Favourite oils for Chiropractors


I’ve benefited greatly from chiropractic and osteopathic work. Being almost 6 foot 2 (186cm), I find it so important to take good care of my spine and muscles. So in this week’s bulletin I decided to feature some of our top Australian chiropractors who are incorporating the Young Living oils into their practices, with great results.

Chiropractic and Oils – the perfect partnership

In the year 2000, I attended a 4-day class with Gary Young in Dallas. 1100 people from all over the world attended, and at one point Gary invited Chiropractor Dr. Ken Krieger to give a talk. I still remember Ken mentioning how he would apply Valor oil blend to the spine of his clients, and he found that the subsequent relaxation that occurred in the muscles made for a much easier manual adjustment, and the adjustment would hold for longer.

There are many conditions that benefit from chiropractic care, and your local chiropractor will be able to give you information on this.

Certainly, the majority of clients who go to see a chiropractor are exhibiting muscle tension from their everyday life – whether that’s from over-exertion at the gym, or from overdoing it when they are trying to keep up with their children and grandkids!!!

In today’s bulletin, I’ve asked some respected Chiropractors for their tips on how they use essential oils in combination with chiropractic work to maintain flexibility in the spines of their clients, and relaxation in the muscles and tendons that support the spine.

If you wish to visit any of these chiropractors, please reply to this bulletin with your contact details, let us know which chiropractor you’d like to contact, and we’ll put you in touch with them.

Dr. Anette Thanner (Mandurah, WA) – Doctor of Chiropractic

The number one oil I use in my practice is Aroma Siez. On average I use it on a third of my clients for muscle tension, and it’s absolutely brilliant!

The muscles and ligaments start relaxing shortly after I’ve applied it, so it takes a lot of the rigidity out of the spine.

Within a minute the muscles start to let go. This makes it a lot easier to do a manual adjustment, and it feels more comfortable to the client as well. I find it a very powerful oil.

Release oil is another one that I use a lot, for the underlying emotional issues. If I know there are emotional issues, I’ll put a drop on their chest or just under their nose so that they breathe it in.

Occasionally tears will start running down their cheeks. Some people seriously hate the smell of Release, which means we know they really need it! However by the time they leave the session, most people say how balanced they feel, which I believe is due to the Ylang Ylang oil in the Release blend.

When they come in for their next visit, they often share with me that they feel like they can deal with their issues more easily.

Some of my other favourite oils for my practice include Panaway, Relieve it (mixed with extra Peppermint oil), and Helichrysum oil.

Dr. Carsen Tannberg (Corrimal, NSW) – Doctor of Chiropractic

My wife Airynaa and I have been using the Young Living essential oils since they first came into Australia. We find them very useful in our practice, and our clients can tell the difference. Of course, I always ask their permission before I use the oils on them.

One of my favourite oils would be Lavender oil. Many clients come to me with very tight neck muscles, so I mix the Lavender oil with V6 and work with the muscles of the cervical area to loosen them before I do a neck adjustment.



Often they will say to me how much better it feels after the massage and adjustment, and they ask what oil I am using.



I like to use Peppermint oil on the lower back, Lemongrass onto tendons and ligaments, and the Lavender I use continuously. I always mix them with some V6, and use this in a massage on my clients. The other oil I use regularly is Wintergreen. I put several drops onto the back, and rub it into the muscles. I do that prior to an adjustment. The client feels a lot better, and it noticeably reduces their muscle tightness.

We also have a diffuser running in the office as well as at home, and typically I use just the one oil in the diffuser.

Peppermint would be my main oil for this purpose, as it purifies the air against bacteria and fungi.

I also really like diffusing Idaho Balsam Fir. What a beautiful oil that is! I have used combinations of oils in our diffuser as well, however it’s just convenient for me to select the one oil.

Airynaa and I use NingXia Red in our own life. It’s a magnificent product, and we love to drink it. We use Citrus oils and Ginger oil in our baking, and we use Oregano, Peppermint, Lemon and other Young Living oils in our food as they are 100% pure.

Dr Thom McDonnell (Caloundra, QLD) – Doctor of Chiropractic

My wife Christine and I have been using the Young Living products for about 4 years now, and I love to integrate them into my ciropractic practice. One young girl was very worried about having a manual neck adjustment, so I asked her mum to apply Peppermint oil on her daughter’s neck three times on the night before her treatment with me. When she came in, she was relaxed and I was able to adjust her neck easily and without any discomfort to her. Another patient had been coming to me for months. I encouraged them to use Deep Relief Roll-on under their feet daily. They found it both effective and soothing.

Not only did it improve their flexibility, but they also found themselves able to walk greater distances without any discomfort – great for exercise!

Then of course there’s Panaway oil – where would we be without it! I love to apply it to the hips and lower backs of many of my clients, and they find the smell and warmth of it very soothing.

Often I will add some Copaiba and Peppermint oil on top (using about 3 drops of each oil). It’s a great combo for assisting people’s flexibility and mobility.


Dr. Simone Aybar (Boronia, VIC) – Doctor of Chiropractic

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite Young Living oils that I use daily in my chiropractic practice in Boronia.

I have my Aria diffuser going all day and one of my favorites is Citrus Fresh.

It has a beautiful calming effect on the children that come into my practice as well as uplifting for many of my weary patients later in the day.

I alternate with Abundance oil in my Aria, creating an air of all possibilities.


With my intention set for my patients to be well, it allows for greater healing and renewed hope of better health.

And lastly, I use Purification oil in my Aria to detoxify the air from not only unpleasant smells, but also negativity that people in pain carry with them into my space.

This oil I tend to douse the room with from time to time, and it keeps my adjusting room clear.

Dr. Brett Dellar (Pinjarra, WA) – Doctor of Chiropractic

I’m very general with my use of essential oils in my practice. My favourite oils would be Deep Relief roll-on, Lemongrass, Copaiba and Cypress, and it’s definitely the Cypress and Lemongrass that I get the best feedback on. I always direct my clients to see my wife Kim so that they can attend her oils classes and learn more about the Young Living oils. It’s that ongoing education that really inspires people.

But the oils aren’t just for my clients! I use about 8 oils a day on myself. Maintaining my own health and flexibility is important as a practitioner, so I love using a combination of Deep Relief roll-on, Lemongrass and Frankincense, and I rub that into my shoulders, wrists, knees and elbow joints to keep them flexible.

I also use Aroma Life, White Angelica and Shutran topically for their emotional benefits – it helps me feel more balanced as I’m going about my day, including working on clients.

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