Even chickens love oils…discover 3 handy tips for healthy, happy chooks


It’s no secret that I love animals, so I LOVE these tips for keeping our chickens happy and healthy using essential oils.

Even Chickens love Oils!

Alison writes: People often ask me about using Essential Oils for chickens so here are some of my “healthy chicken tips” using our amazing Young Living Essential Oils. But first, a word of caution:

“Chickens have a very sensitive respiratory system so I prefer to dilute all the oils I use on them.”







Feeding my chickens

I feed my chickens an organic grain mix with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. They have a large enclosure but come out daily to pick the grass and eat those yummy worms they love so much.

Twice a week I make them a mash with soaked oats, golden flax seeds with a teaspoon of Young Living’s V6 oil with 5 drops of Lemon oil.

I also have 2 areas for them to drink from, one is plain water, and the other has water with 10 drops of lemon oil in it.

Guess which water bowl I’m having to fill up first, because it’s the most popular? You guessed it! It’s the one with Lemon oil in it!




Cleaning the chicken hutch

I use straw in my chicken hutch, so I start by cleaning out all the dirty straw which goes onto the compost. Then I make up a 500ml spray bottle with one cap (10ml) of Thieves Household Cleaner, topped up with water, and I add 20 drops each of Melrose and Purification oil blends to it.

I spray that mix inside the hutch, and because there’s plenty of ventilation in the hutch, the chickens sometimes decide to join me while I’m in there. I let the hutch air out for a while, then I add fresh straw.

I have put a drop of Lavender oil on the wood inside the hutch when the mums were sitting on eggs. Again, it’s a big space, so it has plenty of ventilation. I look into the hutch and say “Hi!!!” as they sit there very relaxed, lol.

Keeping unwanted visitors away

In a 500ml spray bottle, I add 10 drops of Purification oil, 10 drops of Melrose oil, and 5 drops of V6 oil,and top up with water. I then use this mix to spray the chickens. I like using V6 in my spray bottles for the animals, because it stays on the coat well and it’s not greasy, and it helps to hold the oils in the coat for longer.



All about…V6 Vegetable Oil Complex

love this versatile carrier oil!!!! Check it out…..

V6 oil has a long shelf life, does not clog pores and will not stain clothes, so it’s a wonderful and light oil for massage, to which you can add your favourite combination of essential oilsIt is also a great oil to use in dressings and pesto (in place of coconut or olive oil).

It’s the perfect oil to have on hand in case an essential oil irritates your skin. Just liberally rub it over the top of the irritated skin.

Why not simply wash an essential oil off with water? It’s because essential oils and water don’t mix, so the water will drive the essential oil deeper into the skin, making it burn more.

I keep my V6 in the fridge…not because it needs to be refrigerated, but simply because I know exactly where to put my hands on it in an emergency (eg. if I accidentally get some essential oil into my eyes).

Why is it called V6?

Well that’s a throwback to its original 6 oil combination. Now it’s a combination of 7 odorless and high-antioxidant vegetable oils, namely:

  • fractionated coconut oil (fractionated means it won’t go solid in cool temperatures)
  • sesame seed oil
  • grape seed oil
  • sweet almond oil
  • wheat germ oil
  • sunflower seed oil
  • olive oil

This is a “must have” versatile productfrom Young Living, to complement your essential oil collection….and it comes in this 236ml size (pictured here) and a 944ml size for therapists and others who are preferring to buy in bulk.

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