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It’s fascinating to look back on our life and see all its twists and turns. When I began my first career as a Zoologist and Scientist, I never imagined the incredible shifts that would happen to create a 180 degree turn in my life.

Here I was, creating conservation plans by day, and hand-rearing orphaned koalas by night….and in the next instant I was married and moving country and career.

Where animals continued to be a joy in my personal life, professionally I found myself on a path of helping people through the field of personal and spiritual development and natural therapies.

With this passion for changing lives, I needed the right tools. What techniques or products can take someone from point A to point B in the quickest, most effortless way? What tools will most miraculously transform the physical and emotional elements of life, to bring someone into balance and joy? In this week’s blog, you’re about to find out…

Does such a tool even exist?

I used to think I was looking for multiple tools – a different tool for every occasion, and every need. What took me by surprise was to find one tool, or rather a collective of tools, that would do all of these things.

When Young Living Essential Oils first crossed my path, I thought it was simply another tool to add into my well-endowed tool kit. But within months, after witnessing transformation upon transformation, I realised that these precious substances aren’t just “another” tool. They are the tool. And they are unlike any other brand of essential oils that I’ve ever tried.

That’s how my love affair started in September 1998. And even today I use my essential oils and oil-infused products every single day, on myself and my clients, to empower our wellness on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So if you’re thinking that essential oils are just a pretty smell, something to add into a bath tub or to create a nice aroma in the home, think again! Essential oils are powerful, protective, plant-based molecules that work to keep the plant (and us) healthy….and they’re backed by a lot of great science.

Yet they don’t just work on our physical health. As we breathe in an essential oil, the molecules enter our nose and stimulate little cilia (hairs) at the top of our nose in the olfactory epithelium, sending a signal to the limbic region of our brain. This is where we store both memories and emotions. So inhaling essential oils can also facilitate a profound rebalancing of emotions.


This is where the story gets interesting. Each type of aromatic plant has hundreds of different plant chemicals, working in perfect synergy. And that specific combination of chemicals is what gives that essential oil its unique action on our body.

So that brings us to today’s topic, which is Anxiousness and Stress. We have a number of different essential oils such as Lime, Vanilla and Lavender oil (and the blends Stress Away and Peace & Calming) that all work beautifully to calm and uplift the mind. But one essential oil that is not often talked about is Orange oil.

Orange oil is cold pressed from the rind of the orange….so it smells exactly like a luscious, fresh orange. In other words, it’s refreshing and clarifying. And all citrus oils uplift our moods. Orange oil is no exception, so it’s great to use in your diffuser. But what’s really interesting are the studies that have been done into Orange oil for anxiousness and stress. Check these out!

Science proves the effectiveness of Orange oil!

1.Men’s Stress Test

In one study¹, 40 healthy men were put under pressure to complete a stressful test. Those who’d been inhaling Orange Oil showed no increase at all in stress or anxiousness. All the rest did! Wow!

These 40 men were submitted to a video-monitored version of the Stroop Colour-Word Test (SCWT)…which involves getting the person to read coloured words from different pages as quickly as possible within a time limit.

As a test, it’s used to determine cognitive flexibility, creativity and one’s reaction to cognitive pressures.

Various psychological and physiological parameters indicative of anxiousness and tension were assessed as part of the study, both before, during and after taking the test. This was done in order to track the stress levels of the men involved in the study. Unlike the control groups, the men exposed to Orange oil showed no change in their stress and anxiousness scores.

2. Dental Visits

Another study² was done on dental patients. When either Orange or Lavender oil was diffused in the waiting room, their anxiousness reduced, and their moods improved.

The goal of this study was to investigate the impact on dental patients of the essential oils of Orange and Lavender on anxiousness (as a result of an impending dental appointment), as well as on mood, alertness and calmness.

Two hundred patients between the ages of 18 and 77 years (half women, half men) were assigned to one of four independent groups. While waiting for their dental procedure, patients were exposed to either Orange or Lavender oil, or to music, and tests were conducted. There was also a control group that had no music and no aroma.

Statistical analyses revealed that compared to the control condition, both Orange and Lavender oil reduced anxiousness and improved mood in patients waiting for dental treatment.

The scientists concluded that “These findings support the previous opinion that odours are capable of altering emotional states and may indicate that the use of odours is helpful in reducing anxiousness in dental patients.”

3. Giving Birth

Diffusing Orange oil has even been recommended during labour, to reduce any feelings of anxiousness.³

In this clinical trial, 100 women during labour were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group was exposed to diffused Orange essential oil. The second group was exposed to diffused distilled water only.


The women’s anxiousness was assessed using the “Spielberger inventory”. Physiological tests such as blood pressure, breathing and pulse rates were also monitored.

Whilst there was no significant change in any of the physiological tests between the two groups, the reduction in emotional anxiousness during labour was significantly reduced in the group receiving Orange oil.

The scientists concluded that: Aromatherapy is a non-invasive and effective method to help women overcome their anxiousness during labour. Orange scent can be useful in childbirth units to help women who are experiencing stress in labour.


How to incorporate Orange oil into your daily routine

After reading all that Science, it’s no wonder that Orange oil has traditionally been used in aromatherapy to reduce the frequency and symptoms of mild anxiety!*

And it just happens to be one of our most inexpensive of oils, which is an added blessing if you’re on a budget. Simply add 5 to 15 drops to your diffuser, or mix 5 to 10 drops into some Bath Gel Base and add to your bathtub.


Or you can simply put a drop or two onto your chest or under your feet.

But before you go lathering yourself with Orange oil, there is one word of caution! Citrus oils make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and UV light. We call this “photosensitivity”. So if you’re applying the essential oil directly to your skin, make sure you place it onto skin that won’t be directly exposed to sunlight or UV light for a period of 24 hours. The easiest way to do this is to put it under your feet, or apply it to your torso on skin that will be covered with clothing when you go outdoors.

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