Does your animal teach YOU about essential oils?


Animals are so much more intelligent than we realise – they can even teach us about essential oils! Learn 5 simple steps to communicate with your animal and let them show you the best essential oils for them.

Ruby, our rescue greyhound was already part of our family. She had changed our lives forever and we were ready to foster another greyhound.

In January 2016, I saw a Facebook post about Sammie. Sammie was also a greyhound and had been part of an adoption program and went to a family 6 years previously.

His previous family was moving overseas and decided they couldn’t have him anymore.


For Sammie, that meant either euthanasia or return to the adoption program. He was returned to the adoption program, but being an older greyhound, no one wanted him. He spent his 10th birthday in the kennels and had been there for many months, spending 23-24 hours a day in a caged kennel block.

I showed my husband Sammie’s photo on Facebook and he said, “Let’s go get Sammie!” He was in a row of cages and first in the block. He didn’t move as we approached, being used to people coming and going and walking past him for many months. When he realized that his cage was being opened, he jumped up with so much excitement. I cried when I saw Sammie’s face light up. Ruby came too and we all went home together.

When Sammie entered our home he wandered around checking out each room, then he came to my treatment room with all my oils. I had my open Aroma Complete kit sitting on a chair. Sammie went over to the kit and started smelling all the oils.

It looked like he was sniffing in a certain area of the kit so I pulled out a group of about 7 or 8 oils and put them in a line on the floor. From there he “selected” one, and I opened the bottle and he sniffed and sniffed. He went back to the oils and “selected” another. I opened that bottle and he sniffed that oil too! The two oils were lavender and cedarwood. Sammie had just taught me how he would like to choose his own oils!

Here’s how you can use the same method:

1. Line up approximately 10 (Young Living) essential oils on the floor for your animal. You can use a small table for a larger animal.

2. Invite your animal to come and choose an oil.

If they choose not to, that is OK. 

3. Allow your animal to take its time to explore the oils you have placed out for them.

4. If they choose an oil (or two!), then ask them how they would like you to apply it.

5. Listen to your intuition and offer the oil to your animal
Make a note, and do this as often as you like!

Since then, we have a third greyhound, Jessie who has come into our family. All 3 have different preferences for the oils, just like humans do. This method is a great way to introduce your animal to essential oils and discover their favourites as well.

Our three greyhounds have taught us so much, but Sammie has taught us the most about using essential oils with animals. Sammie is happiest when he selects his own oils. I hope that Sammie’s self-selection method is useful for you and your animal too.

(Story by Jen Gallagher, Essential Oil Goddess)

Are all essential oils safe for animals?

The answer is “NO!!!”

The majority of essential oils on the market contain adulterants of some sort, and these are potentially harmful to your animals and to humans. That’s why many vets will tell you not to use essential oils on your pets.

Yet even if an essential oil doesn’t contain adulterants – even if it’s certified organic – there is no guarantee that it’s been grown and distilled in a way that has preserved the integrity of the essential oil fingerprint.

Without that, you are paying for a pretty smell.

Young Living is different

They love plants, they have their own farms, and they use a patented Seed to Seal process to ensure that no chemicals touch the plants or soil (so you have the purest essential oils). They are artisans of essential oils, dedicated to capturing the entire fingerprint of the essential, so that you and your animals will feel the difference with every drop.

They are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before (or since)!!!

I fell in love with their oils in 1998 when I was working as a practitioner and healer, and first used them, and it’s been a love affair ever since!

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