Are you craving more energy, better sleep and a trim body? It’s easy…


I was so excited to participate in Young Living’s 14 day RESET which ran from 10th to 24th June, 2024. I decided not to keep all the fun for myself, so I made this a team challenge, and was thrilled to have 180 people jump on board with me. 

The purpose of this RESET is to transform our health in some very powerful ways, simply by:

1. Drinking 120ml of Young Living’s essential oil-infused Superjuice called NingXia Red, 3 times a day for the first 3 days, then drinking 60ml of NingXia Red, 3 times a day for the next 11 days. 

2. Increase our levels of hydration, so we were drinking half our body weight in ounces of water each day. 

3. Enjoy half an hour of “body movement” (ie. fun exercise) each day, and

4. To stay off processed foods and adopt a healthier eating regime, regardless of our eating preferences (ie. whole foods, vegan, paleo, keto, etc.)

I was soooooo excited to find out the results, that I invited my team to share. That’s what this bulletin is all about. If you are inspired to up the ante on your health so you can live at a higher energy (both physically and emotionally), this is a great way to kick-start that process. 

Young Living currently runs these 14 day RESETs every month, so if you want to know how to get onto the next one, contact us and we’ll send you the information. 

But before we get to these AMAZING testimonials, please click on the green button below this next image to find out if you are our lucky winner of a year’s supply (24 bottles) of NingXia Red!!!!

14 Day RESET Testimonials

I lost 2.5kg & my headaches have gone!!!

Alycia M. writes: I was already sitting near my ideal weight at the start of the 14 day RESET, yet I still managed to lose another 2.5 kg over the RESET. My skin looks better, my headaches have gone, and my energy is great. 

I’m feeling fitter, leaner and overall better wellness and mindset. I’ve also been making better food choices, especially around late night snacking.

Instead of reaching for chips or chocolate once the kids are in bed, I’ve been having a mug of soup or homemade popcorn with coconut oil and a pinch of Himalayan Salt. I’ve also made better food choices when I’m out on the weekend, without feeling like I’m missing out. 

Having NingXia Red and water in the form of the Red Drink is a non-negotiable for me, even though people think I’m carrying around a bottle of wine. I feel the benefits from the Red Drink, so it’s been a no brainer to make it part of my daily routine. What the 14 day RESET has given me is the added value of a better lifestyle, and more conscious food choices.

My sleep % went from 30% to 80%, and I’m waking refreshed

Conny L. writes: I use a special watch to track my sleep patterns. Before the challenge, my sleep % was between 25 and 35%. I did a similar NingXia Red challenge with my upline Carolien right before your one, and my sleep % improved to 50 to 65%. 

After doing the 14 day RESET with you, my sleep % was sitting between 75 to 85%. I’ve never seen my sleep % as high as this…EVER! And it meant I was waking up feeling refreshed, not tired. 

Then when I’d have my afternoon NingXia Red, I’d experience another energy boost. I also noticed a great improvement in my mental state and my attitude. I’ll definitely be doing the 14 day RESET every couple of months.

I lost 9cm overall & was motivated to change

Margaret D. writes: I feel amazing, and I changed more than I thought I would!

I lost 1 kg, reduced my various body measurements by 9 cm overall, and I slept better and longer, with less wakeful periods. 

I also noticed that I felt motivated to change my habits, so I halved my coffee intake, I moved my body more, and I followed a clean eating diet wherever I could. I’m definitely doing this again!!

Type 2 Diabetes:
Less pain, no fluid retention, better blood sugar & I lost over 2kg

Kathryn Q. writes: I’m a big 60 year old lady with type 2 diabetes. Recently (due to stress and eating poorly) my blood glucose readings have been really high.

I needed to do something right away so I started a grain-free eating regime 3 weeks before the 14 day RESET commenced.

I lost 4-5 kg’s in those 3 weeks and was feeling better within myself.

My blood glucose levels had dropped but I lacked energy and enthusiasm, the way you feel when you’re about to give up on something you know is good for you. 

That was until I started the 14 day RESET.

I can’t believe the difference in how I feel in just 2 weeks!!! I have so much more energy, I have lost another 2+kgs, my digestion seems better with less bloating, I sleep better, my pain levels are lower, no more fluid retention, and my blood sugars have improved immensely. Yea haa!!

I’m so glad to have included the 14 day RESET in my health journey. I am a lot happier and so motivated to continue. It was the missing link I’ve been looking for.

My energy went from a 3 to an 8, and my skin is glowing!

Vanessa H. writes: I am so pleased I joined the 14 day RESET. My energy levels have boosted from a 3 to at least an 8, to the point that I’ve started back at KX Pilates. It’s the first time in such a long time that I’ve felt motivated to do it, even though I typically enjoy it. 

My biggest surprise is the condition of my skin. I have a lot fewer lines and now I have a natural and beautiful colour tone. 

Everyone is commenting on how good my skin looks. I don’t wear makeup (only lipstick from time to time), so I’m thrilled.

My “side swimming bands” have disappeared & bloating is gone

Trui D. writes: The 14 day RESET came at the perfect time for me.  

My energy levels have increased by 25%. This is quite an achievement, considering I still have bouts of fatigue since my burnout 8 years ago.

During the RESET, I’ve exercised more and drunk more water. To be honest, these were things that had faded into the background of my life, so it was great to bring them to the forefront again.

As a result, my “side swimming bands” have disappeared, the bloating is gone, and I’ve lost more than 1 kg in 14 days! I’ll be back at the next RESET!!!

My hair grew faster and thicker, and feels so smooth!

Sandra G. writes: I’m 44 years old, and it’s exam time for me in my Bachelor’s Degree. My energy levels were already up from a previous NingXia Challenge, but on the 14 day RESET I decided to take my NingXia Red in the form of the Red Drink….and it really helped.

I noticed such a change in my hair! Suddenly it started growing faster, feeling smoother and looking thicker. That’s how I know it works!

My skin feels hydrated and the dry spots have disappeared

Ingrid D. writes: I noticed so many changes from the 14 day RESET. I started to feel unwell on day 2, like I was coming down with something. But it was over by the next day (so quick!). Now I know what to do when I feel a bit run down. Truly spectacular!!!

It is definitely great for people with dry skin. My skin now feels hydrated, and the dry spots have disappeared

I have plenty of energy, great sleep, and I’m in a super good mood. I lost 1kg, with a drop of 3cm from my waist and 4cm from my hips. I can see and feel it! NingXia Red really is a miracle drink that I never want to lose.

So emotionally balancing that I wasn’t tempted to binge-eat

Sue P. writes: My biggest gift from the 14 Day Reset is how I’ve been able to function at a higher level emotionally. I can easily become overwhelmed when I have too many things on my plate or when I’m not sure how to handle something. That leads me to emotionally binge eat, and avoid the issue and not get anything done. Well I have totally amazed myself with what I have achieved in the time during this 14 Day Reset! AND with energy to spare!!

What normally would have set me off on emotional binge eating and total overwhelm has been kept under control and for that I am super grateful.

While I have my NingXia Red each and every day, going forward when life is a bit crazy and throwing me curved balls, the first thing I will be doing is increasing my NingXia Red intake to help support me in a beautiful, natural way.

My heartburn and bloating reduced

Chris T. writes: I noticed many changes during the 14 day RESET: better energy, less fatigue, better sleep and better digestion. My joint pain did not disappear overnight, but it was bearable, and I had more flexibility. Although I didn’t shed any kilos, I did shed 8 cm. I had less heartburn and less bloating after meals, and better colon-activity.

What’s most amazing is what the RESET did for my quality of sleep. I use a fitbit tracker at night to track sleep, and there was definitely a noticeable shift, which I’m very happy about.

It gave me immediate energy after my operation

Francisca D. writes: I decided to participate in the 14 day RESET because I knew I had an operation coming up. Compared to previous operations, I had immediate energy after this one. By the next day I was already up and about. 

My goal of 500 steps a day also worked out well. I didn’t lose any weight, but I did lose cm in size, which I’m very happy about.

I now know that if I ever have to have surgery again, I can go on the 14 day RESET to get back to feeling great again, very quickly.

The life force returned to my eyes & my tummy is flat!

Kara M. writes: As a mum of two, I am usually always sleep deprived and run down, stressed and anxious. As a result I often avoid looking in the mirror, and when I do, I often don’t recognise myself. Some days I feel like the life force in my eyes is very low.

After a day or two of being on the RESET, I noticed the life force returning to my eyes. It is amazing, and I love my shining eyes!!!

I also sadly lost all of my long lush hair at the start of this year from a serious illness, and this RESET has helped it grow back faster and stronger and thicker. It’s given me a happy flat tummy (IBS sufferer over here), improved my energy, my sleep and my mood, cleared up my skin and made me feel better overall. 

Increased energy & my joints are so much happier!

Wendy K. writes: I have really enjoyed these two weeks of the 14 day RESET..almost like a wave of enjoyment and fulfilment has washed over me. 

My biggest result from the 14 day RESET is that my joints are so much happier. This combined with my increased energy levels have made my walks so much more enjoyable. 

With the help of watching what I ate and being mindful of how much and when I ate, I now have no more bloating!!! 

Starting back on NingXia Red – WOW I  can feel the difference!

Lucinda W. writes: I didn’t think I would see much of a result from the 14 day RESET, but I have!!! I’ve had more energy and felt less stress, I have been sleeping better and waking much clearer in the mornings. 

To be honest I had completely let my daily Ningxia Red shots slide, and hadn’t realized what a difference they make to my body daily. They say you sometimes need to stop something to really assess its benefits!!! 

I will NOT be letting this simple daily habit slide again……see you for the next RESET!!!!

My heart & lungs have benefitted so much

Grace C. writes: Even though I have been taking Ningxia Red every day for years now, I eagerly accepted the 14 day RESET challenge to be more accountable to myself and others. 

I have especially enjoyed the addition of planned body workouts, and appreciated nature all around me on my walks. 

My BMI, weight and size has remained stable, but I’ve noticed how much my lungs and heart have benefitted from the RESET. I feel stronger and better.

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