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Have you ever met someone and you feel like they are touched with a light that most other people just don’t seem to have? Being around them is an inspiration, helping us to realise that we’ve been playing small for way too long (by our own doing), and that all we need to do is to take the lid off our own potential, and fly?

That’s how I experienced Gary Young, the founder of Young Living. From the moment I met him in November 1998 (his very first visit to Australia), I knew that I’d met someone extremely special….and different. His curiosity about people and plants was extraordinary….because he was a healer at heart, and he loved nothing more than to help someone transform out of their limitations, and into their light.

It was 18 months after I first met Gary that I met him for the second time. This time I was invited to Dallas, to participate in Gary’s 4 day Raindrop Technique training. But it wasn’t only Raindrop Technique and VitaFlex Technique that I learned at that training. It was also one of the first times that Gary had demonstrated emotional clearing technique, and talked about its origins from Ancient Egypt….and I was there to listen to him, and to witness what he did.

The Origins of Gary’s Emotional Clearing Technique

A few years before the Dallas Raindrop Technique training, Gary had been on one of his trips to Egypt, and he’d visited the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae. As he wandered around the temple, he noticed a group of tourists with an English-speaking guide…so he just “stuck” himself to the group.

But then, someone tapped him on his shoulder. It was one of the temple guards, beckoning to Gary. Believing that the man was just trying to sell him something, Gary waved him away. But then it happened a second time, and a third time. Each time, this guard had singled Gary out of the crowd, tapped him on the shoulder, and said to him, “Come with me, come with me – I’ll show you what you came here to see!”

Now before I get to the good part, I’m sure you are as curious as I was about why Gary was chosen from all those tourists. A year after this experience, Gary returned to this temple with his wife Mary, and he found this same temple guard, and he asked him, “Why me?”. The guard just shrugged, pointed his finger to the sky, and said, “I was told”.

And before you start shaking your head in disbelief, I can say that this type of thing happened to Gary with great regularity. It’s one of the things that always made me feel like he was larger than an ordinary man. Somehow, he was chosen….

And if we look at the millions upon millions of lives that have been changed as a result of the care and study he did around plants and essential oils, it’s not a great stretch to believe that he was put on this Planet to help change lives. And the people he needed to meet were brought to him.

But now – back to the juicy part. After being tapped on the shoulder by the temple guard, Gary kept saying “no”.  He was absolutely convinced that the guard just wanted to sell him something, or take some money from him. But it was on the third tap on his shoulder that Gary heard in his mind the words “3 times you are called”…and that meant something to him. He felt that he was meant to pay attention to what was happening, so he changed his mind and went with the guard.

They came to a door which the guard opened and ushered Gary through….

As soon as Gary stepped through it, the guard shut the door after him. “I knew it!” Gary scolded himself – “Now he’s going to demand money from me!”. Gary was really hung up on thinking that this guard was only after money. But in fact the guard was just checking to make sure no one was watching, then he opened the door again, and followed Gary.

Why such secrecy? It’s because Gary was being taken into a room of the temple that no one, not even Egyptians, were allowed to enter. As Gary entered this room (which was about 3m by 3m), he saw that there were hieroglyphs all around the walls. The guard invited him to photograph and video the hieroglyphs.

Gary didn’t know what they meant, but he knew it was significant….and it was. When Gary returned to Cairo, he had his friend Dr. Ferog from the University of Cairo interpret the hieroglyphs. It turns out that they depicted a sacred ritual using essential oils, which was performed on Pharaohs before their death, and on Priests and Priestesses before being taken through the next level of initiation. The ritual took 3 days and 3 nights, and it started and ended with a water ceremony involving essential oils.

It was called “Cleansing the Flesh of Evil Deities”, but today we would call that “Cleansing our body of its Limiting Beliefs and Emotions”. There is even this amazing photo taken from the hieroglyphs, showing a man on a stone slab receiving the ritual, with a person in a headdress standing at his head and another at his feet. The person on the table has his arm thrown over his face, as if he’s sobbing.

The temple guard had no knowledge of Gary Young, or the fact that essential oils were his passion – yet here was Gary, the perfect person to receive this sacred key of knowledge.


Why use essential oils for emotional clearing?

It’s easy! Our sense of smell is the only one of our senses that directly accesses the limbic region of our brain, which is where we store memory and its associated emotion. It’s also the part of our brain responsible for our spiritual experiences. So aroma is the perfect way to both trigger and cleanse ourselves of buried emotions, and to elevate our spiritual consciousness.

It’s not surprising that Gary Young set about creating a whole range of essential oils tailored to our emotional journey – oils that we can use on their own, and also oils that can be used as part of a process, like the Emotional Clearing Technique or my very own 7 Oil Ritual. The names say it all – the Young Living range includes oil blends like: Surrender, Release, Inner Child, Forgiveness, Harmony, Joy, Clarity, and so many more.

But what’s the difference between applying a single emotional oil blend, and applying a series of oils such as in the Emotional Clearing Technique?

It’s the fact that the series of oils takes us on a journey into ourselves. As each oil is layered on top of the previous oil, we sink into a deeper and deeper state of connection with our inner self, and from here can emerge our inner secrets that have been kept under lock and key.

Think of it this way…Putting a single emotional oil blend on yourself is like bungee jumping. You put it on, trusting that its vibration will plunge you suddenly closer to the very thing it promises on the label. 

For example, today I was giving a Raindrop Technique to a 13 year old client, and I felt to put Release oil on her – on all the spots she’s holding emotional tension, which is contributing to her scoliosis. Release the emotional tension, and the body can then move into whatever positioning it most desires.

But when we do an anointing process involving a series of oils, it’s like walking down a staircase to a hidden lake. Each oil represents a step down that staircase, as we spiral deeper and deeper into our own subconscious. And as that happens, a thought pops up here, then another thought pops up there, and we find ourselves drifting and thinking about things we haven’t thought about in years. Then suddenly we discover an emotion attached to one of the thoughts….and it hurts….but it feels good to connect with it (finally). And with the help of the oils, our higher awareness is also triggered, so that we can bring light into those dark pockets of emotion, and see them from a different perspective.


The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

When I came back from Gary’s seminar in Dallas, armed with the knowledge of his 13-oil-process which he called the “emotional clearing technique”, I was keen to try it. When Gary taught it, he said “You don’t need to use all 13 oils. Just start with Valor, and use a few others. That’s all you need to do.”

At the time I was teaching spiritual development, and I had an advanced course coming up. I decided to incorporate Emotional Clearing Technique into the course. We followed Gary’s suggestion of Valor and 2 or 3 other oils….and one of the ladies in the course had a profound re-connection with a childhood memory of abuse.

As I sat with her and held the space for her to move through her feelings, I was in awe of how easily this memory had been triggered. It turned out she’d not thought of it in years – it was definitely not “top of mind” for her.

So then, a year later, I ran the course again. But I made a “mistake”. This time, I forgot that we were only meant to do Valor and 2 or 3 other oils. Instead, we did the whole series of 13 oils:

  • Valor (3 drops under each foot, with a Valor balance)
  • Harmony (2-5 drops up the chakras)
  • 3 Wise Men (1-2 drops on the crown)
  • Present Time (1-2 drops on the thymus)
  • Inner Child (1-2 drops on the navel)
  • Release (3 drops on the liver)
  • Dream Catcher (1 drop on the third eye)
  • Forgiveness (1-2 drops on the navel)
  • Hope (1 drop on each ear lobe)
  • Joy (1-2 drops on the heart chakra)
  • SARA (1 to 5 drops – on spots on the body symbolic to where hurt or abuse has occurred)
  • White Angelica (3 drops on each shoulder)
  • Grounding (3 drops under the feet, or on the sternum or back of neck)

Learn with Artemis!

When Gary demonstrated this technique to us, he put Grounding much earlier in the sequence – I think it was after Present Time. But I found that was pulling people out of their deep state of consciousness, so I chose to move Grounding to the end, in order to ground the recipient after the session.

When I used all these oils on the recipients in my class, the results were even more profound than in my first class….and I was hooked. Ever since, I’ve performed this technique using the full set of oils, on both people and animals (check out my amazing stories about performing Emotional Clearing on a camel called Oprah, and a horse called Sheba). You can also use Transformation oil at the very end. Gary used to say that it locks the changes into the DNA.

Over the years, I’ve taken the simple process that Gary created as the emotional clearing technique, and I’ve brought more of the foundations of the original Egyptian ceremony into it. I’ve turned it into a residential practitioner course that I teach once or twice a year in Byron Bay (Australia).

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