Emotional Clearing on Jack the horse


For those of you who know me, you’ll know I absolutely love horses and other animals, and one of the joys in my life is being able to help them with essential oils. I’ve often been called on to assist with emotional challenges in animals, and this is where the Emotional Clearing Technique comes into its own.

Last week, I was invited to work on a very special horse called Jack. Jack’s owner contacted me back in July with the following message:

“Hi Artemis, I just read your bulletin Emotional Clearing Technique on “Lucky” the horse – WOW!!!

This is my boy Jack. He likes to bite and kick out now and then, especially around food, rugging and saddling. He will be 13 on 23rd September. He is an off the track thoroughbred and stands at 17 hands high. He has the same sire as Black Caviar.

I am not his first owner…habits came with him. He raced until 4. Retrained in dressage for about 6+ months then was sold to a 14 year old boy. Jack did dressage and show jumping with him, and 6-7 years later was sold when Jack couldn’t progress in dressage.

I bought him malnourished in poor paddock condition 2.5 years ago. I would love you to do a session on Jack, and teach me how to make my boy happy and get over mental barriers.”

Reading this was music to my heart – not because Jack was having problems, but because of the power of essential oils to help us connect with and communicate with animals, and to allow transformations to take place.

With love and essential oils, so many barriers can be broken down.

A week ago, I headed to the Gold Coast to meet Jack and to give him a session. The Emotional Clearing Technique is extremely simple to perform. So long as you have the right oils, and you combine that with a loving heart, you can perform this on any hoofed animal or member of the canine family. Cats are another matter – check out my bulletins on oils for cats here and here to find out more about working on our fine felines!

Performing Emotional Clearing on a horse

Before I begin a session on a horse, I like to put a drop each of Geranium and Frankincense (or Sacred Frankincense) oil on my palm. I rub my palms together to disperse the oil, and hold out my hand for the horse to smell.

I wait patiently until the horse comes to me, and begins to breathe in the oils. For many horses, the combo of Geranium and Frankincense oil is extremely pleasing to their senses, and they’ll often curiously smell my hands, first with one nostril, then with the next – some even lick the combo from my hands. Then I’ll talk to them, give their coat a bit of stroking with my aromatic palms, and generally get them used to my energy and my touch.

Step 1: Perform a Valor Balance

Once we’ve “met” each other in this way, the next step is the Valor Balance. The Valor Balance helps the body to become extremely balanced and relaxed, and it paves the way for all the other great work that’s about to come. Firstly, I go up to the horse and offer the oil for it to smell.

I then put 3 drops of Valor into my right palm, and rub it 3 times clockwise on the right coronet band (the band of fur at the top front of the hoof).

Then I repeat with 3 drops of Valor in my left palm, rubbed 3 times clockwise onto the left coronet band.

Then I place my right palm over the right coronet band, my left palm over the left coronet band, and I hold like that for about 5 minutes (see pic).

I always make sure I do a Valor balance in a crouched position, facing in the same direction as the horse, with my body to the side of its legs. That way, if it raises a leg or moves, I’m able to quickly move. And naturally the horse will be haltered and tethered (or held by its owner), rather than free standing.

This is what I do with a calm, chilled horse. But if a horse was nervy or if my gut told me this wasn’t a safe position, I’d simply put the 3 drops of Valor in each of my palms, and place my right palm over the horse’s sacral area, my left palm over the upper back just before the neck, and I’d hold like that for 5 minutes.

In Jack’s case, he was very chilled during the Valor Balance. After 5 minutes, I stood and put some extra Valor oil down near his tailbone, and rubbed it in 3 times clockwise.

I love listening to my intuition as I work on horses, and in Jack’s case my intuition was telling me to scratch his rump from the tailbone down towards the legs.

He absolutely loved that – in fact he kept wiggling his bum over towards me so I’d scratch some more, and once I’d finished he ended up in a hilarious position with both back legs splayed out like a ballerina, begging for more (see pic)!

Giving a horse (or any other animal) TLC as we anoint them with oils is a fantastic way to help them associate essential oils with positive and pampering experiences.

The power of this association can’t be underestimated! It means that in future your animal will be very receptive to receiving oils in all types of stressful situations, whether that be thunderstorms or a trip to the groomers for dogs, or transporting and farrier or vet visits for horses.

Step 2: Harmony Oil up the chakras

So after Jack and I got friendly with some scratching, the next oil was Harmony oil. After giving him the bottle to smell, I then applied it to the chakras.

  1. The first drop went onto his lower rump, where his tail joins his body.
  2. The next drop went onto the sacral area.
  3. The third drop went onto the middle of his back.
  4. The next drop went onto his heart at the front of his body.
  5. Then the next drop went onto his throat, just under his chin.
  6. Then the final drop went onto his third eye, in the lower centre of his forehead. Because the next oil goes onto the crown, I don’t put Harmony oil there…I finish at the third eye.

Harmony oil was created to balance the chakras. These are the energy centres of our body, which become stuck or unbalanced when we are dealing with physical or emotional issues. After Harmony oil is applied, these wheels of energy begin to spin more effortlessly, and this leads to an overall sense of emotional and spiritual upliftment.

After each new oil is applied to the body, I take 3 to 4 minutes just to connect with the horse (or other animal). In Jack’s case, I was standing up near his neck and head where I’d just applied the last oil, and he and I had a lot of fun just leaning into each other.

When I was tuning into Jack the evening before the session, I’d picked up that he was feeling very bored. He liked his owner Emma, but he missed the excitement of the track, and lots of other horses around him.

As I discussed this with Emma, she mentioned that other animal communicators had told her the same thing. Jack was in a paddock on his own, and the horse in the neighbouring paddock wasn’t the smartest of crackers….and Jack being a highly attuned, highly intelligent race horse, he just wasn’t getting the social stimulation that he needed, and it was making him cranky.

As I worked on Jack, in my mind’s eye I saw a vision of a cream-coloured pony with a long wavy mane. In my vision, the pony was near a river, with Weeping Willows nearby. I shared this vision with Emma, and she mentioned that she’d just been offered a Welsh Pony who matched that description, and she was hoping this might be the perfect companion for Jack! Wow – I love how our intuition works when we relax and allow it to flow!

Step 3: 3 Wise Men on the Crown

The next oil we use in Emotional Clearing Technique is 3 Wise Men, 2 drops placed on the crown (which in a horse is their poll, ie. the very top of their head between their ears). As with the other oils, I came up to Jack with the bottle of 3 Wise Men so that he could sniff it before I applied it.

When I’m anointing a horse with oils, I’m always looking for the oil or oils that cause a “shift” to take place. It’s different for every animal.

In Jack’s case, 3 Wise Men was one of those oils. He sniffed it with such passion and presence, and didn’t want me to take the bottle away!

He started yawning, and yawning as he was sniffing it.

I eventually put a drop on his crown, and I mentioned to Emma that 3 Wise Men is an oil that opens us up to spiritual healing. I’m not talking physical healing here.

Even as humans, we are so often caught up in our patterns of behaviour and thinking, in our “stories” about ourselves and our life, that we are blind to the help that’s all around us. We’re beautiful Souls, and so deeply loved and supported by the higher realms of energy and Spirit around us. 3 Wise Men helps us open to this love and support, so our mind can be shifted. And when that happens, so many miracles can result because we’re no longer keeping ourselves trapped in our self-imposed cage.

Step 4: Present Time oil on the thymus

The next oil was Present Time, with 2 drops applied to the thymus (which is in the upper chest area at the front of the body). In a human, the thymus is 3 finger widths below the throat notch. I just found this approximate place on Jack…and I was drawn to also putting the oil onto Emma.

Present Time keeps us in the present moment. And it’s interesting that after the session was completed, Emma was talking about Jack’s past behaviour as if it was still going to continue….and I reminded her to talk about it in past tense, ie. he “used” to bite, or he “used” to kick.

How often do we hold a person or animal back from their healing by “holding” in past tense, not giving the space to have this moment be a whole new beginning?

Present Time helps to anchor us into the present moment, so we can truly move forwards and transform.

Step 5: Inner Child on the navel

The next oil is Inner Child, 1 to 2 drops rubbed around the navel. If you don’t know where the navel is, you’re fine to “guesstimate”. In Jack’s case, I think he was a bit ticklish! He was a bit fidgety as I rubbed the oil in 3 times clockwise under his belly.

Step 6: Release Oil on the liver

The next oil is Release oil, 3 drops rubbed over the liver area (which is under the lower rib cage on the right side of the body). Release oil is great to help us release any emotional or physical baggage we’re carrying around in life.

Jack’s really bothered by flies, and they love him, so he was stomping really forcefully by this point in the session…..it wasn’t just a swish of the tail, or a ripple of the muscles on the body. He was mad at those flies, frustrated, trying to bite at them, and stomping like a child throwing a major tantrum.

I have to say, when I first had Release oil on me, I really felt that anger and frustration rise up in me (not towards flies, but a general sense of frustration). I lay in bed for hours that night, tossing and turning with the frustrations that were welling up in me.

We used some natural insect repellant on Jack at that point, to address the bothersome flies so he could relax into his session more deeply, rather than having his attention constantly distracted. I wouldn’t always do that – sometimes it’s great for an animal or person to let out those frustrations…but in this instance, I was working intuitively and felt guided to minimise his attention on the flies, so more attention could come back to himself.

Step 7: Dream Catcher on the third eye

The next oil was Dream Catcher, with one drop applied to the third eye area on the lower forehead (between the eyes).

He became very chilled with Dream Catcher on – and no wonder! It’s a fantastic oil to send us into a dreamy, out of body, visionary state!

Step 8: Forgiveness Oil on the navel

Next came 2 drops of Forgiveness oil on his navel. As the name suggests, this oil blend helps us to Forgive the pains of the past, and be able to make peace with them so they no longer keep us repeating past hurts, or protecting ourselves from imagined pains.

Just as I was applying the Forgiveness oil to Jack, his consciousness came into my mind, and said “She needs it too!” (referring to Emma). So the Forgiveness oil went on both Jack and Emma.

Our animals are so sensitive that they often will act like a valve to let off their owner’s emotional steam – and it’s usually the hidden, subconscious emotions that they pick up on and act out….the ones we are stuffing down and hoping no one will notice). So if you are looking into the mirror of your animal, what is it telling you about your own state of mind?

Step 9: Hope oil on the ears

Next came 2 drops of Hope oil on the inside of each of Jack’s ears – to bring Hope into his life, and a faith that things can indeed change. Jack enjoyed the Hope oil, and happily stood there while I gave him a scratch around both ears. It turns out it’s another of his “happy points” on his body, having his ears scratched.

I love how intuitive we become when we apply oils. They don’t just help our animals – they also open us up more strongly to our natural psychic abilities.

If you listen to these hunches, you’ll find yourself touching, scratching and rubbing all the right places on your animal!

Step 10: Joy oil on the heart chakra

Next came 2 drops of Joy oil on Jack’s chest area, near where the heart is.

Joy is wonderful for helping us lift our emotions, and it’s a great antidote to any type of grief.

Step 11: SARA oil applied where emotional hurt has taken place

The next oil is normally SARA oil, for any type of energy block or memory of past hurt. But in Jack’s case, I was really drawn to first put Trauma Life oil on him. Prior the session, I’d been tuning into Jack and had felt something amiss energetically around his lower throat area, where the neck joins the chest at the front. I wanted to put a few drops of Trauma Life oil onto this area, and as soon as it went on I “saw” in my mind’s eye a young man punching Jack in the neck/throat. Clearly it was someone from his past.

I mentioned this to Emma, and she told me that this exact same thing had been told to her by another animal communicator. Wow – such a great confirmation that I was on the right track with Jack.

As I rubbed in the Dream Catcher (and then SARA) oil to this place on his neck, I held in my mind the intention for him to release these past hurts and be able to move on. I immediately felt his Spirit telling me how much he liked Emma. She doesn’t always feel that from how he behaves, and she thinks he needs to trust her more…but from what I felt from Jack, he definitely trusts her, and his issues have nothing to do with her (other than that he’d like her to let him “in” a bit more).

Emma’s a very independent, self-assured, beautiful woman….and she’s had to survive tough times on her own. Jack’s here for her, as much as she’s here for him.

Step 12: White Angelica oil applied to the shoulders

Next, 3 drops of White Angelica went onto both of Jack’s shoulders.

This seals the aura – a very important thing to do at the end of an emotional clearing, in order to give a level of energetic protection from the bombardment of the world around us.

It’s like wrapping ourselves up in a bubble, at least for a few hours while we integrate the session.

Step 13: Grounding oil down the sternum

This was followed with 3 drops of Grounding oil applied down his sternum (centre of chest) to anchor him into his body.

Throughout the session, Jack had been extremely thirsty, and so he’d had ready access to water – even being taken outside at one point so that he could drink more restfully.

By the end of the session, he was deeply chilled, very affectionate (allowing kisses and rubs), and he wandered off into his paddock to graze. Although he’s still a bit “Bitey” on occasion, overall he’s also very relaxed, and his relationship with Emma has strengthened since the session.

A Message from Jack’s owner, Emma

A few days after the session, I phoned Emma to see how Jack was doing. I caught her straight after a trail ride, and she was feeling so exhilarated by how far she’s come with Jack since she first bought him. They’d had a fantastic trail ride, and it had been so easy to control his speed. This wasn’t anything that had suddenly happened from the Emotional Clearing Technique – however, I heard a lightness in Emma’s voice, and could hear that she was now accepting the beautiful connection she shares with Jack.

She went on to say, “The session was really good for me, because it allowed me to get into his head and understand him better. It’s so clear that he needs a companion. I was looking at doing that anyway, but in the session I realized just how lonely he is, and it’s motivated me to find the right companion for him as soon as possible.

And of course the confirmation about what happened to him from his past owner was invaluable – it backed up what I’d already been told. And it was great that Jack was telling me that I need the oils – that was really valuable in getting me to look at myself, and the issues that I’m holding onto in my life.”

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