting the challenge, I was focusing on what’s lacking and a fear of losing and clinging onto things physically and energetically. Since using the Abundance oil each day, I now have confidence within myself that I WILL manifest what I need, and that abundance is all around me. Thanks Abundance oil for shifting my energy and changing my life! Here are some of the wonderful things that have happened to me:

• I’ve increased my number of tutoring students from 14 to 28!
•v I have welcomed 4 very special sound instruments into my life – a 16 inch and a 20 inch crystal singing bowl, a hand drum and a tongue drum. The two drums were discounted $600 in the music shop, and the crystal singing bowls I bought second hand and saved over $1000. Absolutely amazing!
• I’ve begun renting a room in a wellness centre in Maleny, and I’ve connected with a gym owner who wants me to do weekly group sound healings in his gym. Wow!!!!


Christina T. writes: On a shopping trip where I needed new shoes and bras, I managed to find 3 bras in my size, all discounted, saving over $100. The last pair of shoes in a particular style of my favourite brand were in my size, and discounted to $19! When purchasing a paddle board for a gift, when I added it to my shopping cart, instead of adding $50, it turned out they had a deal which led to me saving an extra $50! I am so glad I purchased Abundance oil and started using it on a daily basis.


Kylie C. writes: My husband said recently that he wanted to get an old-style lawn mower, which is worth $2,300 restored. Our neighbour found one and is doing it up to gift it to him. Then a client of ours offered his beach shack at Yorke Peninsula as a gift to our family to stay for a few nights. And finally, I got offered to attend a whole food challenge course as a gift. It’s normally $400. I’m blown away from just a month of using this oil every day!


Anna D. writes: We ordered a new bed at the end of the summer break, which was to be shipped to us. We did not hear anything for months, so in early April I thought I’d better check what was going on. It turned out someone else had snapped up the last bed, and we’d now have to wait until August! I was polite and friendly, but let them know that I did not want to wait. The guy said he would see what he could do for us – and a few days later he called me and said we will get the bed we looked at initially for the same price, and that it would be delivered by the end of the next week! It was $1000 more expensive than the bed we had ordered, and had been out of our price bracket. When I proceeded to order our mattress from somewhere else, I got a $300 discount!

An Abundance of Kindness


Sue P. writes: I applied Abundance oil before a big farm audit that I was nervous about. When the auditor started, he advised me that I’d done the wrong version! I was devastated, as I’d put in so much time and effort. He could have walked away right then and there, and rescheduled the audit (which would have cost me a lot of money). But no – he was amazing and helped me correct all my mistakes!!! I was so grateful that I applied Abundance oil that morning.


Inner Strength



Tazmia W. writes: I can’t explain, but the Abundance oil makes me feel different. It makes me feel that l can achieve anything.





Mel B. writes: When we think of Abundance, most of us would like an abundance of money, and I’m no different. However, my story is not about money. On 3rd April, I headed to the Gold Coast with my fiancé and granddaughter. My fiancé and I were celebrating 5 years together. But a few days later, everything fell apart. At first I thought OMG this Abundance oil is not working, it’s not bringing me an abundance of money. In fact, quite the opposite as I had to organise unexpected accommodation for myself and my granddaughter, and was feeling disheartened. Then Sophie (from The Oil Temple) pointed out about making an abundance of memories, and it changed my thinking from negative to positive. I helped my granddaughter move into new accommodation in Surfers Paradise. We had the BEST time and made so many great memories together, and totally enjoyed the rest of our holiday together.

Now that I’m back home again, Abundance oil has given me the courage and strength to stick to my guns and totally separate from my now former partner. It has given me the strength to see my value and see that I deserve only the best, ie. to always be treated with respect.

I’m now living alone for the first time since I was 22 (now 50). I have no partner, no kids and I’m really enjoying living my life for me and only me for the first time in a long time. Thank you Abundance oil for helping to give me my inner strength and courage to move forward with my head held high. I will continue to wear my Abundance oil every day.

An Abundance of Goodness


Joke M. writes: Abundance oil brought us time off when we needed time off, more clients when we needed more money, love, friendship, health. It brought us what we needed when we needed it. We are so happy with the results!!!

Best of all, after 10 years in our old home we have found and bought a house with land for the horses and a Practice space for me.

A lot of good things happened to make this possible – we had good news from the bank, we have nice neighbours, we’re a lot closer to the school. And now we know what oil to use when we are selling our old home!


Kate C. writes: The Abundance Challenge was just the clean slate I needed for April. Each day I’d put a drop on my wrists, take a big sniff and then run my hands through my hair to envelope myself in the gorgeous aroma. The first week I discovered I’d been shortlisted for permanency in my current dream job where I have been on short term contracts for the last two and a half years (and it’s since been announced that I’ve won the role)!

Then we took a flight to Melbourne. I’ve been on a weight loss journey and for the first time in 20+ years I walked into a ‘normal’ shop (Sportsgirl) and bought a jacket that actually fit me….and it was 30% off!! Bargain!

When we turned up to the airport to fly back home, the board said ‘flight cancelled’. Oh no! The staff gave us a $50 voucher and said come back in half an hour and we’ll see what we can do. Well, they managed to upgrade us from the budget airline we’d booked on to a Qantas flight just 2 hours later, complete with onboard meal and wifi (a small win but made for a more relaxing trip home, on the same day as scheduled). While we waited to board, we used our remaining vouchers at the little shop near the gate. They had 75% off the sandwiches so we managed to get food, snacks and a magazine, and by the time we used our vouchers we only needed to pay 95 cents in cash!

Another bargain! When we arrived home, our 3 neighbours made a point of coming out and yelling a lovely, slightly tipsy “Welcome home!” from across the street – I’m so grateful to have neighbours who are also our friends.

Oh, and did I mention that my husband literally found a $50 note dropped on the street on his way to work on Friday? It’s now the end of my holidays, but I don’t dread going back to work. Instead I am happy, healthy, full of memories and thankful to have done this challenge. Give it a go! Abundance comes in many forms. Have a wonderful day!

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