Children’s Wisdom and Essential Oils Part 1


As adults, we LOVE essential oils….yet so many of our children grow up around our oils, and come to love them as much as we do. They know what they like and what they don’t like, and which oils or Young Living products to reach for when they are in need.

Children’s Wisdom and
Essential Oils – Part 1


Interview with Reba (age 5)

My Favorite oil? I’m not sure, my Mumma has so many to choose from!

I like the dark blue one [Valor], we put it in my diffuser necklace for school.  I always feel stronger when I wear it.

But the pink one [Inner Child] for Mumma, we have more fun together when she wears it. We play games and tell funny stories in the long car rides.

But my newest favorite is the [Savvy Mineral] make up. I’m allowed to put some of Mumma’s on for special occasions.

The lipgloss smells of Peppermint. The brushes are soooooo soft on my skin. But the best part Mumma says, is there are no toxins in her make up. No nasty chemicals so I’m safe when my Aunties come over and cover me with kisses. (Laughing)


Evie the 4 year old princess

Aimee writes: My darling 4 year old princess asks every night:

“Mummy can I have my “Sweet Dreams” spray so I can dream about Ninja Turtles?”

The Sweet Dreams spray is just water, a splash of witch hazel and Peace & Calming essential oil (see recipe below).

And then her 2.5 year old brother Leo chimes in with, “Eyo’s sweepy oyels too, Mumma”. Translation: “Leo’s sleepy oils too Mumma”. He loves Tranquil roll-on rolled up his spine and shoulders before bed 🙂

Make your own
Sweet Dreams Spray

In a 200ml glass spray bottle, add:

  • 1 teaspoon of Witch Hazel
  • 15 drops of Peace & Calming oil
  • Top up with water

Not only does it smell beautiful, it lasts for months, even with daily use!

Interview with Caleb (age 5)

“I like that oils make people feel better. My favourite oil is [Peppermint], the one that makes you walk fast!

“Remember we used it on my legs to make me run faster? ‘Cause if you cant walk at school then you can’t run…so that’s my favourite oil – you know, the one in the green bottle Mum [he is referring to Peppermint oil on sports day].


And I really like Ninja berries [NingXia Wolfberries] ’cause it’s how you make Ninja Juice [NingXia Red] and it tastes yummy, but you need a bit of water in it sometimes, but not always. 😉






Nanna’s Interview with Harlequin
(age 3.5)

Q. Harlequin, what is your favourite oil?

Gentle Baby, Nana

Q. Why is it your favourite, Quinny?

‘Cos it makes me feel yummy.

Q. Yummy?


Yes, I love Gentle Baby Nana, ‘cos it makes me feel Yummy and I sleep all night.

Hey Nana, is Poppy the King of Oils, ‘cos you are the Queen and I’m going to be a Queen too in my fairy dress, and I will make everybody yummy!!!

Q. That’s beautiful Quinny!

I know Nana – I’m a nice fairy!

Charlie’s favourite (age 4.5)

Marianne writes: Our grandson absolutely loves his Ningxia Red.

I just ask him, “What time is it?”, and he gets really excited and says, “Yay, special drink time!”

He’s only 4.5, and has a whole sachet to himself….and he’d pinch ours if he got the chance!!!






Tayah (age 10) shares some heartfelt wisdom

Brooke writes: My daughter Tayah makes our home-made wipes for the family, and she uses Hope essential oil in it. I asked her why? She said:

“Because everybody needs Hope, Mum.

“For example, say your husband just had a heart attack and was in hospital a week and the nurses say he might not make it. Some people give their hopes up once they hear this. But with Hope oil you don’t give up, and you say in your heart, “No, he’s going to make it, I know!!!”

“That’s why I put Hope oil in the wipes, so when you wipe your hands you’re always hopeful!”

Wipes Recipe

Cut a paper towel roll in half (you’ll just be using one of the halves). In a small jug, add:

  • 1 cup of water
  • Half a cap of Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 2 teaspoons of Young Living’s Bath and Shower Gel base
  • 5 drops of your favourite YL oil (eg. Hope oil)

Put the half roll of paper towel into the container, upright. Pour the mixture over the paper towel. Pull out the cardboard roll from the paper towel, then use the wipes (starting from the middle of the roll first).


Interview with Indie (age 8) and Zola (age 9.5)

Indie says:

When Mum gets the Lavender out at night, we know It’s time to get ready for bed. I love our foot massages in bed, it helps me relax and get ready for a good sleep….makes me feel nice.

Zola says: Mum and I put Abundance oil on our wrists every morning, and we say…..”Here’s to Abundance all through the day, from everyone, to everyone, in every way”. We love our oils.

A Diamond in the making….

Trish writes: My granddaughter Ellie who is 6, loves Young Living Essential Oils, here she is practicing for when she is old enough to run classes!

Interview with Paikea (age 11)

Alison writes: My 11 year old son loves our essential oils and loves to make his own roll ons. As he sat down making them, I asked him what he loves about them most. He said:

I love the help the essential oil Roll-ons give me at school when I feel upset or crazy – I can just take my roll on out and put it on my neck. It’s not long before the whole class is feeling happy too, lol!!!




Make your own essential oil roll-ons

  • 7 drops of Sacred Mountain
  • 7 drops of Lavender and
  • 7 drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce

Add them in a 10ml roller bottle topped up with v6 oil. The oils need to be added in this order , so you have the grounded oil, calming oil, focusing oil !

Interview with Annabelle (age 13)

I use Copaiba oil whenever I’m feeling stressed or irritated.

I just put a drop or two on my wrists and rub them together, or on the back of my neck, and it helps to calm me.

Whatever was bothering me no longer feels annoying.

My sister and I use Brain Power oil before any tests and while we are studying, because it helps us to focus and remember the information.

Interview with Tilly (age 15)

My sister Annabelle and I both take Brain Power to school (we each have a bottle, because we used to fight over it when we only had one bottle).

You know when you know the answer and you just can’t think of it? I smell my Brain Power, and the answer just appears!

I also carry RC oil and En-R-Gee oil with me for all of my rowing regattas. Before any race I put 2 drops of RC oil on my chest, and I put a few drops of En-R-Gee oil on my lower-mid back near the adrenal area, and it helps me to have more energy and to be able to take deeper breaths.

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