IlluminEyes – your eyes’ best friend in our digital world


This is a growing concern in our modern world.

We spend so much time on digital devices (computers, phones & ipads), that it’s taking a significant toll on our eyes, with blurred vision and eye strain, dry eyes, and the headaches and neck strain that come with that.

And it’s not just adults it’s affecting. Did you know that 64% of toddlers are spending 2 hours or more per day on digital devices!

The ramifications of this on the vision development of children won’t be known for years, but early indicators are sending out loud warning signals.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to help protect your eyes and those of your loved ones. It’s something we should all be taking, every single day…..

Is blue light radiation damaging your eyes?

The sky looks blue because of all the blue light emitted by the sun. We need some blue light – it helps to boost our attention, reaction time and moods during the day. In fact, about a third of all visible light is blue light.

But the issue is that we’re getting exposed to an avalanche of additional sources of blue light radiation in our modern world….far more than our eyes were designed to tolerate.

Blue light radiation is being emitted from the display screens of our flat screen TVs, our computers, ipads, smartphones and other digital devices – not to mention LED and fluoro lighting.

You only have to look at your mobile phone for 5 seconds and you’ve just spent 5 seconds damaging your eyes!

But we’re not just looking at our phones for 5 seconds a day. The following survey analysed the percentage of people spending 2 or more hours per day on their digital devices. The results are scary!!!

Since it occurs naturally, why is blue light radiation a problem for us?

Blue light radiation is the shorter wavelength part of the visible spectrum. It scatters more easily, so your eyes need to work harder to focus it….and this in turn leads to eye strain and eye damage. But that’s not the only problem. Even if you don’t wear sunglasses, the cornea and lens of your eye will block more than 99% of the UV rays from reaching the light-sensitive retina. But just about all of the visible blue light gets through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina.

Too much exposure to blue light can actually damage the light-sensitive cells in the retina. This increases your risk of macular degeneration and creates something called “digital eye strain”, which is a major health concern in our modern world.

Researchers show that the discomfort after digital screen use for more than 2 hours at a time is¹ ²:

Blue light exposure from digital devices has been associated with eye strain, reduced contrast sensitivity, fatigue, headaches, sleep cycles altered, retinal cell damage, and macular degeneration.

How do we help our eyes?

Fortunately, your eyes have a degree of natural protection against blue light radiation through your macular pigment. This pigment sits right in front of your macular, and is composed of just 3 carotenoids:

  • Lutein
  • RR-zeaxanthin
  • RS-zeaxanthin (aka meso-zeaxanthin)

These 3 carotenoids increase the optical density of your macular pigment, which in turn enhances your vision. They improve contrast sensitivity and the ability to see through glare, and they reduce cell damage in the eye.³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷

We can’t make these 3 nutrients – instead we get them from a variety of vegetables, especially dark green leafy vegetables, starchy vegetables, and red and orange vegetables. We also get them from legumes.

But we’d need to eat bucket-loads of veggies to get enough of these nutrients to protect us from the amount of blue light exposure we’re experiencing. And we simply can’t consume that much in a day.

The easy and effective way to help your eyes!

But there is an answer, and it’s Young Living’s supplement IlluminEyes.

IlluminEyes contains a proprietary mix of NingXia wolfberry powder, Acerola cherry powder, Vitamin C (from Acerola cherry), Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol), Beta carotene (a precursor of Vitamin A), as well as Lutein and both forms of Zeaxanthin (from Marigold flower).

After swallowing a capsule, it’s possible to measure the increase in these critical carotenoids not just in your bloodstream, but in your eyes as well! In fact, there’s a dose response over time. So it really does deliver the nutrients exactly where you need them.

And of course it meets Young Living’s exacting Seed to Seal standards. It is:

  • 100% plant based (including the veggie cap). In fact, the capsule is made from the juice from purple carrots, which is why it’s a purple-red colour.
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains no artificial colours or ingredients
  • Meets Halal and Kosher standard.

Your vision is so critical – it’s something you want to protect. This is a product that everyone should use every day for the rest of their lives!!!

Even if your eyesight is presently great and you don’t see any noticeable effects from taking IlluminEyes, use it anyway. It really is giving you the protection your eyes need in our modern world, to keep your eyes healthy for the long term.

Does IlluminEyes really work?

Belinda M. writes: After driving for almost 3 hours on a Tuesday, I started noticing I was waking almost every Wednesday with a headache. It wasn’t from dehydration or anything else I could think of, so I went to my optometrist to see if my prescription had changed (I am slightly short-sighted).

I was also regularly getting the “Sandman eyes” (scratchy, itchy, sore) – especially after the long drives, or working on my computer and phone a lot.

My optometrist confirmed that nothing was wrong with my eyes, and the prescription was the same… so it must be something else. I got a second opinion from a different optometrist, who said the same thing – my eyes were healthy and my prescription was the same. He almost apologised that he couldn’t offer me anything else to ease my annoyances.

Before leaving for our Australian Young Living Symposium, I said to my hubby (and I quote) “I won’t buy any new products on the day unless IlluminEyes is released in Australia.” (FYI – I doubt he believed me, lol!!!) And it was!

I started taking IlluminEyes 10 days ago, and since then I have had no “Sandman eyes” and no eye-strain headaches.

I am super impressed at the difference in less than two weeks and I can enjoy reading books before bed again, rather than ending most days with a headache!!!

Alison S. writes: My husband started taking IlluminEyes last Monday, and 5 days later (on the weekend) he went to mow the grass. He came in and told me how amazing it was – for the first time in years, his eyes weren’t fatigued, and as a result he was able to focus better and without effort on things around him.

In fact, he was noticing the actual blades of grass as he mowed!!!

And I have to say, he did a beautiful job on the lawn. Wow – are we impressed with how quickly we’ve seen a result with IlluminEyes!

Elizabeth E. writes: One of the new products that was launched at our Australian Symposium was IlluminEyes!

I’ve been having strain in the back of my eyes for a few months now, as I work on the computer a lot. Even wearing glasses, my vision seemed to be getting worse.

So of course I jumped on and grabbed a bottle of IlluminEyes as soon as it was released.

It’s amazing! My eye strain was gone within the first two days!

Iene V. writes: My eye doctor told me that Vitamin A (one of the ingredients in IlluminEyes) helps our eyes when they feel tired, so that our eyes can better deal with the glare from headlights at night.

I’ve been unable to drive at night because of the glare from headlights of other cars. It feels like I’m driving into a dark wall.

After a few days of taking IluminEyes, I felt a huge difference. I decided to really test it out, and drive each night for 15 minutes to see the difference.

Wow, I was blown away! I could drive when it was dark, without being blinded by the lights of other cars!

What we can claim about IlluminEyes….

IlluminEyes is available globally, however each regional market has their own set of claims that are permissible about the product. Important: Please read the section below that applies to your region:

Australia/New Zealand

  • Reduces free radicals formed in the body and helps decrease free radical damage to body cells (including eye cells)
  • Maintains healthy eye functions and eyesight
  • Helps reduce eye strain
  • Helps support healthy vision development (ie. you’re never too young to use IlluminEyes)
  • Decreases and relieves visual fatigue
  • Helps enhance skin health
  • Helps improve skin strength.

UK and Europe
Research shows that the vitamins present in Illumineyes support the body in the following ways:

Vitamin A

  • contributes to the maintenance of normal vision
  • has a role in the process of cell specialisation
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal skin

Vitamin C contributes:

  • to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • to normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin
  • to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels

Vitamins E and C contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

IlluminEyes provides an:

  • Excellent source of Vit A, C, E
  • Contains no synthetic ingredients
  • Contains no artificial colours
  • Is vegetarian friendly
  • Increases macular pigment optical density
  • Helps absorb damaging bright light and blue light
  • Protects eyes from damaging blue light found in sunlight and mobile devices
  • Helps protect and maintain healthy cells in the eyes
  • Helps protect and maintain proper eye health
  • Helps with photo stress recovery
  • Helps with recovery from blue light
  • Improves visual performance
  • Reduces eye strain and eye fatigue
  • Helps prevent night blindness
  • Helps support vision in low light setting
  • May help reduce age-related macular degeneration

Here’s how to order…

If you already have your own wholesale account with Young Living, you can order through the shopping cart on your virtual office, or via phone with your local Young Living office.

If it’s been more than 12 months since you’ve ordered, or if you’ve never set up an account, please reach out to the person who introduced you to Young Living. You will need their member number when you place your first order.

If you have lost touch with them, or need any other assistance, we are here to help. Simply contact us and we’ll be in touch to assist you and help answer your questions.


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