Emotional Clearing on Lucky the horse


Lucky’s Story….

“Lucky” is one very lucky horse!!! He had been discovered two years ago on death’s door. His previous owner didn’t understand a horse’s needs, and he’d been left with no food and no water until he was skin and bones.

He was so malnourished he’d developed “navicular” which had affected his hoofs so badly that when the vet touched them, they squirted blood and pus.

He had been found with his front legs crossed over each other because he couldn’t hold himself up anymore. Swarms of flies were milling around, just waiting for him to die so that they could pounce on his carcass.

Lucky was rescued by Phil and Penny, and for the first month he couldn’t even walk. All they could do was to bring him food to build up his strength.

Now he’s getting 3 meals a day, lots of healthy nutrition, craniosacral work by Michael Nova, oceans of love from Phil and Penny, and dedicated training from Mindi (pictured below with me).

With all that love, care and intention, he’s defied all of the vet’s prognoses. It’s two years since he was rescued, and I watched as he trotted and even cantered around a small round yard on his beautifully healed hoofs.

But just because his physical body is on the mend, it doesn’t mean he’s past all the trauma.

So when I heard about his story on my first day in Payson, Arizona, I offered to do an Emotional Clearing Technique on him using 13 different Young Living oil blends. If you scroll to the bottom of this bulletin, I describe the full technique for you. But first, let’s look at what happened to Lucky.



Here’s what happened….

One of my gifts is the ability to “feel” energy. I’ve always had this, and it’s part of what led me into a profession as a healer. I can look at a person or animal, and even from a distance (ie. before I’ve even put my hands on them), often I’m drawn to a particular point on their body where the energy is out of balance. There may be an underlying physical cause, or it may just be a collection of emotional energy that needs releasing so that the physical body can then release its tension.

Even when Lucky was trotting in the round yard, I was drawn to a part of his lower back that felt emotionally “stuck” – like he was holding excess emotional tension here. I was really keen to see this area close-up, so during the anointing process (described below), I paid particular attention to this area.

It was really intriguing – at first when I very softly touched this area, Lucky melted into me. He began leaning against me with his body weight, as if to say “Oh, that feels sooooooooooooooo good, please don’t stop!”

That’s what was happening in this picture below. But later in the session, he became very defensive around this point in his spine, and when I touched it (just as gently), he flinched and numerous times tried to swat me with his tail. It was a very specific communication from him to say “DON’T touch me there!!!!”

When I’m performing Emotional Clearing Technique on an animal or a person, I’m always on the lookout for the oil that makes the “shift”. I’m looking for any signal that an oil has had a particularly deep emotional effect on that animal. It can be a positive effect, which is what I experienced many years ago with Sheba (the first horse I ever performed Emotional Clearing Technique on). Sheba LOVED Release oil, and began licking it off my hand. In fact, she was so in love with Release oil that her owner bought some to offer to her every day, like a carrot!

In Lucky’s case, there was not a particular oil that caused the transformation, but rather it was this particular spot on his back that was grabbing my attention, and was the key to Lucky’s transformation.

So in addition to the normal set of oils I was using in the Emotional Clearing Technique, I also gave that spot special attention, anointing it with Release, SARA and Panaway oil blends (to assist with the emotional release), and offering some Body Harmony (a technique which is very similar to Reiki, in that it’s a gentle hands-on technique that allows the body to relax and realign itself).

The change in Lucky over the hour session was absolutely amazing!!! By the end of the session, he was allowing me to touch him on this spot on his back with absolutely no reaction at all….which was nothing short of a miracle!

“Lucky” absolutely LOVED the technique, licking oils off my hands, sniffing and sniffing and sniffing each new oil.

He became very, very chilled and relaxed, and the following day he was still one very calm horse.

The really exciting thing is hearing about the changes that have occurred since the session.

Michael Nova, who now has his own kit of Young Living oils, has been continuing to perform his craniosacral work on Lucky (this time incorporating oils into the session). So between the wonderful work he’s been doing, and the Emotional Clearing Technique that I performed, Lucky has shown MANY areas of improvement.

Lucky’s now cantering around his round yard voluntarily, which is something he NEVER used to do. He used to be very reluctant to break into a canter….and no wonder! With his body still stiff and in a recovery phase, cantering would have felt like a marathon effort.

So the fact that he’s now cantering with ease is a great sign that he’s feeling energised, happy and that something truly profound has occurred for him. Remember – this is a horse that 2 years ago the Vet said was unlikely to even survive…..and as the weeks and months went by, the Vet revised his prognosis to say that Lucky would NEVER be able to trot, and would DEFINITELY never be able to canter or hold someone on its back….yet Lucky has continued to defy all the limitations our human minds have placed on him, and he’s become a walking (in this case cantering) miracle, thanks to all the love that’s been poured into him from so many people, the fantastic nutrition he’s been given, and his own Will to live!!!

Performing Emotional Clearing on a horse

The technique itself takes about an hour, and it utilises 13 of the Young Living oil blends. It’s a very gentle technique, and deeply relaxing. Often an animal or person receiving this technique will drift into a deep state of relaxation, or even fall asleep.

As the giver, the most important thing we can do is to bring love to each step. It’s our loving intention for this animal or person that partners with the uplifting frequencies of the essential oils, to bring transformation and release.

As I apply each oil to the body, I rotate it three times clockwise in order to increase its frequency and impact on the body. This is because our DNA naturally spins clockwise, so it’s a spiritual affirmation of health throughout the entire body, including the DNA.

After I apply each oil, I pause for 3 to 5 minutes for that oil to take effect, then I move onto the next oil.

While I’m waiting, I will “hold intention” for the oil to work, or I perform some gentle Reiki or Body Harmony or other spiritual work on the body (which is what I’m doing in the left picture below). Sometimes I’m guided to just step out of the animal’s (or person’s) energy field altogether, to just let them integrate that step (as in this pic on the right).

Step 1: Perform a Valor Balance

If the animal is calm, work on their rear legs.

With a horse, I put 3 drops of Valor oil into my right palm, and rub it 3 times clockwise on the right coronet band (that’s the fur just above the front of the hoof). Then I place 3 drops of Valor into my left palm, and rub it 3 times clockwise on the left coronet band. Then, providing the horse is calm, I crouch down beside its rear legs, and place my right palm on its right coronet band, and my left palm on its left coronet band, and I hold like that for about 5 minutes. This is what’s taking place in the picture below. If the horse gets fidgety and lifts its legs, I simply move with it.

If it’s too fidgety or stressed for me to perform a Valor Balance in this way, I’ll put a few drops of Valor on the lower back above its tail, and a few drops on its withers, and I’ll put one palm on each of these places and hold for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Harmony oil up the chakras

Harmony oil blend was created in order to bring the chakras (our subtle energy system) into balance. I do my best to estimate where each chakra is on a horse, and that’s where the Harmony oil is placed – one drop per chakra.

I do this up the spine (on the horse’s back). So a drop goes just above the tail (the base chakra), then a drop goes on the sacral area (the sacral chakra), then a drop goes in the sway of the back (the solar plexus area), then another drop goes on the withers area (the back of the heart). Then I put a drop at the front of the horse’s throat, just under its chin (ie. I’m moving to the underneath of the body, instead of the back). Then a drop goes onto the third eye chakra (which is located in the lower centre part of the forehead). I don’t anoint the crown chakra, because our next oil is going there.

Because Harmony oil is photosensitive, it’s important to perform this step under cover or in the shade, and to keep your horse (or other animal) away from direct sun exposure for 24 hours eg. put a light rug on them. If that’s not possible, apply the oils to the underside of their body, in the approximate positions of the chakras.

Step 3:
3 Wise Men on the Crown

Place 1 to 2 drops of 3 Wise Men onto the crown/poll of the horse (where my right hand is, on this pic).

3 Wise Men contains biblical oils, and I’ve found that it opens us up to spiritual healing, making us more receptive to the love and wisdom being offered to us from those around us, and from the Angels and spiritual beings that watch over us.

Step 4: Present Time oil on the Thymus

Place 1 to 2 drops of Present Time oil on the thymus of the horse. I place this oil at the bottom of the neck, where it joins the chest at the front. Present Time oil helps to bring us out of past memories and future projections, and anchors us in the present moment, which is where all emotional healing takes place.

Step 5: Inner Child oil on the navel

Place 1 to 2 drops of Inner Child oil on the navel of the horse (or approximate position of the navel). Inner Child oil helps connect us to the child within, unleashing trapped memories and the joy and spontaneity of being a child again. To learn more about Inner Child oil, check out my past bulletin about doing emotional clearing on “Oprah” the camel. Click here to read it.

Step 6: Release oil over the liver

Place 3 drops of Release oil onto the liver, circling it in with three large clockwise circles. The liver is a large organ that runs from under the rib cage to the lower thoracic (waist) area. Release oil helps to release anger and other negative emotions and memories. Sometimes there can be a sense of agitation or anger come to the surface when this oil is applied. Other times it will work much more subtly.

Step 7: Dream Catcher oil on the third eye

Place 1 to 2 drops of Dream Catcher oil onto the third eye of the horse. This is located in the lower forehead area, just a little above where I’m touching Lucky in this picture.

Dream Catcher oil stimulates intuition, inner knowing and visions, helping us (or our animals) to retain the positive visions, whilst protecting us from the negative and fearful thoughts.

Because Dream Catcher oil is photosensitive, if your horse is light-skinned (and therefore more prone to photosensitive responses) and if you don’t have a coat or rug that covers this area on your horse, you can place the Dream Catcher oil onto your palm, and rub it 3 times clockwise above the third eye, ie. in the aura instead of physically touching the body.

Step 8: Forgiveness oil on the navel

Place 1 to 2 drops of Forgiveness oil on the navel of the horse (or approximate position of the navel). Forgiveness oil stimulates us on a very deep level, so that we find ourselves wanting to forgive ourselves and others. True forgiveness is the key to inner peace in any situation.

Step 9: Hope oil on the ears

Place a drop of Hope oil on each ear of the horse (eg. the inner ear flap). Hope is a powerful oil that breaks down hopelessness, allowing us to bring hope to any situation, no matter how difficult. Caution: Never allow essential oils to drip into the ear itself, as they can potentially burn the sensitive skin of the ear canal and/or burn the ear drum. Instead, place the drop onto your fingers, and simply massage the ears with your fingers, so that the oil transfers onto the ear flaps.

Step 10: Joy oil on the heart chakra

Place a drop or two of Joy oil onto the heart chakra of your horse. I apply this oil in the centre of the chest under the horse’s neck, rather than applying it to the back of the heart chakra the way I do with Harmony oil. Joy oil is also photosensitive, so another reason to have your horse in the shade, under cover, or to cover them with a coat or rug after the session is finished.

Step 11: SARA oil applied wherever emotional hurt has taken place

Place anywhere from 1 to 6 drops of SARA oil onto the body. SARA oil helps create emotional freedom from painful past experiences. Wherever the emotional hurt is being carried, that’s where you place the oil.

If you were criticised as a child, you might place the oil on your ears (the part of your body that heard the criticism). If you have a lot of negative self-talk, you might place the oil on your forehead.

In Lucky’s case, I placed the SARA oil over the spot on his back where he was holding the emotional tension.

Step 12: White Angelica oil applied to the shoulders

Place 3 drops of White Angelica oil onto each shoulder. White Angelica oil seals the aura, helping to stop the bombardment of energy and negativity from those around us. It’s an important step in the Emotional Clearing Technique, as it puts us (or our animal) into a bubble of protection after our emotional clearing journey, allowing us to integrate the session in our own space. It’s also very helpful to spend a few hours in solitude after an Emotional Clearing, to create the opportunity for integration before transitioning back into a more “outward” focussed state. White Angelica oil is another photosensitive oil.

Step 13: Grounding oil down the Sternum

Place a few drops of Grounding oil down the sternum (in horses) or 3 drops under each foot (in people). For dogs, place a drop or two under each rear paw, or over the back of the neck. Grounding oil helps to bring us back into our body, so that we can anchor the emotional transformation onto a physical level as well.

And now you’ve learned the steps of the Emotional Clearing Technique, why don’t you give it a try? If you don’t yet have all these oils, the next section tells you how to order.

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