Abundant August Testimonials


I ran a special challenge in August called “Abundant August”. To be in the challenge, you just needed to put one drop of Young Living’s Abundance oil on your wrists every day. Even from day 1, the results were amazing!

It’s so simple! One drop is all it takes to change your life for the better. 

I collated all the many stories that poured in over the month, and I’ve selected the best of the best for this week’s bulletin. I wanted to showcase a broad variety of stories, from the financial to the emotional to the eclectic. 

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the read…..and of course, every month can be an Abundant month, so just because August has come and gone, you don’t need to stop this sacred anointing. Enjoy the read!

Selling a Home or Land?

Nicole Y. writesFor months we’ve been preparing my Dad’s house to sell. Most people doubted it would go for over a million. I placed Abundance oil in my Thieves Household Cleaner, and sprayed all the walls the day before it went onto the market. On the 8th August, we had the first open house. I set up the diffusers with Purification and 1 drop of Abundance oil in each. The buyer made an offer that day and it was well above a mill!!! I freaking LOVE Abundance oil!!!

Nicole A. writes: Since starting on our Abundant August, my online side business has made a nice little profit and a block of land I have had on the market for a while just sold at full asking price with a cash offer and 30 day settlement. 

Margit K. writes: We’ve been renovating our new home. One afternoon in August, we had a talk with our 2 builders regarding finances and debt and lack of income. I gave them both a drop of Abundance oil. Two days later we met up again on our building site, and only 1 of the builders was present. It turned out the other builder was at the solicitors. He had received an unexpected offer the day before from people wanting to buy his newly renovated holiday house. He was thinking of putting it on the market in a couple of years, but this offer was over 1 million, and too good to be true. In fact, it let him clear all of his debt. I got tears in my eyes, and ran back to the car to get my Gratitude oil. 

Sahori S. writes: Big win with our Abundance challenge! In this difficult climate, everybody around me said it was impossible, but we sold our house that had been on the market for 6 months!!!!!!

Unexpected Surprises

Jen G. writes: I put my Abundance oil on this morning, then called the bank to negotiate a lower interest rate on my home loan. They agreed, and it’s a big saving for me. Then I received a message about my tax return. It turns out I overpaid, so I’m receiving a refund – more than double what I expected!!! Then I remembered about an old bank account. I checked it today, and it had $400 in it that I had totally forgotten about!

Emma I. writes: Today my supervisor called me in to his office. He had an annual bonus for me. I wasn’t expecting it, as I’ve worked for this company for under 12 months. But based on my performance and contribution to the team, he made a special request on my behalf to have a pro-rata payment, and management agreed!!! 

Artemis writes: I’m wearing my Abundance oil, and I received an unexpected $2038 tax refund! 

Michelle M. writes: I have my husband joining me on the Challenge. On day 1 of the challenge he opened his work email to find he had been given an award for outstanding work on a large project, which included $300 as a thank you. 

Lynnie C. writes: My bank balance has $7400 of unexpected money in it. But that’s not all – I’ve just been upgraded from a 4 star to a 5 star hotel, and I’ve gained more clients! 

Kevin E. writes: I ordered my Abundance oil, and it hasn’t yet arrived. Today, a monthly payment I receive was increased by $500! Then I called Telstra for a $42 refund on a closed account, and they found another closed account from 17 years ago, so now I get an $88 refund. I can’t wait for the oil to arrive if the vibe is this powerful! 

Annetta H. writes: I received my Abundance oil yesterday. Within half an hour of applying it, I received a phone call saying I have overpaid nearly $300 in child care fees, and am owed a refund. How amazing is that! 

Positive Thinking

Lou C. writes: For me, Abundance has been all about flipping negatives thoughts and feelings into positive ones. It’s almost an instantaneous reaction after applying it to my wrists. 

Kym H. writes: I’ve enjoyed an attitude adjustment wearing Abundance oil on my heart and wrist each day. I’m happy to let go of “stuff” in my home that I don’t need. I love all my treasures, but it’s time for others to enjoy them. 

Amazing in Business…

Kym H writes: I diffuse Abundance oil at work, and my customers follow the scent. They love it, and we share our stories of creativity and life. They say they feel calm and nurtured while enjoying the natural fabrics and clothing and spend more than they intended to. We all have a laugh about that! Thankyou Abundance Oil. 

Roz T. writes: After I started wearing Abundance oil, my distributor sold $1,070.26 of my products, these being Oracles and Tarot Cards. If you add up the numbers in that amount, you get 1+7, then 2+6 = 8.8. Pretty cool! 

Discounts & Savings

Jody M. writes: I oiled up before going to town today. We had to acquire a couple of big ticket items and we received some very good and appreciated discounts.

Star writes: My electricity bill came, and it was $21 when normally it is over $300! Amazing! Then when I went to make dinner, I realised I was out of food and my friend rang to ask me to dinner at their place, so lovely! 

Helping others Win!

Donna E. writes: I forgot to apply my Abundance oil this morning. I was watching my AFL team and they weren’t doing well. I jumped up to pop my Abundance oil on…….WELL……while I was putting it on, my beloved team went on a kicking spree and ended up WINNING. Hmmmm coincidence or not, I’m putting it down to Abundance oil! 

Flying Colours in Study

Adam J. writes: Yesterday, I received the results of my first assessment from a course I have been so intimidated to take, and I got a grade of “Distinction”! But that’s not all. Since starting on our Abundant August challenge, between my tax return, investments and contractual jobs the financial abundance has been absolutely “blossoming”?! Tomorrow, I have my first job in months, and I am so excited! There’s no possible way to express my appreciation of this blend to a cynic without being locked away, but all I can say is, “just try it!” 

Young Living Ranks

Jenny F. writes: It has been an amazing month of abundance for our Young Living team. We set goals to achieve Silver this month. With grit and determination we pushed through. We worked hard, applied our Abundance oil, and prayed for it to happen…and we did it today! It was tears of joy for us all, and I admit I’ve applied Abundance oil to my wrists and heart every single day this month. Our OGV went from 6,000 last month, to 14,000 this month! 

Georgia S. writes: 1 hour after posting a video on Facebook about Abundance oil, I ranked up to Senior Star! Even sharing about the oil works. – Georgia Lotus Sutra

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