Cleanse your body from the inside out


Nurturing our skin on the outside is only half of the equation. The other half is to cleanse ourselves from the inside out.We can no longer avoid being exposed to a toxic overload in our world today. Toxins are all around us – in our clothes, bedding, personal care products, air fresheners, fumes…the list goes on.

So at least once a year, make sure you give your body the rest it deserves, so it can undertake a deep spring clean. Here’s how I achieve that…

Why cleanse from the inside out?

You know how it goes, happy liver, happy brain. We’re exposed to so many chemicals in our world today, many of which we can’t avoid because they are in our carpets, our clothing, our linen, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the chem-trails in the sky (chemicals that are injected into the clouds and which slowly drift down onto us, like in this pic below)….not to mention the chemicals we can optionally put on our skins, with our sunscreens, makeup and household cleaners. Then of course there’s the radiation we’re exposed to from mobile phone towers and our electronic devices. The list goes on…

It’s all a bit scary. So thank goodness for cleanses!!!!

Cleanses are short-term actions that take both the chemical load and the digestive load off our body, giving it a chance to do its own spring cleaning.

Any good cleanse involves eating or drinking a simple, healthy, allergen-free diet for a number of days, weeks or months. These include water, fruit or vegetable juice cleanses, as well as liver and gallbladder cleanses.

If you look on the internet, you will find hundreds of different styles of cleanses. One of my favourites is the Master Cleanse. So I woke up a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday, and went “Today’s the day!” And I started a 10 day Master Cleanse.

What is the Master Cleanse?

The Master Cleanse was developed by Stanley Burrows, healer and channeller.

In the 1940’s, he was given the recipe in a meditation, and then a man who was dying from stomach ulcers came to see him. Stanley gave the man the recipe, and after much protesting (because doctors had told this man that lemon juice or other acidic fruit would exacerbate the pain), this man reluctantly agreed to try it. The pain from his ulcers disappeared after 10 days, and so the Master Cleanse (in those days called the Lemonade Diet) was born. It was only later, when people realized it worked on so much more than just stomach ulcers, that it was renamed the “Master Cleanse”.

It’s a simple cleanse, designed around a “liquid mono diet”, meaning you are feeding your body very simple nutrition, which is extremely easy to digest.

So instead of spending a portion of its daily energy in metabolism, your body is able to allocate this quota to spring cleaning the body. It gets in, cleans out the cells and the blood, and flushes these toxins out of the body.

I first heard about the Master Cleanse from Tom Woloshyn, one of Stanley Burrows’ students. Then I heard that even Gary Young (the founder of Young Living Essential oils) had done the Master Cleanse with great results, so that really got my attention!

I’ve done this cleanse many times, mostly just for 10 days, however once I did a 20 cleanse, and my very first Master Cleanse, which I did in 2000, was for 34 days. I felt amazing after it!

I’d just come out of an operation and decided to do the Master Cleanse to help clear the anaesthetic from my body, and on day 20 of the cleanse I got this really metallic taste in my mouth, and I suspect that was the residual anaesthetic being released from my body.

When I do the Master Cleanse, my body shape changes, the whites of my eyes go really white, my energy gets better and better over the 10 days, I feel light in body and spirit, my mood improves, I sleep amazingly deeply and restfully, I feel alive and vibrant, and I always have some type of spiritual breakthrough.


Even by day 3 of my recent cleanse, I woke up in a state of joy instead of stress, my mind was clear, I felt alert and ready to tackle the day, my skin was looking clear and shining, my body felt sleek and trim, and I had an abundance of energy.

How to do the Master Cleanse

Disclaimer: Check with your Doctor or Health Care professional to gain medical advice before starting any cleanse.

The following description is an overview of the Master Cleanse. However, I’m not here to tell you if it’s right for your body, because we’re all different.

If you want to undertake this cleanse for yourself, make sure you read the book “The Complete Master Cleanse” by Tom Woloshyn (pictured above), as this book will explain all the important points about this cleanse that you’ll want to know before you start it.

Every 1 to 1.5 hours, you have a “lemonade” drink made up of:

• 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
• 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup (grade A or C)
• 1/10th teaspoon of cayenne pepper
• 250 ml water

This picture above shows the ingredients I was using, and one of my lemonade drinks.

There is no other food of any kind consumed in that 10 days.

You can have herbal tea, so long as it’s just herbs and no stimulants like caffeine (ie. no green tea or black tea or coffee). You can drink water in addition to the lemonade drink.

You can even put Young Living oils like Peppermint, Lemon and Lime in your water to help flavour it. And you also need to take laxatives (like Young Living’s Comfortone or ComforCleanse) in order to stimulate 3 to 4 bowel movements a day.

This is needed, because without solid food in your belly, the peristalsis slows down…and you really want to have this many bowel movements a day, because the bowel movements will carry the toxins out with them. Otherwise toxins can build up in the digestive system and create nausea.

Coming off the Master Cleanse correctly

After 10 or more days on the cleanse, you need to come off it very slowly to correctly reset your metabolism. There are 2 ways to come off it, however this is the one I use:

DAY 1 – freshly squeezed orange juice instead of lemonade (drink as much as you need).
• DAY 2 – orange juice in the morning, soup broths in the afternoon (no oil in the soup).
• DAY 3 – orange juice and soup broths in the morning, soup with vegetable chunks in it in the afternoon, and light organic food in the evening.
DAY 4 and beyond – listen to your body – it has reset itself, and will tell you what it feels like eating. I usually find that I need a lot less food after the cleanse, so my portion sizes reduce, and I can clearly “feel” what foods my body is asking for.

Travelling while on Master Cleanse

Tip #1: Do not microwave your juice, and wherever possible make it up fresh by squeezing the lemon (or half lemon) as you are ready for it, to best retain and deliver vitamins and minerals to your body. Your body is relying on this for all its nutrition, so don’t cut corners otherwise your body is robbed of what it needs.

If you do have to go out for several hours, you can pre-mix the lemon juice and maple syrup together. The maple syrup helps preserve the goodness in the lemons.

Then when you are ready to drink it, simply add cayenne pepper and water. If you add the cayenne pepper at the same time you are squeezing the lemons, be warned – it gets hotter the longer it sits!

Tip #2: Use a straw to drink the lemonade (in order to protect your teeth from the acidity of the lemon juice), or put a half teaspoon of bicarb of soda into a couple of tablespoons of water, and after each lemonade drink, swirl that around in your mouth (then spit it out) to remove the acidity from the gums and teeth.

Tip #3: Every morning or at least a few times in the cleanse, start the morning with 1 litre of warm water, and 2 rounded teaspoons off Celtic sea salt in it.

Drink this salt water over a 15 minute period. This is great for flushing the body, and is very soothing to the digestive system.

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