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love doing the Abundance Challenge. For the past 2 months, I’ve invited everyone reading my blog to put a drop of Abundance Oil on their wrist every single day, and watch what happens in their life.

One of the things I’ve noticed with Abundance oil is that it does something to our energy field. When life isn’t going to plan, it’s like our energy is spiralling in the “wrong” direction, pushing opportunities and goodness and abundance away from us. When we apply Abundance oil and breathe in its magical, spicy aroma, our energy begins spinning in a clockwise (positive) direction. This is how life is meant to be, and this draws those positive experiences directly to us. That’s why the single oils contained in the Abundance oil blend are ones that the Egyptian Pharaohs used to attract prosperity.

I use Abundance oil if I’m going into any kind of conflict situation, or if I’m negotiating to buy or sell something….or if I just need an uplift. It’s one of my absolute favourite oils. For me, the Abundance Challenge has catalysed a lot of positive changes on a personal development level, and it’s brought some surprise Young Living connections into my life – ones that were soooooo easy, where people immediately knew they wanted some oils!

Scroll down to read a selection of the many amazing stories we were sent as part of our Abundance Challenge, highlighting the variety of large and small ways that Abundance can show up in our life when we are using Abundance Oil.

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1. We’ve now booked 3 holidays for the year!

Emma P. writes:

I used Abundance oil on my wrists every day of the Abundance Challenge, and will continue to do so! Several changes occurred while using the oil but will discuss my top 3.

I enrolled 3 new members into my Young Living business in August. Two of these ladies I had never met before! They both enrolled to become members, as well as one of our employees from another business. An abundance of gratitude was gifted to me with the education, knowledge and support I was giving them.

2. My partner and I have been in business for 17 years and had always talked about having a manager running out the front as my husband and myself can only do so much and are getting pulled in every direction. A shift is now being created, and we have made the decision to employ a manager to help create an abundance of growth, organisation, money and efficiency in our business.

3. Though to some this may sound quite small, this last one is major for me! Due to many staff having time off on holidays my husband has been working around the clock working 7 days a week, 18 plus hours per day! My patience was wearing thin as everyone else is having time away but as business owners we are stuck. Then abundance appeared…. We have since booked 3 holidays for this year and next, which is unheard of for us as we always do things last minute! I want an abundance of memories spent with my family on holidays together!

2. A free ticket, new team members, and 17 new oils!

Lucy W. writes:

My story begins with joining Young Living a mere 5 months ago when I met Toni B. through our children’s relationship (aww cute!!).

Being in the very early stages of my journey, the abundance happened for me rapidly!!

I didn’t have the Abundance oil to begin with, I had a spritzer spray with Abundance oil in it, made for me by Toni – she is such a beautiful soul and so generous with her time and love and with her sharing of the oils that I hadn’t yet had a chance to buy this beautiful oil for myself!

So I was BLOWN AWAY when I had the chance to attend Artemis’ essential oily (incredible, amazing, spine-tingly!!) morning at Landsborough back in June, due to someone else having to pull out and me being gifted their ticket to the event.

Abundance just kept flowing after this… I made Senior Star that month and attracted several new members to my fledgling team. I scored 17 NEW OILS that month (!!!!!) to really get my experience of oils flowing. I got an incredible tax return, booked a holiday to Vietnam, and my relationships all felt so abundant, full of love and laughter!

I now have my own Abundance oil and it is incredible, we have been running women’s connection circles and attracting soulful women who need us. My heart is so full to bursting with passion and purpose after starting with this oil – initially as a spritzer but now with its full effects as an undiluted oil.

3. I received an exciting job offer

Anthony Z. writes:

I had been sitting in what had become a dead end job for the best part of the last 2 years, when I read your post on Abundance oil. I started putting a drop of Abundance oil on my wrists each morning, so throughout each day I would catch a waft of that beautiful, rich aroma. 

A week into doing this, a former colleague of mine got in touch with me to say that she was going on leave, and asked if I would like to fill in for her, in her team.

After speaking to my manager, I agreed and took over Heather’s role when she left the following week. A few days before Heather returned, her manager got in touch with me to say how happy they had been with me, how well I fit into the team, and……drum roll……would I like to stay with the team?

I couldn’t believe how blessed I was. They were, after all, a great team to work with and with plenty of scope for career development. It was at this point, I just happened to catch a whiff of Abundance from my wrist, as if to remind me, and I thought “Ohhhhhh”!

4. I received unexpected $$$ for study I’d done

Emma L. writes:

I’ve been wearing Abundance oil every day. I get so many comments like: “What are you wearing?” or “It smells so good!”

So far, I’ve scored a single room on my upcoming group trip away, and I’ve also discovered I wasn’t getting paid properly at work for extra study I have done, so I got some back-pay for that and am now getting paid correctly. 


5. I became a partner in a Spiritual radio station!

Mandy C. writes:

I started using my Abundance oil as soon as I saw your post. I had been a bit slack about using it on myself… always on others but there you go! Anyway, I started with the intention that things would change and bring to me what was mine by divine right. Well, I am a little overwhelmed in a way! 

Within the week, I was a partner in a spiritual radio station! My daily work has grown and I feel like I am just starting a brand new chapter in my life journey.

Thank you for the reminder Artemis. I have always used Abundance oil, but this challenge has blown me away. The affirmation I use when I apply the Abundance oil is, “All that is mine by divine right comes to me now in avalanches of Abundance under grace in perfect ways.”

6. I smashed my daily budget at work!

Kristy Anne W. writes:

I’ve been doing the Abundance Challenge along with Acceptance oil (to help me receive all that beautiful Abundance), and it was only yesterday that I decided to tell myself, I am abundant and I am successful. 

Yesterday was my first Sunday shift at work and although I was nervous, I did great! I worked from 12pm to 4pm, and we smashed our daily budget!! I did $2,200 just by myself!

Self talk is everything. I feel Abundantly Blessed.

7. I no longer care what people think of me!

Elmerien H. writes:

I thought I would share my story of wearing abundance in August and September and the changes I have seen. 

Normally I’m very hesitant in doing workshops as I’m scared of what people will think about me, but I’m noticing I’m embracing classes more and don’t care what people think anymore!

I definitely feel a positive change in myself and this will help me grow my business. I have now incorporated abundance into my daily routine.

8. An offer on my house, and a win on the lotto

Franczesca M. writes:

I am the recipient of the weekly Oil Temple Tribe prize, times two! Thank you Abundance oil!

I also have received an offer on a property that I have been trying to sell for seven years…..AND I won $111 in lotto. 

It has been a GOOD month.

9. I sold 5 Starter Kits!

Sandra G. writes:

Yesterday I attended a Reflexology convention. They had asked me to be there with my Young Living oils and I decided to use Envision and Abundance all day, you never know … So by the first break in the day, I had already sold 4 Starter Bundles! One woman decided to buy herself a kit and 2 for her children too. 

I sold 5 Young Living Starter Bundles in the end. That has never, ever happened before! I have always struggled to get people to say “Yes”. I sell one kit a month or even in a few months, so this is amazing…

I’m gonna keep wearing these oils, and especially Abundance oil!

10. Abundance Oil is now my signature perfume

Bernice V. writes:

I am writing to share with you how taking your Abundance Challenge has been life-changing. When I first received your email, I’d just been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. After the initial shock wore off, I decided to research and see what else I could do, aside from what conventional medicine offers for this condition.

I started using the Abundance oil as you suggested from that moment on, and in a very wonderful way my world started to change. 

There were many material blessings that started happening. I won a Thermomix class, I won prizes at dancing, there were discounts everywhere, and each time I went shopping everything seemed to be on sale! Wow!. Yet the emotional and spiritual benefits have been even more than abundant. 

I reconnected with family and friends in a much more expansive way and felt blessed when one friend suggested to read a book by Norman Doige on The Brain’s Way of Healing – a book that has a large section on Parkinsons and how to reduce/eliminate symptoms with exercise, detox, saunas, acupuncture, good food, cold showers(!) amongst other things, all designed to increase the production of dopamine.

Not a day goes by without me receiving some new tip or hint, whether it be from a friend, the internet, a book, etc. or remembering that I had in storage since moving house 2 ½ years ago an exercise platform that will now be perfect for improving my circulation. 

I have spent many years as a health professional, and upon telling just a few students/clients of the situation, I have been deeply touched and honoured by the abundance of their kind words and gratitude for the work I do. 

The abundance has even extended to appointments – I received a specialist appointment on a cancellation within 2 days of visiting my GP, an acupuncture appointment the day after, a naturopath appointment to help with detox and Ayurvedic massage to balance my energies, to mention a few. 

I have many books and resources that I’ve collected over the years and daily feel blessed at all the things that can support me now that are just at my fingertips. 

I’ve also won several prizes at ballroom dancing – it seems the Abundance Genie is following me everywhere! 

After months of feeling unwell, it is wonderful to wake up with a smile on my face, ready to embrace the goodness of each day and the joy I now have in existing.  I find delight in daily observing spring buds bursting into flower in my garden and having uplifting conversations everywhere I go, often with complete strangers such as during a 4 hour nature walk yesterday at Monarto Safari Park.

So thank you, I am grateful for your suggestion which has allowed me to truly receive many blessings and believe in miracles.  I plan to continue using Abundance Oil as my signature perfume! 

11. The only thing I did differently was to use Abundance oil!

Nicole B. writes:

In April 2020 I participated in an Abundance Challenge with the lovely Maria J. and ended up with the very surprising purchase of a house. We weren’t ready but were so extremely grateful for the opportunity and took it on knowing we could make it work (the house was on our 5 year plan but obviously I’m great at manifestation)! Little did we know that by September of that same year, just as we had to start paying a huge mortgage, I lost my job.

The last 3 years without that extra income has been quite an adjustment. The bank said they had lent us over $200,000 more than they should have, and now my wage was gone, so as you can imagine, we have been living from pay cheque to pay cheque. Every second Wednesday (the day before my husband’s pay day) I would be hanging out for that next pay. The days leading up to it would be very lean, to say the least, having to watch where every cent was being spent. 

And then …… along comes our 2023 Abundance Challenge. Now I will add here that I have been doing lots of extra work with Affirmations this month to go along with my oil application. I collected together a basket of crystals that are well known to attract Abundance for my oil to sit in, and started the challenge by placing the crystals under the full moon on 1st August.

The crystals are helping to amplify the awesome energy of this oil and I love that the oil has this very special little nest to sit in. 

So yesterday was pay day and for the first time in 3 years:

  • I still had half a tank of petrol!
  • My freezer is chock a block FULL of food!
  • My fridge and cupboards are full of food!
  • We still had over $200 in the bank!

Don’t ask me how this abundance has happened, the sums don’t add up and nothing else has changed except my affirmations and Abundance oil every day!!

I really feel like I have turned a corner. Yes we live on one wage but I can bring abundance to our lives in magical ways. The Universe is providing me with abundance, I don’t need to know how it’s coming, I just know in my heart that I AM ABUNDANT!

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